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★ MIL-PRF-32171

The Mil-PRF-32171 is a new US military specification with requirements for high-durability, wear-resistant deck coatings. Specifically they for use in high-traffic areas, and are to require minimal maintenance. The coatings can be either high gloss or semi gloss. Being approved by all Department and Agencies within the Department of Defense this specification has strict specifications for 2-part chemical component systems. 1-part component systems that require no mixing allow for the material to be quickly applied while adhering to the government specifications. The specification further encourages the use of recycled materials in the coatings to make them more economically friendly.

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009 32 FY 09 Virginia Ship Repair Association.

Please contact Justin Lessel, justin.d.lessel@, and Sheila Utz, Coating mil prf 32171 Para 3.10: Table 3 Line 1 Column A Sp 2, B, F & G Lagging?. ArmorSeal 650 SL RC 8.25.indd. The non slip version is approved by the US Navy QPL MIL PRF 32171B. Durabak 18 M26. The high flashpoint rating of Durabak M26 combined with the UV. Federal Supply Code FSC 8010 6 22 Military Standards MIL STD. Part s DURABAK M26 M32171 31 001G 26493 MIL PRF 32171 MIL PRF ​32171 TY3CL1. Name: High Durability Deck Coating. NSN: NSN 8010 01 598.


De!information et des statistiques sur les peches et laquaculture Servicio 32171. 43269. 1 801. 201 654. 296 678. 0. 93343. 195 624. 2171. 10100. 231 Mil. 637. 637. 0. 61. 60F. 121 F. 15 F. 380 F. 0. 337. 732F. 3. 3. 1493F. GTA. 50 F. International Paint LLC Interbond 998, Two Pack PDF4PRO. 5160 or emailed to commandstandards@, with the subject line The reference to MIL PRF 17951 in table I, deck coverings, treads non skid, was Critical radiant flux. Deck coating, high durability. MIL PRF. 32171. NAVAL SEA SYSTEMS COMMAND Whats New with NSRP. Foam stations and high traffic interior passageway protection on U.S. Navy vessels as detailed in MIL PRF 32171 The material covered by the specification is.

Deck coverings underlayments specialty applications Dex O Tex.

Part Alternates: M3217132001G15102, M32171 32 001G 15102, MILPRF32171, MIL PRF 32171, MIL PRF 32171 TY3CL2, MILPRF32171TY3CL2, DURABAK. MIL PRF 32171B Techstreet. Prepared areas shall receive two 2 coats of epoxy primer, MIL SPEC MIL PRF ​32171B, Type. I, Class 1, 4 6 mils DFT per coat and one 1 coat of tributyltin. Related Products Varnishes Dopes Paints Page 7 DOD Parts. For this category is United States Military Standard. It is preferred that articles in this category be listed by publishing identifier MIL STD for consistency.

USS OKANE PPI QA4.xlsm GovTribe.

Its the same as our US Navy approved MIL PRF 32171B Durabak M26, but it has the UV resistance of Durabak 18, which is needed to withstand color fading. U.S. NAVY ARC Industrial Coatings AW Chesterton. MIL PRF 32171B ○ MIL PRF 22750 ○ MIL DTL 53022 ○ MIL DTL 53072 ○ JDM F17 Level 3 ○ JDMF11 class 4 ○ MAT0103 class 5 ○ VA05 50.

High Durability Deck Coating P N MIL PRF 32171 Aerospace.

MIL PRF 32170A. Deck Tiles, Wear Resistance. MIL PRF 32171B. Deck Coatings, High Durability. NALFA LF 01. Floor Coverings, High Pressure Laminate. Kyle Crick Game by Game Stats and Performance ESPN. MIL PRF 32171 B MIL PRF 32171B, PERFORMANCE SPECIFICATION: DECK COATINGS, HIGH DURABILITY 27 AUG 2009. MIL PRF 32239.

Electrocoating Oshkosh Defense.

Cross Reference: M32171 11 001Q 26493, MIL PRF 32171, CERAMALLOY CL AC. NSN: Polyurethane Coating NSN 8010 01 632 3496. Cross Reference. Preliminary – for review only Naval Sea Systems Command. High durability slip resistant coatings approved for below deck and outdoor weather decks MIL PRF 32171A. Our Products: DURABAK™ Safety Coatings are. NSN 8010 01 588 8634 DECK COATING,HIGH LogiQuest® Lite. MIL PRF 32168.PDF MIL PRF 32171A.pdf. MIL PRF 32176.pdf. MIL PRF 32212​.pdf. MIL PRF 32217.pdf. MIL PRF 32217 INT AMENDMENT 1.pdf. Related Products Varnishes Dopes Paints Page 2. Deck Coating MIL PRF 32171 high durability deck coating NSN 8010 01 588 ​7887.

MIL STD 1623 Fire Performance Requirements And Approved.

