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My Lands is a browser-based multiplayer game in the genre of military-economic real-time strategy set in a fantasy world. The developers from the Elyland company promote My Lands as the very first browser MMOG. My Lands enjoys up to 200.000 active players and has been translated into over 20 languages. The main goals of the game consist of developing ones own kingdom, training army units, interacting with other players, and gaining Black Gems in various ways.


1. Gameplay. (Геймплей)

My Land was written in Java and runs on flash. The games universe is a fantasy. In my land there are 4 races: elves, drow, demons, knights. All races are divided into 2 factions - the light and dark factions. However, players who are attacked by their own race, to lose the support of his faction and become a so-called renegades for a certain period of time. Basic principle of the game is standard: each player is given a settlement in need of development, resources and protection. This MMORPG features create game associations - clans. In the "gold rush" is black pearl in-game currency to purchase various improvements.


1.1. Gameplay. Races. (Рас)

In my world, there are 4 races and each of them has its own characteristics, advantages and unique units.

  • Knights represent the Light Faction, have the highest rates of winning gold and very capacious warehouses, their special units – the Carriers – stand out for their enormous backpacks. Allied with Elves.
  • Demons inhabit lifeless scorched volcanoes, have the highest stone mining speed, their special units include Demonesses, the unique mercenaries. Demons are allied with Drow.
  • Drow dwell in the caves of the Cursed Forrest, skilled in mining iron and wood, their special unit is Arachnid, the war mage. In cahoots with Demons.
  • Elves is a peace loving race residing in the Magic Forest, harvest the most wood, their special unit is Healer. Allied with Knights.

Game universe is divided into two large factions – light fraction of knights and elves and dark factions of demons and Drow.


1.2. Gameplay. Cities and villages. (Города и села)

First, the city automatically becomes the capital of the Kingdom players. The city can be upgraded to 5th level, which is the maximum level. In every city there are 4 village, where you can also build buildings. The city cant be captured, but the player can seize outer domains from other players. The capital has 51 cells for the construction of buildings and can not be removed, as all quest rewards are automatically placed in this city. However, the status of the capital can be transferred to another city through the study of "capital" science. As the study of science, 5 cities can be installed. Every new city has 22 cells in the beginning. By improving the Central building, the number of cells inside the city wall can be increased. However, the size of the city may not exceed the maximum number of cells field, this city was founded on. A player may remove any city except the capital, with all its buildings will be lost, and the troops will move at the players nearest town.


1.3. Gameplay. Outer domains and Ruins. (Внешние владения и руины)

In my lands, foreign lands and the ruins are seen on the map, if players discovered Explorer units. The detected objects are visible only to the player who found them and stay invisible to other players if they are not too to find them. Outer domains of different types of resources:

  • Stone mine. (Каменная шахта)
  • Pit. (Яма)
  • Gold mine. (Золотой рудник)
  • Grail. (Грааль)
  • Iron mine. (Железный рудник)
  • Salt Lake. (Соленое Озеро)

Foreign ownership, you can Rob, except for salt lake and Grail, capturing half of their resources and population. To be able to capture external domain, you need to first examine these "external possession" of science. Other players can protect these domains and to build defensive buildings. For the successful capture of their possession must be destroyed.


1.4. Gameplay. Resources. (Ресурсы)

My Lands is an economic MMO RPG, so the player will have to produce and control large amounts of resources.

  • Crops are produced by Windmills.
  • Wood is harvested by the Main Building of the city and also by the Woodcutter cabin.
  • Iron is won in Iron mines, in the Main Buildings of Iron mines and sometimes of Pits.
  • Stone is mined in Stone Quarries, in the Main Buildings of Stone mines and sometimes in Pits.
  • Black Gems are a special resource in My Lands, which can be gained in the course of the game.
  • Gold is produced in the following buildings: Trading Post, Gold Plant, Main Buildings of Gold mines and sometimes of Pits.

The rate of resource extraction can vary depending on the parameters of the race selected by the player and the terrain of the mountain bonuses.


