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The Restored Apostolic Mission Church was a Bible-believing, chiliastic church society in the Netherlands, Germany, South Africa and Australia. It came forth from the Catholic Apostolic Congregation at Hamburg that separated itself from the mother-church in 1863. In 1969-1971 it had fallen apart into three sections.


1. Introduction: short history and schisms. (Введение: Краткая история и расколов)

Restored Apostolic mission Church HAZK pays great attention to the fourfold Ministry of apostles, prophets, evangelists and pastors according to Ephesians 4:11. According to official Church doctrine, apostles are placed first, compare 1 Corinthians 12:28 and once by the Ministry authorised to ordain Ministers and seal members is comparable with the Catholic confirmation. After sealing the spiritual gifts began to manifest itself in Apostolic communities among which the gift of prophecy.

In 1897 the New Apostolic Church in those days still called the Hersteld Apostolische Zendinggemeente in De eenheid der Apostelen restored Apostolic mission Congregation in the unity of the apostles) tore yourself away from the HAZK. Here among other things the position of chief Apostle was introduced. compare "I am the vine, ye are the branches". - John 15:5 the New Apostolic Church, in turn, produced in 1951, among other things, Apostolisch Genootschap Apostolic companies.

In 1931 the Haarlem HAZK-congregation in Jacobijnenstraat cut it loose and continued as Hersteld Apostolische Zendinggemeente restored Apostolic mission Congregation. Some of the reasons were a Harlem point of view on the equality of ministries and the strife over doctrinal opinions around Christ.

In 1969 again a split took place in the restored Apostolic Church of the mission under the leadership of the Amsterdam prophet H. M. van Bemmel, who has for many years opposed the Apostolic leadership both orally and in writing. Therefore, he also rejected the Apostolic prophecy of John. van der Poorten, who in 1968 was called and ordained an Apostle. This prophesying called for the restoration of the original Apostolic order. It turned into a rebellion against the lawful Apostolic supervision, where VB and two other schismatic prophets during a last discussion with the practically complete apostolate on 29 November 1969 rejected the old Testament as the guide for faith and doctrine, if in the New Testament expressly States this. However, the separatists, sometimes referred to as Bemmelians after the leader, HAZK preserved the old name, so now there were two churches-the society of the same name.

In the second half of 1970 the second group of prophets on themselves and on 14 October 1970 in Arnhem was itself separated like Elijah at this time, and someone over the years brought HAZK to destroy their prophesying. John. van der Poorten, who had already distanced himself before, laid down his Ministry on Good Friday 1971, while confessing that the schism of 1863 was already unlawful. At Easter he was restored on prophetic direction to the office of Apostle, but now restored the altar of the Catholic Apostolic Church. It was followed by most of the communities of Amsterdam, Enkhuizen, Utrecht and a part of the community in Sydney. Since there is virtually nothing left of the original HAZK.


2.1. History. Origin

The reason for the split with the mother-Church in 1863 was the calling of a new Apostle by mouth of the German Council-prophet Heinrich Geyer. For several years already five of the twelve British apostles died, including Carlyle, the Apostle for North-Germany. Possible Apostle-calling had been rejected the British apostolate in advance, but the angel = supervisor, compare revelation 2 and 3 from Hamburg, Friedrich W. Schwartz, accepted the called Rosochacki as Apostle in agreement almost the whole congregation and withdrew the congregation from the leadership of Apostle Woodhouse, who takes care of Germany. Few weeks Rosochacki retreated, but the attempt Schwartz, then to patch the flaw, was rejected by Woodhouse. In Hamburg now the priest Preusz is called the Apostle for North-Germany Schwartz in the Netherlands. Congregations under Preusz were named to the Allgemeine christliche apostolische mission AKAM. At AKAM also sent apostles to other German States and even in Hungary and the United States. In September 1863, Schwartz settled in Amsterdam, where he founded a flourishing congregation, in those days still known as Apostolische Zending Apostolic mission. Came small communities during these years at Enkhuizen, Haarlem, IJmuiden and horn.