MIL PRF 32171 is a high durability epoxy deck coating. CeramAlloy CL AC - About Enecon Mesogios Ltd. Governing Spec: MIL PRF 32171B. The Qualified Product List for the following governing specification was last updated on 09 JUN 2014. QA FSC QPL Number​. Test reference Taber Industries. Fourth. we hear of l U1p011edly misplaced aUocations of iLnr 200412.8​?.html ag I 11 L 0559 0SD 32171. MIL PRF 32171 Trac Coatings and Lubricants. BERRY, M. K. 14767 219 1 L 15 266 435 7714 FORBES SPEARS U 28492 03 VIDOR AMES YEGUA EY 133705 MIL VID 1ST 14B2 EXT 263342 MIL VID.

Specification Work Liquid Powder or Ecoat Product.

Nuclear qualifications are NRC license specific to the facility. Qualified as a high durability deck coating per MIL PRF 32171. Type I and III,. ASTM F718s NST Center. CEASEFIRE™ Waterborne Epoxy NEW PRODUCT!!! is a two part intumescent coating. It is engineered to be a protective coating that combines toughness and​. Category:Military of the United States standards Visually. MIL PRF 3135, 18 SEP 2008, DECK COVERING UNDERLAY MATERIALS, QPL MIL PRF 32171, 27 AUG 2009, DECK COATINGS, HIGH DURABILITY, QPL. Department of defense design criteria standard Amazon AWS. Cooling Towers and more. Qualified for AFFF Stations and high traffic interior passageways on U.S. Navy vessels as detailed in. MIL PRF 32171. ™.

Durabak 18 M26 Outdoor Use Durabak Depot.

8030 01 512 5992, CAPL MIL S 45180TY2, FORM A GASKET2, 80009, SEALING MIL PRF 32171 TY1CL1, 085356 ARC855N KIT GRY 1.5L,. PRESERVATIVE AND SEALING COMPOUNDS NSN Expert. 122 Ro1.8 Superseded by MIL P 24441 4 & Mi L 24441 13 MIL E 24307 MIL PRF 32171 Deck Coatings, High Durability MIL PRF 32239 Coating. Latest Effective Issue of Specifications Currently in NNS Suppliers. Get a quote for MIL PRF 32171 TY3CL2 Deck Coating High D of General Services Administration Inc CAGE Code 80244 with NSN 8010 01 588 9660 under. FSC 8010 Paints, Dopes, Varnishes, and Document Center. MIL PRF 32171 TY1CL2, 80244, GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION FEDERAL SUPPLY SERVICE, C, 5, 1, 4, ZZ. M32171 32 001Q 17038, 81349.

Cote l Industries.

QPL: MIL PRF 32171A. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION DURABAK M26™ and DURABAK 18 M26™ are tough, one part, waterproof, polyurethane coatings. 009 32 FY15 CH2 Paint Submarines Scribd. The first ground survey on Mil.1 Creek was made on December 7 and a second one was Total, San Joaqui l River Tributaries. 736. 9.306. 11 L 0559 Tenth Release Bates 31911 32910 Executive Services. The salt spray performance requirements in military specs such as the Navys MIL​ PRF. 236236D and MIL PRF 32171B are only 300 and 336 hours respectively. MIL PRF 32171 TY1CL1 - NSN Part Number Page. MIL PRF 24613. MIL PRF 32170. MIL PRF 32171. SUR. Abrasive blasting, surface prep. MIL A 22262. SEL. Sealants & Preservatives. MIL PRF 16173. DOC. FY19 CH 3 NSIs Work Package Puget Sound Ship Repair. Is qualified for AFFF aqueous film forming foam stations and high traffic interior passageway protection on U.S. Navy vessels as detailed in MIL PRF ​32171.

Newly assigned NSNs, MIL PRF 32171 ADI Technologies.

The Mil PRF 32171 is a new US military specification with requirements for high ​durability, wear resistant deck coatings. Specifically they for use in high traffic. How can NAVSEA better meet fleet demands? NSRP PowerPoint. MIL PRF 32171 TY1CL1. Part Number. National Stock Numbers Related To Part Number MIL PRF 32171 TY1CL1 5 listings. Surface Preparation & Coatings SP&C Panel 2020 Update NSRP. 3.1.18 Apply the first coat of MIL PRF 24647 anti fouling paint when. the last coat of epoxy ONE COAT MIL PRF 32171, TYPE I, CLASS 1 OR 2, 10 – 12 MILS.

Indexing from 8010 01 587 9221 to 8465 01 586 9035 NSN Now.

The US Navy has successfully completed 23 tests on Durabak for MIL PRF 32171 High Durability Deck Coatings and has been listed on the Qualified. Part No. MIL PRF 32171 TY3CL2 of General Services. 3.7.3 Decks receiving a MIL PRF 3135 underlayment may also be 32171 high ​durability deck paint and MIL PRF 24667 nonskid. QPL QPD Search. File, Action. MIL PRF 32171 Deck Coating, High Durability, General Specification, Download. 17.003 Documents in our Technical Library. 1372391 Total.

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