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Piggybackr is a crowdfunding website for students and youth teams to raise additional funds for schools, projects and causes online. This corresponds to the American law On the protection of childrens privacy on the Internet, this means that children under the age of 5 can run fundraising projects online. Project sponsors can leave public comments, but cannot directly communicate with children accommodation projects. Children under the age of 13 must have parental involvement with their projects. Piggybackr charges a fixed 5% 30 cents payment for any donation processed through the platform.


1. Description. (Описание)

Piggybackr has been described as" a Kickstarter for students”.Unlike Kickstarter, and children to offer a "thank you gifts", including advertising for companies such as committing to running on his knees, putting your company logo on the page, or give someone a shout on Facebook.


2. History. (История)

Piggybackr was founded in 2012 by Andrea Lo and Keenahn Jung. He was launched out of AngelPad accelerator. Andrea L. 12-year-old sister has just started fundraising a year before this, in the same way that Lo did 10 years earlier, in childhood. Lo spent about a year developing a way to raise Fund for children who use Facebook. After another year of closed beta, Piggybackr is released nationwide on 17 April 2013, with more than 1.500 projects and $250.000 raised children. Client sites include national and regional offices of youth organizations, like first robotics and the YMCA. Andrea said that the biggest problem they faced, serving a large age range on the website.


3. Examples of projects. (Примеры проектов)

  • For the comfort of guests of the youth national team of rowing raised $45.000 to purchase a new eight-person racing boat.
  • University of California, Berkeley alternative breaks, raised 14.565 dollars to support students volunteer work during spring break.

4. Endorsements. (Индоссаменты)

A number of youth organizations has proposed a fundraiser on Piggybackr. These include:

  • California YMCA youth and government.
  • USA Football Association of Nutrition.
  • For inspiration and recognition of science and technology.
  • Timothy S. Bizworld Foundation The Drapers.
  • fundraising website Piggybackr In 2012, Andrea was named one of 6 Women Entrepreneurs to Watch by Forbes for founding Piggybackr as a crowdfunding site
  • Discord Kx Systems JotForm Linden Lab MathCrunch MyTime New Relic OpenTable Piggybackr Square Twitter VerticalResponse Whatsapp Zynga Pacific Bell Pacific Gas
  • World Peet s Coffee Pelican Products PeoplePC Petco Permanente Quarry Piggybackr Pinnacle Systems Pixar Plan B Skateboards PMI Group Powell Peralta PowerColor
  • school fundraising industry. A few online fundraising companies, like Piggybackr are now using social media web apps, such as Facebook and Twitter, to
  • City Palantir Technologies Palo Alto People Power Company Palo Alto Piggybackr San Francisco Pivotal Software San Francisco Pyze Redwood City Sage
  • LaunchGood Meal train MicroVentures Neighborly Onevest Patch of Land PieShell Piggybackr Plum Alley RocketHub The School Fund Seed Spark SeedInvest Watsi Wedidit
  • Initiative Jesse Lipson ShareFile Ted Livingston Kik Messenger Andrea Lo Piggybackr Claes Loberg Guvera Jake Lodwick Vimeo Joe Lonsdale Palantir Technologies

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Piggybackr. The only crowdfunding platform safe for children under 13. http: ​. Project Summary. Piggybackr offers safe and easy crowdfunding. Piggybackr Receives $325.000 Seed Financing Xconomy. Piggybackr is an online fundraising platform for youth, children, families, schools, and nonprofit organizations. The platform enables users to. Fundraising Help: 4 Websites to Help You Crowdfund Online. Andrea Lo, CEO and Founder of, speaks to students in the Word Monsters class at the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Peninsula,.

5 Tips for Winning Big at Team Fundraising TeamSnap Blog.

The experience with her sister sparked Lo to launch Piggybackr, a crowdfunding site for students to raise money for their school, sports teams,. Piggybackr Archives Camp BizSmart Summer Business Academy. Piggybackr is an online fundraising platform that teaches young people how to raise money for their teams, schools, and communities while helping them.

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About Piggybackr. Who are you? We were originally founded in 2012. Were mission driven entrepreneurs based in the U.S. with experience in education,. Get Ready For The Erg a Thon! Camp Randall Rowing Club. The first Piggybackr and Camp BizSmart crowdfunding contest for our alumni was run last fall. We had 9 projects sign up for this first time limited contest with 3​. Terms and Conditions Piggybackr. SAN DIEGO CBS 8 – The Holy Cows First Robotics Team from High Tech High used a fundraising program called Piggybackr to raise more.