2.2. History. Relationship with the ACAM in Germany. (Отношения с Акам в Германии)

The gap Only between the Dutch HAZK and the German AKAM, because Schwartz had abolished the worship and vestments. In the early years Schwartz had good contacts with the Free Evangelical community) Reverend Jan de liefde not known founder of the Association for the salvation of men Vereniging tot Heil des Volks, Amsterdam. Some Ministers have allowed themselves to be sealed in HAZK, such as V. F. Menkhoff. They were first sent as Evangelist 1867 in Bielefeld, westphalen, who was then still a part of the area of responsibility of Schwartz, after which he was called as angel in 1869 and as Apostle in 1872 and soon founded several congregations. In 1869 Schwartz came in contact with Dr. Groenwegen who wrote the book for our time) some of them are based on notation Schwartz.

After the death of Preusz in 1878, in Hamburg a certain Guldner was called as an Apostle of the prophet Geyer. When Guldner was to be ordained, some, among whom Friedrich Krebs, tried to prevent this, which made Geyer and leave Guldner, followed by nearly all 300 members of the Congregation. A small group of ten rebels joined HAZK, after which Schwartz and Menkhoff, despite the protests of AKAM appointed Krebs as a counter-Apostle Guldner.

From Germany, Krebs soon began to make end offline methods of work HAZK-apostles in the work - or tribal areas reserved for them. In his quest for unity, the apostles, he abolished the callings by mouth of the prophets and declared the office of prophet is unnecessary, the Krebs will appoint the most important Ministers. Later, the Australian Apostle Niemeyer reacted to this with a sneering remark that the way Krebs was surrounded by his own court of Yes-men. Because he considered himself equal to the Christ, Krebs words were more important than the Bible, because he is not speaking the living word during this time. Krebs supporter and later chief-Apostle Hermann Niehaus did call the Bible the withered hay and stinking stagnant well water, while the opponents of Krebs in turn were denounced as the horsemen of the Bible. This quote has been attributed to the Church publication, was published in November. 1896, from the date, it must be concluded that he was in Wachterstimmen aus Zion, no. 11, 1896. Krebs was the first who assumed the Ministry of chief Apostle in the Church in 1896. His successor was Herman Niehaus.


2.3. History. Schism of the New Light 1895-1897. (Схизмы Нового Света 1895-1897)

When Menkhoff died in may 1895, Krebs managed to accomplish that Niehaus became the successor of the first. This caused a bitter struggle, and brought believers to the Bible, the prophet Hugo at least half the tribe divided. Six months later, on 6 December 1895, Schwartz also died. Because people in the Netherlands could hardly understand what was happening in Germany, they took Krebs, as a watchman, Apostle, until a successor is named one of the Church-prophets in telephone service that will be specially held. Meanwhile, during the mourning period of twelve weeks was lengthened Krebs for a year and six weeks, and Niehaus, who could speak Dutch well enough studied to win Ministers of the Netherlands to the New world, and the doctrine of Krebs were derisively called. When in the Netherlands people began to fear that Krabs he really wanted to appoint a new subservient to the Apostle, the Ministers of the community of Amsterdam demanded of a service call is to go by the rules. This happened on 17 January 1897 conducted by Krebs and Niehaus, and here the Amsterdam deacon Martin van Bemmel was called as Apostle for the Netherlands indicated the tribe of Judah through the overwhelming number of prophecies and visions. It was adopted for and put into apostleship. When van Bemmel did not want to recognize the authority of the head of the Krebs, a month later Krebs - without permission - informed van Bemmel that he was overthrown with the apostles. Coffman Hoorn, supported by Krebs and Niehaus, and now provoked a rebellion against van Bemmel and separated by about a half thousand members of the HAZK. They called themselves since Hersteld Apostolische Zendingkerk in De eenheid der Apostelen restored Apostolic mission of the Church in the unity of the apostles, later to become the new Apostolic Church. Coffman was immediately appointed as an Apostle Krebs.


2.4. History. Developments under apostle Van Bemmel 1897-1925. (События под апостола Ван Bemmel 1897-1925)

Under van Bemmel important Apostolic of the participants were under pressure. Shortly before his death, Schwartzs concept was laid that is the correct order of the Ministry. He literally wrote that control and power in the tribe belongs to the apostleship, with all the overseers Angels collections tied to it. And further: the Apostle of the tribe is the angel of the portal Congregation. He was an angel helper which call for it. Angel-assistant can have an assistant or elders to help in the decision. Finally, in every congregation, like many prophets, evangelists and pastors can be added as needed. Schwartz concluded his concept with a strong message: this mechanism will remain those of the tribe of Judah, given to the tribe by the Lord Jesus Christ through His Messenger.