1.5. Gameplay. Black Gems. (Черный Жемчуг)

Black pearl is the in-game currency of My Lands, which is tied to the account of the player is displayed in the upper right corner of the screen and acts as players in the financial account. Black gems can be earned during the game and presented to other players. There are several ways to get them in the game:

  • Black Gems can be gained in the economical way by buying them for gold at the Auction the Market building.
  • Black Gems can be robbed in Ruins by slaying all the monsters inside first.
  • Capturing a Salt Lake. The main building in these Outer domains mine BG.

Black pearls cant be stolen from players. Black pearls can be purchased for real money in order to speed up the training of the army, and accelerating science, the study of which allows us to advance faster in the game and strengthen his Kingdom.


1.6. Gameplay. Sciences. (Наук)

Science plays a very important role in the game. They mark the players progress in the game: army, economy, and player bonuses. Science research requires resources and time. To begin to study science, you need to build one or more buildings, the laboratory of the alchemist and choose science to explore the window of science. Science is a resource common to all players domains. Built more alchemist labs, the higher is the science that studies speed.


1.7. Gameplay. Heroes. (Герои)

Hero-a unique combat unit, the analogue of the heroes of Travian. These blocks can lead the team to provide impressive bonuses, and will allow the player to read scrolls and use artifacts. In order to hire a hero you need to learn the science of control characters, to build the tavern building and was promoted to captain.


1.8. Gameplay. Tournaments. (Турниры)

Tournaments were part of my lands gameplay from the beginning. The years went by, the tournament has evolved only on. In 2013 a completely new type of activity called" underground lake capture” was introduced into the game. Then, as now, only advanced players with the rank "overlord" can participate in the tournament. This competition involves the seizure and retention of the most underground lakes by the end of the tournament.


1.9. Gameplay. Runes. (Руны)

Rune-magical stone, providing a passive bonus to the players by drawing the rune signs on artefacts. In order to Rob runes in Stonehenges and perform magic rituals, you need to examine the second level of the science of Alchemy. Runes can also be arranged in magical words. Special combinations of runes is activated on the artifact give heroes additional in-game bonuses. Each Rune word is intended only for 1 certain type of artifact and cannot be activated on the artifact of another type.


1.10. Gameplay. Interaction between players. (Взаимодействие между игроками)

My Land provides wide range of interactive tools and opportunities for interaction between players. In the game there is a global map with cities, in-game mail, auction and market. Players clan alliances can be formally at war or truce. Players will also be able to mentor other players and help them to master the art of creating a thriving Kingdom.


2. Platforms and technologies. (Платформы и технологии)

My Land is supported by all browsers compatible with Windows and OS X. It is also available for Android and iOS. My steam version was launched in 2014. The main feature of my possessions on this platform is the ability to purchase DLC packages of services and artifacts, usually at amazingly discount prices when on sale. There is also a Large game community, devoted to my land on Steam.

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My Lands Community Facebook. Mylands Wax Polish. from 10.00. sold out. Mylands Special Dewaxing Solution. from 15.00. sold out. Mylands Light Fast Stain. from 18.00. Mylands Nitrostain. My lands uk server. My Lands Posts Facebook. История бренда Mylands Компания основана в 1884 году и создавала уникальные краски, которые славились своим качеством. Во времена 1 й.

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No Fear Shakespeare: The Taming of the Shrew: Act 2 Scene 1. Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots and learn more about My Lands. Download My Lands and enjoy it on your iPhone,. Маи лендс. My Lands Shore. Бесплатная браузерная онлайн стратегия My Lands. Вам предстоит выбрать за какой из четырех народов сражаться! Клановые войны.

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Chose to work with public or private organizations which can protect land and assure that it will remain in its natural state. What Can I do to Preserve my Lands. Mylands Eagle Paint And Wallpaper. Опубликовано: 12 апр. 2014 г. Mylands Wood Finishes – Turners Warehouse. Who has never dreamt to create a land? Using roadmaps, I create my lands. Names of these works come from names of places which appear on these maps.

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My Lands: Black Gem Hunting, descargar gratis. My Lands: Black Gem Hunting ultima version: Un juego gratis para Windows‚ por Gravvit Ltd. My Lands: Black. Overview for My Lands Reddit. Updated Oct 06, 2020 by pandabob123 using our MTG Deck Builder. i like lands do you well this deck is going to try to make as many as it can as …. My Lands Math Worksheet for Grade 4 Free & Printable Worksheets. My Lands is a free online RTS where dark and light forces fight for Black Gem and dominion in a vast fantasy world. Cooperation between. My Lands YouTube. Опубликовано: 21 нояб. 2013 г.

