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  • Conflict may refer to: Conflict 1936 film an American boxing film starring John Wayne Conflict 1938 film a French drama film directed by Leonide
  • ongoing armed conflicts that are taking place around the world. This list of ongoing armed conflicts identifies present - day conflicts and the death toll
  • The Ottoman Portuguese Conflicts 1586 1589 were armed military conflicts between the Portuguese Empire and the Ottoman Empire in the Indian Ocean, specifically
  • their duties to monitor their conflict of interest exposure and to assist in obtaining waivers. More generally, conflicts of interest can be defined as
  • This article lists the Post - Soviet conflicts the violent political and ethnic conflicts in the countries of the former Soviet Union since shortly before
  • Oman in the south. Conflicts are separate incidents with at least 100 casualties, and are listed by total deaths, including sub - conflicts The term modern
  • number of wars, conflicts and military stand - offs. The Kashmir issue and across the border terrorism have been the cause of conflicts between the two
  • group members attempt to resolve group conflicts by actively communicating information about their conflicting motives or ideologies to the rest of group
  • ethnic and or religious conflicts they are the result of economical, political and environmental tensions in the country. Conflicts between farmers and herders
  • historically been a source of tension and a factor in conflicts that start for other reasons. However, water conflicts arise for several reasons, including territorial
  • North s Private International Law. pp. 13 14. Rogerson 2013 Collier s Conflicts of Laws. pp. 3 4. Symeonides 2008 American Private International Law
  • Ethnic conflicts in Kenya occur frequently, although most are minor skirmishes. A significant increase in the severity of such conflicts between the various
  • and conflicts in Asia, particularly East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia and Russia. For a list of conflicts in Southwest Asia, see List of conflicts in
  • secessionist and separatist conflicts major episodes of national violence riots, massacres, etc. and global conflicts in which Africa was a theatre
  • The Korean - Jurchen conflicts were a series conflicts from the 10th century to the 17th century between the Korean states of Goryeo and Joseon and the
  • The internal conflict in Myanmar is a series of primarily ethnic conflicts within Myanmar that began shortly after the country, then known as Burma, became
  • information, and alternative methods are often employed to resolve or prevent conflicts Manual resolution, where the editor determines which version to retain
  • The Sino - Dutch conflicts were a series of conflicts between the Ming dynasty of China and the Dutch East India Company over trade and land throughout the
  • and scarce resources. Conflicts between groups in organizations have similar origins. The constructive resolution of such conflicts can most often be achieved
  • nomadic conflicts are non - state conflicts between rival nomadic tribes taking place in the territory of Sudan and, since 2011, South Sudan. Conflict between
  • behaviours as well as the structural mechanisms attending conflicts including social conflicts with a view towards understanding those processes which
  • Progressive Silent Film List: The Conflicts of Life Silent Era. Retrieved 22 April 2009. The Conflicts of Life on IMDb The Conflicts of Life at the Swedish Film
  • Border conflicts between Poland and Czechoslovakia began in 1918 between the Second Polish Republic and First Czechoslovak Republic, both freshly created
  • apparent name conflicts between different Solar System bodies, in spite of efforts to give every named body a distinct name. Most of these conflicts are between
  • Conflicts in the Horn of Africa have been occurring since the 17th century BCE. The Horn of Africa includes the nations of Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia
  • The Sino - Russian border conflicts 1652 1689 were a series of intermittent skirmishes between the Qing dynasty, with assistance from the Joseon dynasty
  • The Kachin conflict or Kachin War is one of the multiple conflicts collectively referred to as the internal conflict in Myanmar. Kachin insurgents have
  • other conflicts This is a list of known and documented Internet, Usenet, virtual community and World Wide Web related conflicts and of conflicts that
  • evidence that belligerent accessibility to precious commodities can prolong conflicts a resource curse The most prominent contemporary example has been
  • The Ottoman - Portuguese conflicts of 1538 to 1559 were a series of armed military encounters between the Portuguese Empire, the Kingdom of Hormuz and the

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