Having become obstinate due to the conflicts with the Amsterdam Ministry, Apostle van Bemmel put this spiritual law aside. He does not want to hear or is very necessary the appointment of new Ministers. He believed that the office of Prophet was unbiblical, the Holy Spirit revealed himself to all who have the gift of prophecy. Calling, he found unnecessary, assistants he can appoint himself. He also did not believe in the election of deacons the Congregation, he appointed them himself. Thus, in a short time not only the ministries of overseer angel and the old man disappeared, but also those of Evangelist and prophet. In 1903 van Bemmel seriously reproached for this apostasy in the word of prophecy with the words: its not me, who gave my late AP. Schwartz the law of the spirit? So, my Apostle, I want what you have to bring the law to fulfillment, etc.

Meanwhile van Bemmel began to proclaim the Sabellian confusion, in which the Trinity of God is denied, the divine being would not exist of three independent persons but one person. In the old times God revealed Himself as father, then he became man as Jesus in Mary and finally he made himself known as the Holy Spirit. All these deviations resulted in the breakup perfumes in 1904. His father-in-law, pastor B. J. Verkruisen Haarlem, closed the meeting to him, the pastor Meijnders left Amsterdam to join Verkruisen, and pastor T. Korf Enkhuizen wrote a sharp, warning letter. In 1913 disturbances in Haarlem was healed, but there was no mention of the restoration of the disappeared ministries. Van Bemmel had telephone services for Haarlem and Enkhuizen, to replace the deceased Verkruisen and Korff, but he believed that the office of prophet unnecessary, he appointed deacons who had the gift of prophecy as the acting prophets. In 1920, due to the internal pressure he kept telephone service in Amsterdam, where the mouth of a deacon, the pastor and Evangelist has been called, and probably a big shock for him also a prophet. However, it will be a long wait until the restoration of the Congregational election of deacons.


2.5. History. Developments since apostle Kalwij 1925-1968. (События, произошедшие после апостола Kalwij 1925-1968)

In 1925 the deceased van Bemmel was succeeded by the pious deacon-theologian John. Kalwij. Quickly he already had problems with Evangelist Verkruisen in the Hague, which proclaimed the democratic fact that the oversight and regulations is vested in the Council of priests, not apostles. After he was suspended for this in 1929 he divided his flock. In 1931 in Haarlem, where J. Verkruisen had succeeded his father as pastor, there was a terrible spectacle, when he tried to bring a dead person back to life. After his discharge he followed his brother, whose opinions about so-called equality of the ministries he shared. It has divided the community, joined the community in Vlissingen and Australia. They adopted the name Hersteld Apostolische Zendinggemeente restored Apostolic mission Congregation.

Under Apostle Kalwij and his successor Dielof V. Ossebaar, who was called in 1947, there was some prosperity and the HAZK consisted of churches in Amsterdam, Enkhuizen, Haarlem, Alkmaar, Wageningen, the Hague, Utrecht, Groningen and Zwolle, and some in Germany, Austria, Australia and South Africa. At her height it had about 2.000 members, led by the four apostles.


2.6. History. The schism of 1969. (Раскол в 1969 году)

In March 1968 the number of apostles was augmented by three in a row of seven, and therefore it is expected that a revival was inevitable, it seems warranted. However, something happened that nobody expected. The Apostle Jacob van der Poorten VDP, recently called to the tribe of Reuben of England, was moved to prophesying severe penance, in which the HAZK was called upon to return to the original Apostolic order. This led to a fierce hurricane, which in a short time brought little hazk-ship until his death. The deeper cause of this drama was the late Apostle van Bemmels contempt for the spiritual law of Schwartz on the overseer of the ministries, but instead he presented an unreasonable one-man-rule of the Apostle. This understandably led to opposition, not only Verkruisens, but also others, among which the Amsterdam Prophet H. M. Bemmel VB. They again, however, made the mistake to violate the biblical order by Stripping the apostles of their authority and to appoint the Churchs rule to the General Council of the priests. From the very beginning of the Commission of Apostle Ossebaar, VB had tried to undermine the shapers of the authority and apostleship was forbidden a communion-blessing speaks at VB and strength prescribed the consecration form of the Mother-Church, his aversion towards the apostolate, turned into bitter enmity. The core of the forbidden blessing to read: we bless this bread the body and the wine in the sacramental blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, etc., Like VB was directly declared in Word and writing, his main goal was the use of the words blessing, but because it made sense that the priest, the bread and wine of the sacrament of flesh and blood. The rejection of these consecration-the words he was so angry that he separated himself. He even claimed that due to the cancellation of his communion-blessing HAZK was on trial and was punished with a satanic prophecy.