My Lands My Lands: Black Gem Hunting AppID: 290730 SteamDB.

Find out what it feels like to rule over your own fantasy empire! Join two million players from around the world in My Lands. Download MyLands. Mylands Fine Wood Finishes. Set my lands in order: States of Exception, the Cinematic, and. The Waste Land. SEAN DEMPSEY. Allen post Enlightenment intended Grossman recovery has. My Lands Are Where My Dead Lie Buried Review of Crazy Horse. Канал My Lands. Лучшая онлайн игра 2011 2012 года. Более 150 тыс. активных игроков. Ссылка: ​youtube.

Смага Мои Земли My Lands 2007, CD Discogs.

FABLAB offer Mylands Marble Matt Emulsion for online purchase. The signature paint is made using super fine ground marble powder for a natural but hard. Set my lands in order States of Exception, the Cinematic, and The. Ship photos by photographer Olaf Francke, uploaded at Mar. My lands are a parking lot for my Allys units CivFanatics Forums. In all my lands and leases whatsoever. Let specialties be therefore drawn between us. 120That covenants may be kept on either hand. PETRUCHIO. Fair. Mylands Craft Supplies USA. Official homepage for My Lands Shore. Written by Christopher J Orton and Robert Gould. My Lands: Black Gem Hunting Descargar. Опубликовано: 19 апр. 2016 г.

My Lands is a military economic strategy game.

Mylands John Myland Ltd 242 followers on LinkedIn. Britains oldest family run paint manufacturer & Royal Warrant Holders. Informed by the past, inspired by. Non Aggression pact raiding my lands Total War Forums. My Lands. 502 likes. Браузерная Онлайн Стратегия MyLands.

Set my lands in order: States of Exception, the Cinematic, and The.

Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots and learn more about My Lands. Download My Lands and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod. Hot Summer Upgrade! Горячее летнее обновление! My Lands. Опубликовано: 1 авг. 2013 г. My Lands comes to Android and iOS Elyland LLC. Can I get a refund of my lands pass fee? No. Lands passes are not refundable. Can the valid date for a daily lands pass be changed after it has been. CDFW Lands Pass Frequently Asked Questions. Created in Mylands unique Marble Matt finish. 1, 2.5 and 5 Litre can sizes of this special custom DKC color in Mylands Marble Matt Base is only available for.

My Lands: Black Gem Hunting for PC Reviews Metacritic.

Mylands finishes furniture care and woodworking products for woodworkers, woodturners, restorers & refinishers. Easy to use. Phenomenal results. Customer Service Lands End. I have open borders with Kongo. Kongo is treating my lands like a parking lot. We are in an alliance. This is odd behaviour.

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The latest Tweets from Mylands @MylandsOfLondon. Londons master paint maker. Colouring the worlds most beautiful interiors since 1884. We tweet. Mylands Barlis of Lincoln. Продолжительность: 6:41. Mylands John Myland Ltd LinkedIn. We have the Mylands products you want at competitive prices at Craft Supplies USA. We are the premier Mylands dealer in the woodturning industry. We back.

My Lands: Black Gem Hunting View forum Game Guidelines.

Free military economic strategy game My Lands. You can not only play this game​, but also make money in the game! You will have to choose one of the four. Conserving Your Lands Alachua County. Mylands Wood Finishes. Filter by. All, beginner cellulose sanding sealer finish finishing oil friction polish mylands friction polish sanding sealer. S1 Mlgame My Lands – военно экономическая онлайн стратегия. Посмотреть сведения об участниках альбома, рецензии, композиции и приобрести альбом 2007 CD от Мои Земли My Lands на Discogs.

Ship photos by Olaf Francke AIS Marine Traffic.

The u My Lands community on Reddit. Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place. Спільнота Steam My Lands Творчі роботи Learn With Portals. My Lands: Black Gem Hunting Image. Metascore. First Review Second Review Third Review Fourth Review. No score yet based on 0 Critic.

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