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Public library advocacy

Public library advocacy is support given to a public library for its financial and philosophical goals or needs. Most often this takes the form of monetary or material donations or campaigning to the institutions which oversee the library. Originally, library advocacy was centered on the library itself, but current trends show libraries positioning themselves to demonstrate they provide "economic value to the community."


Bath of Shah Rokn al-Din

The Bath of Shah Rukn al-Din dates back to the Safavid period and is located in Dezful, Shah district of Rokn al-Din, and this record was registered as a national monument of Iran on May 9, 1382 with the registration number 8379.


Beit Ariela

The library was founded in 1886 in Jaffa at the initiative of the "Ezrat Israel" society "Assistance to Israel" – the organization that helped to establish the first Jewish hospital in Jaffa and also initiated the construction of Neve Tzedek neighborhood. The Library was named then "A book collection". In 1891 some other communities, such as "Ohavey Zion" "Lovers of Zion", "Bnei Brith" "Sons of the Covenant" and "Bnei Moshe" "Sons of Moses" associated in their support for the library, and since then the Library changed its name to "Shaar Zion" "The Gate of Zion".


Burgerbibliothek of Berne

The Burgerbibliothek of Berne is a public library located at Munstergasse 63 in Berne, Switzerland. The origins of this institution can be traced back to the Reformation. Until 1951 it belonged jointly to the city and the University of Bern, and was supported by the Canton of Berne and by the Community of Burghers of Berne. The collection of the library includes the illustrated late mediaeval historical chronicle Berner Chronik written by Diebold Schilling the Elder, Liber ad honorem Augusti. It contains about 30 000 pictorial documents about Berne and about 1 000 precious codices, some of ...


Biblioteca Argentina Dr. Juan Alvarez

The Biblioteca Argentina Dr. Juan Alvarez is a public library in Rosario, Argentina. It is the most important library in the city and in the province of Santa Fe. The library houses 186.000 books. It has three floors and includes a reading room for 190 people, a reading service for the blind, and photocopy and free Internet services. There is also a childrens section, a multimedia library, and a bookbinding section. A newspaper and magazine annex Hemeroteca is located on a separate building around the block.


Biblioteca Vasconcelos

Mexico Citys Biblioteca Vasconcelos, also known as Biblioteca Vasconcelos or else la Biblioteca Vasconcelos or la Vasconcelos and labeled by the press as the Megabiblioteca, is a library in the downtown area of Mexico City. It was dedicated to Jose Vasconcelos, the philosopher and former presidential candidate and former president of the National Library of Mexico. The library is spread across 38.000 square metres and had an initial planned cost of 954 million pesos. The Congress of Mexico proposed plans to reduce the budget of 2006 that included cuts for all three branches of government. ...

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