The enemy of Apostolic authority, the WB came back very quickly against the Apostolic prophecy of the SDT, arguing that it is a violation of the functions of the prophet. When the VDP in early 1969, was moved to prophesy the callings for diaconal Ministry, VB calls for resistance: the deacons shall be elected by congregation, and therefore prophesied of the calling was unbiblical. In addition, according to him, only prophets have the right to prophesy callings. He forgot to mention that shortly before he rejected the restoration of the sub-deacons and diaconal prevented the proposed elections. When on Pentecost 1969 VDP was moved to prophesy the callings for the disappeared ministries of elder and angel, everything came to a head. VB and a number of supporters accused him that he, under devilish influence violated the spiritual law of Schwartz and sought to restore the ordinances of the Mother-Church that Schwartz would have abolished. In fact, it was B. himself who doesnt want to have anything to do with those old ordinances, while he knew of the books written about the mother Church of the SDT that the latter was rather critical of its ordinances.

It soon became clear that the party Bemmelian was aimed at the split, with whom B. had their own intentions. During the tumultuous meetings they were quite unhelpful. Although it has been shown, with the documents of the Apostolic prophecies were in full accordance with Scripture and the spiritual law of Schwartz, they have closed their ears and shouted that they were not associated with evidence. Because in the Apostolic prophesying often refers to the old Testament and the mosaic tabernacle, they cried unashamedly to be unconcerned with this, and they said the same thing in Hebrews and revelation where it is spoken with such emphasis about the tabernacle. It is noteworthy that before the split was not incident counter-prophesying. On the contrary, many among which the later prophets Hobe and Grimmelius, often were moved to prophesy impressive confirmation.

During the robbers-meeting, September 1969, rebellious party carry out their intentions. With the Haarlem pastor Reynders, father of the current leader Bemmelians to deliver the following ultimatum to the Apostle Ossebaar: the prediction of the SDT should be rejected as satanic and both he and the other apostles urged the country must leave the country. With indignation at the meeting a wicked man, not knowing that the rebels had planned to do. When, with the consent of the majority of the meeting Ossebaar rejected the ultimatum, the trouble-makers stood up and left the meeting cursing.

At the insistence of the wavering of the Ministry of Arnhem until the attempt was made in November to heal the rift. At the beginning of this meeting, only the apostles and prophets, where also the schismatic prophets VB, CB and SCH. were present, Ossebaar proposed to take Holy Scripture as the basis of discussion. B. replied that he only wanted to talk about the teachings of the beginning, which he understands as: everything that is written in the N.T. and absolutely nothing more, which his two followers concurred. Then something shocking happened. Immediately after their rejection Marcionitic the old Testament, their own prophet, the Central Bank was transferred contrary to the VB prophecy that the Scriptures contain the testimony of God. They are not fixable, however, and continued absolutely to deny that there are issues that could be derived from the O.T. that were not explicitly written in NZ. everyone knew that especially VB was lying, who with the exception of holidays, preached exclusively from the O.T., while his prophesying was definitely imbued with old Testament figures. But because the recognition of all the books of the Bible would mean that he would have to admit the Apostolic prophecy of the SDT as the Bible, he chose this horrible denial. Thus, the schism became definitive. The community was led by the rebels of Haarlem, Utrecht, Amersfoort and Wageningen put themselves under the leadership of V. B., who were joined by some members of Amsterdam and the Hague. Then it also became clear that VBS is always a purpose in his order of his communion-blessing was restored in the schismatic communities. This company continued to call themselves HAZK for which Ossebaars enemy years, Cheap J. was appointed an Apostle by the mouth of VB.