Silicon Valley website Piggybackr helps kids use crowd funding.

Piggybackr built an online fundraising platform that is instructional, safe for all ages, and team focused. Because community crowdfunding really is a joint effort​. Piggybackr 1 Million Leaders Challenge cbs8.com. Piggybackr was founded in 2012 by Andrea Lo and Keenahn Jung, it was launched out of the AngelPad accelerator. Andrea Los 12 year old sister had just​. Piggybackr Visually. PiggyBackr. Piggybackr is a crowdfunding website designed specifically for young people its like Kickstarter for kids –although it can be used by adults as well. PiggyBackr Product Reviews EdSurge. A site launching to the public today called Piggybackr wants to bring kids fundraising out of the dark ages or at least the 1980s. Piggybackr is. Donate UC Davis Womens Rowing. During 2012, The Holy Cows discovered a website named PiggyBackr, a tool that has helped our students raise money for the team and our travel fund by.

Piggybackr Brings Crowdfunding to Kids Yahoo Finance.

Fire authority benevolent ​association help the families of firefighters fundraiser. Piggybackr YouTube. People also search for.

Fundraising tools for youth sports teams and leagues LeagueSide.

VideoAndrea Lo, CEO of PiggyBackr, the crowdfunding site for kids to raise money for their teams, their projects and their causes, joins me. Piggybackr LinkedIn. Another reason to activate Piggybackr? Not only does it allow us to track individual & club wide progress towards our goal but there are prizes. Points of Light Civic Accelerator Invests $50.000 Each in CSRWire. Indiegogos philanthropic platform where nonprofits and individuals can raise money for charitable causes and projects. Piggybackr Aimed at helping youth–as​. Professional Development Funding Sources Yoga Ed. BHRA has set up a Team Page on PiggyBackr for the Marathon Row. Athletes can create their own personal pages that.

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Возможно, вы имели в виду:. Crowdfunding One Million Young Leaders with Piggybackr. Piggybackr is a US crowdfunding website for students and youth teams to fundraise for their schools, projects, and causes online. It is compliant with the American Childrens Online Privacy Protection Act, meaning that children as young as 5 can.

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Package: for using large r data files on GitHub. Contribute to ropensci piggyback development by creating an account on GitHub. Setting up and using Piggybackr The Holy Cows. Piggybackr lets you create a crowdfunding page for your team. To use Piggybackr, create your page, set goals, invite your teammates, and track how each. @piggybackr Twitter. Piggybackr. About this Company. Safe and easy crowdfunding for fundraisers of all ages with the lowest fees. We got your back. Ask or Post. No posts here.

Piggybackr on Behance.

. Adopt A Classroom – A nonprofit organization that pairs donors with teachers to raise money for their classroom needs. Piggybackr on Pinterest. Piggybackr is a crowdfunding platform for teams of all ages and experience levels. We help sports teams and schools fundraise better by mobilizing their. Piggybackr AngelList. Piggybackr, a for profit venture based in San Francisco, teaches Andrea Lo, CEO and co founder of Piggybackr, and her team will use the.

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Cliffs Variety Store and Hardware. 479 Castro Street San Francisco, CA. More. Piggybackr Reviews. No reviews yet. Take our survey to add your review. Piggybackr down? Current outages and problems Downdetector. PiggyBackr empowers young and new fundraisers to raise support for their teams​, communities, and causes online. Our fundraising platform TEACHES and. Piggybackr helps kids fundraise online SFGate. ​We use the online fundraising platform piggybackr to make it easy for athletes to collect donations from out of town friends and family. A link to the piggybackr. Piggybackr EdTech Publik Hakeema. Piggybackr is an online fundraising tool designed to help youth raise money for their projects, causes, and schools online. Its fun, educational, and safe for kids.


PiggyBackr Product Information and Reviews: Online platform that teaches young people how to fundraise by hosting their projects. Piggybackr Tracxn. Over The Top Licensed Digital Banks. Software Whitelabel Apis Financial Services. Piggybackr. BASICS. FOUNDING YEAR: 2011. LOCATION: United States.

Piggybackr Launches Its Kickstarter For Kids To Let Youth Get In On.

In November 2011, she launched Piggybackr - think Kickstarter for 8 to 15 year ​olds - in San Francisco. The fledgling online fundraising. Piggybackr down? Right now problems & issues UpDownReport. Piggybackr is a US crowdfunding website for students and youth teams to fundraise for their schools, projects, and causes online. It is compliant with the.

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