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Diapensia Family

★ Diapensia family

Lindley Diapensiaceae is a small family of flowering plants, is classified as a crown group, which includes 15 species of 6 genera. Genera include Berneuxia Decne., L. Diapensia, Galax Sims Pyxidanthera Michx., Shortia Torr. And gray, and Schizocodon Siebold & Zucc. The members of this family are of great economic value, however, some members are grown by gardeners.


1. Taxonomy. (Таксономия)

The latest literary groupings Diapensiaceae as the old family, without defining the meaning of the old. The name Diapensia Lapland Diapensia was given early by Linnaeus was the Greek name of the sanicle. The family, originally including only Diapensia Lapland, was named link, Heinrich Friedrich in 1829. With regard to the relationship in Diapensiaceae, debate remains regarding the recognition of Schizocodon, and should it be separate from the Shortia. However, recent molecular studies support the split of the two genera. In addition, recognition of species within the genera were discussed. Within the genus Pyxidanthera, two species were previously recognized. Recent morphological and molecular work has revealed that the two species do not differ morphologically and gene flow between them.

Over time, a different relationship between Diapensiaceae and other families of angiosperms were proposed. He had previously been placed in the order Rosales, and in Cornales. Diapensiaceae have also been placed in the order of their system of Cronquist and Takhtajan. Recent studies put the Diapensiaceae in the Ericales part of the treasures belonging to" styracoids”. It is assumed that Diapensiaceae different from Sytracaceae about 93 million years ago. The family, believed to have originated in the Northern hemisphere.


2. Features. (Особенности)

Members of the Diapensiaceae are mostly herbs or shrublets. The flowers have a radial symmetry, are hypogynous, and the most part located in whorls of 5. The ovary consists of three fused carpels. They are both ectotrophic and endotrophic mycorrhiza associations.

Reference table -

  • Diapensia is a genus of flowering plants of the family Diapensiaceae. Most of the species are found in the Himalaya. Diapensia lapponica has a high Arctic
  • Diapensia lapponica, the pincushion plant, is a plant in the family Diapensiaceae, the only circumboreal species in the genus Diapensia the others being
  • plants by family Families A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Daltonia splachnoides Diapensia lapponica
  • Diapensia family Diapensiaceae diapensia Diapensia lapponica Ferns Polypodiaceae - fragrant shield fern Dryopteris fragrans Figwort family Scrophulariaceae
  • including Androsace bungeana and Androsace septentrionalis Soldanella, Diapensia lapponica, Vaccinium, and Saxifraga species including Saxifraga bronchialis
  • This page covers a group of dicotyledon families of the clade Superrosids. For the background to this list see parent article List of the vascular plants
  • occur in communities spaced between barren talus slopes. Cushion - shaped Diapensia lapponica usually grows in communities in the windiest areas, and in less
  • the moss bell heather Harrimanella hypnoides the pincushion plant Diapensia lapponica and glacier buttercup Ranunculus glacialis The plants that

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