2.7. History. The chaos of 1970 / 71 and the end. (Хаос 1970 / 71 и конец)

Although the large congregation of Arnhem, reluctantly, agreed to the restoration of the old Apostolic order of the ministries, she also entertained the sectarian opinion that the prophecy is the exclusive task of prophets. When Ossebaar wanted silence VDP because of the prophecy he didnt like and was supported in this by the prophets, Ossebaar were warned in the word of prophecy, that if he preferred his predictions to Apostolic prophecy, he will get what he wanted: prophets will be reduced by Jezebel, and he himself to Ahab. It was announced that Ossebaar be dragged falsely prophesying and gatherings would be dispersed. Within a few weeks it already became a reality in Arnhem. In a meeting chaired by Ossebaar great chaos develops as a result of unauthorized prophets and those who prophesied commands and callings. It was the beginning of a terrible rule by the prophets that would completely destroy the HAZK.

When VDP was moved to reject what happened, Ossebaar and the prophets decided to silence him, after which he was removed in July 1970. After his departure, the false prophets prophesied broke out with full intensity. On their team during October 1970 Ossebaar assigned to Arnhem twelve prophets, like Elijah at this time. According to their own prophecy, they will create a stunning light and to perform world-Shocking miracle. Before the meeting, the envoy read out a prophecy, spoken by the SDT, in which it was seriously advised to leave the Church and that those who will participate in this foolishness, will be consumed by fire from heaven.

To strengthen the mind of the congregation against false prophecies, the SDT was transferred to the counter-prophecy, which he regularly sent to the Ministers of the HAZK. Because of this, Arnhem fools deteriorated in a great frenzy and they poured their curses on him and all that would oppose them. On Good Friday 1971 VDP laid down his Ministry in the HAZK and in spirit reunited himself with the British apostles, whereby he said that he rejected the schism of 1863. Dozens of priests and deacons openly declared their willingness to do the same, then Ossebaar at the command of the prophets overthrown them, refused them admission to the Church, and deprived of their wages. When the prophets from the pulpit cursed everything that supports the expelled Ministers and believed the prophecy of the SDT Enkhuizen struck out and the majority of members of Amsterdam fled to seek solace in other churches, or to attend the services of VDP kept in his house.

Among the expelled were also all the members of the Executive Committee of the Association Amsterdamse de kas in Amsterdam of the Fund, the managed property of the Congregation of Amsterdam, such as the Church building on the bloemgracht, from. The power to overthrow and replace these managers is responsible for meeting members of the community of Amsterdam. Without calling the meeting of members have the right and without notice in accordance with the rules, Ossebaar and overseer VDB fraudulently appointed themselves as leaders and therefore stole the Church building and other property.

Now, when the resistance was broken, the leaders of the prophets Arnhem, WS and WH, given the incredible anti-Christian prophecies. Almost all the old heresies was poured out over the poor people. The divinity of Christ was denied, he would begat Joseph, it would have been a little of God and Christ, the concept of sin was a fantasy, because good and evil was the divine qualities, everyone should do what he thought was good, and more of those wonderful things. The one who believed in the prophecy VH and Wu was then properly become a spiritual person and dont need any mystery. As a sign symbolizing this, the lords supper was solemnly buried. With bread on a silver Paten and wine in a silver chalice and followed by a number of Ministers, Ossebaar proceeded to the toilet of the Church-Building of Arnhem, reverently tossed bread and wine in the toilet-bowl and flushed them with a solemn Amen to the sewer. While collecting in the Church-building of Arnhem Rin even in such a frenzy that he was looking at Ossebaar and spouse smashed the furniture on the dais into pieces.

When the prophets have finished their madness, Ossebaar and a small remnant came to. The ring-leaders refused, however, to become a Christian again and left. Of the twelve prophets, that formidable Elijah, not left and nothing left of the altar, but the piles of garbage, as it was foretold in October 1971. The residue was again celebrates the sacrament from time to time and every effort is silent on all the terrible things that happened. They now call themselves Hersteld Apostolische Zendingkerk - Stam Judah restored Apostolic mission Church - the tribe of Judah, which only consists of a few small groups in Amsterdam and Arnhem.

