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Phacelia submutica is a rare species of flowering plant in the borage family known by the common name De Beque phacelia. It is endemic to Colorado in the United States, where it is restricted in the pool Pecans in two districts. It is threatened by oil exploration. He was a Federal listed endangered species USA on July 27, 2011, the regulation entered into force on 26 August 2011.

This plant is sometimes treated as a variety of the more common phacelia scopulina. It was first collected in 1911 in De Beque, Colorado. It is an annual herbaceous plant with stems only a few centimeters in length that lies flat on the ground, producing a small clump of leaves. Leaves are often reddish in color and measure up to 1.5 inches in length. They are covered with short, stiff hairs. Tiny tubular flowers are cream or yellowish with purple toning.

The plant is known only from Garfield and Mesa counties in Western Colorado. There are 39 episodes, but 13 were not observed for fifteen years. The population sizes are quite variable, and the plant may be locally common in some years depending on environmental conditions such as rainfall. He might not be in the district one year to submit next year. It is difficult to assess the current population. The plant grows in forest and shrub habitats tend to be dominated by either Utah juniper or wormwood. He grows some of the members of the Wasatch formation where the soil supports few other plant species. In phacelia grows among the pointed gumweed and Gordons buckwheat.

This plant is threatened by several processes, in particular with the development of natural gas. Many phenomena on land owned by the Bureau of land management, which leases it to gas production. Associated with harmful activities: road construction and installation of pipes and tanks. Other threats may include soil disturbance by cattle and competition from introduced species of plants.

  • Status for Penstemon debilis Parachute Beardtongue and Phacelia submutica De Beque Phacelia Final Rule PDF Federal Register. USFWS. 76 144 45054 45075

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