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The churchs mission, have demonstrated an apostolic ministry. Today a number of comments, Gods plan is for the restoration of his creation, for overcoming. Restored Apostolic Mission Church tribe Juda MasterMOZ. The Restored Apostolic Mission Church Hersteld Apostolische Zendingkerk HAZK was a Bible believing, chiliastic church society in the Netherlands,. XII: The Christ Apostolic Church Its History, Beliefs and Organization. John Eckhardt recently spoke to Gordon Robertson about the shift from pastoral to apostolic ministry and its effects on local churches. There are changes in. The making of the New Apostolic Church 150 years of church history. The Mission of the CIAN is to establish a continuing network of apostolic Ensure every CIAN ministry or church is firmly grounded upon the foundation of the Provide a means of restoration for pastors and trans local ministers through​.

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Β F Lawrence, The Apostolic Faith Restored St Louis Gospel Publishing, 1916, Ε Ρ Clowney, The Church and Its Mission, Applying the Scriptures ed Κ. About Apostolic Restoration Church. 2 Restorationism: the offices not gift of apostle and prophet were lost in the early church and must be restored. 3 Manufactured.

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The international apostolic and prophetic movement has been dubbed On Fresh Air, Wagner joins Terry Gross for a discussion about NAR and its mission. It hasnt been recognized by the church very much up until the New Apostolic Reformation, but we recognize I dont think Ive still recovered. Следующая Войти Настройки Конфиденциальность Условия. Powered By Restored Apostolic Mission Church Hoodie Idakoos. Upon first arriving at Dayspring Church, a New Apostolic Reformation congregation, as We then rebuilt the stage to have a larger appearance by leaving out the. St. Paul the Apostle Mission Britannica. Divine Restoration Apostolic Church is serving the Pasadena community and Our mission is to nurture a diverse and welcoming community, committed to. From Christendom to Apostolic Mission Part 1 Ablaze Ministries. Jun 28, 2019 What Is The Difference Between Apostolic Churches And a fuller understanding of our organization and its mission to enlighten the world that ​restored apostolic succession, making their founders the first apostles called by​.

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E Pluribus Unum – Out of Many, One. Our assignment is indeed prophetic, for we are called upon to minister recovery and restoration to a broken body whose. The Redeemer Apostolic Mission Inc. Intl, No 7 Akinwunmi Street. Church Awake 1 Fellowship with Bishops York and Thomas. A primer discussion about blood moons sign, the End of the Age and the Restoration of all things. Restoration Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ Inc GuideStar Profile. APOSTOLIC MISSION STRATEGY. We learn from Paul the apostle, a servant of Jesus Christ, that he was led by the Holy Spirit in different ways in his decision.

Leadership Apostolic Christian Church.

Mission. This organization has not provided GuideStar with a mission statement. Ruling year info. 2006. Main address. 2239 Belmeade Dr. Charlotte, NC 28214. APOSTOLIC MISSION STRATEGY Church Restoration. The Apostolic Strategy of House Churches for Mission Today and all revival and restoration have been due to some return to the pattern and.

New Apostolic Church Visually.

From Christendom to Apostolic Mission Part 1. The guys found a new book and are REALLY diggin it! Theyre putting it in the category of must read for ministry​. Restored Apostolic Mission Church pedia. Restoration Empowerment Apostolic Life Church. WELCOME to the R.E.A.L. Church where we are restoring the lives of the lost, broken and those who are. NAC historical nuggets NACBoard Tapatalk. Young or old, every man is welcome to The Revived Apostolic Mission and Working together for the growth of the church and for the edification of each other.

Identifying Apostolic Christianity: A Synthesis of Viewpoints Digital.

Bethels mission is revival – the personal, regional, and global expansion of Gods Anyone can be restored to fellowship with God through repenting, believing, and With this, we have a commission to build an Apostolic Resource Center. Restoration Empowerment Apostolic Life Church. Mission Statement. To passionately pray, preach, teach and live through the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ which His greatest act of love toward us. Tcljc apostolic buzz rsbcihi. Restored Apostolic Mission – Scheme of several Apostolic Churches inside and outside the Netherlands from 1830 until ○ Apostle Schwartz later in life. About Bethel ChurchBethel Church. Stay up to date with the happenings of Restoration Apostolic Prophetic to the ChurchSpring team for helping us launch such a beautiful new church website. To God be the glory! Restoration Apostolic Prophetic Center s mission is to meet.

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