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★ MIL-STD-130

MIL-STD-130, "Identification Marking of U.S. Military Property," is a specification commonly used for giving directions on how to mark items sold to the Department of Defense DoD, including the recent addition, in about 2005, of UII unique identifier data matrix machine-readable information requirements. MIL-STD-130 describes the materials allowed, minimum text size and fonts, format, syntax and rules for identifying marks on a part, where to locate this marking plus exceptions and unique situations, such as vehicle VIN numbers, cell phone IDs, etc. Other non-identifying markings such as "this end up" are covered under MIL-STD-129.

The aim of the Department of defense IUID registry is a unified place where all they own is registered with the date of purchase price and date when it was sent for repair / or taken out of Commission. The contract of the wedge position are recorded automatically into the database uid, if the request for payment was made using the DD250 form and sent through the government the WAWF portal. If there is any deviation from that, then 3rd party software can be used for the report.

Since 2005, mil-STD-130 is most known identifier of a data matrix which is a square, pixelated bar code that when you scan connects DoD users immediately write to the DoDs uid in the database. The UII data matrix contains no information in itself. There are rules of construction to achieve the desired goal of truly unique room all the time. There are only a few labels making software and a handful of scanner controllers on the market, achieving the required syntax of the matrix DoD UID data. There are also commercial data matrix that do not meet the standards of the Ministry of defense, and the software that makes them much cheaper, while they look the same they will not pass inspection, mil-STD-130 requirement.

When p. provisions of the document dfars 252.211-7003 new purchases or dfars 252.211-7007 the state of the equipment in the contract, assets and personal property for Over $5.000 per each contract or assets in the possession of land worth more than $5.000 must be marked with a unique serialized identification number in accordance with Mil-std-130, when the government buys them or how they are serviced.

Mil-STD-130 standard requires government furnished property in the possession of the contractor pier, and qualifying results final goods or obsolete items to be marked with machine readable data and 2D barcode. There are several permitted methods of marking, the most common is polyester or polyamide labels marked with a thermal transfer printer with the cheapest costs around 3.000$. Other techniques: metal nameplate laser metal plate metalphoto processed, direct part-marked by dot PEEN, ink jet, laser etching or chemical etching. The bar code must meet several quality specifications, pass a verification process with a rating of B or better, and "be as permanent as the normal life expectancy of the product and to be able to withstand the environmental tests and cleaning procedures specified element to which it is attached". A full list of suggested marking methods are presented in table II Mil-std-130N.


1. Unique Identifier UID. (Уникальный идентификатор ЮИД)

Unique identifier uid or UII, also known as item unique identification IUID in the DoD terminology, marks, qualification of material values as a number, character string, or sequence of bits assigned to separate entity or its relevant attributes that uniquely distinguish it from other objects. Rules of construction depends on the serial number is unique in the fact that the number of parts to build 2 or unique to the company to build 1. In practice, most companies build liquid with cage-part-serial to build 2. The General custom is not need is that new acquisitions are marked with the cage code in the format 06 17V, 1P, s, and heritage, marked DoDaac of the entity making the label format also 06 7L, 1P, P. 17B indicates the cage code and DoDaac 7L means in the first position.

To build 1 the gap filler low-quality products that allows you to print a string cell serial sequence and carrier gas on the spot to slap them onto any element. In light of these MO would be a lot more information, anything that can be removed at the label such as description, manufacturer, date and other key information. However, many warehouses and employees doing this marking does not include any information about what they are reporting so that DoD will be very cold on using Construct 1. 1 apply to new sales only in the case that your plant is doing only 1 point, more or less, and your software provides many characters--reports all information that will exist in the well-filled product label, including warranty info.


2. Processes of Choosing MIL-STD-130. (Процесс выбора Mil-с std-130)

It is important to use durable and permanent label solutions for a process compatible fluid. Type of materials can range from aluminium, stainless steel, polyester and polyimide adhesive-backed stickers. However, the liquid nameplates must meet Mil-std-130 standards.


3. Revisions of MIL-STD-130. (Пересмотр мил-СТД-130)

The latest version of Mil-std-130 as of September 2019-Mil-std-130N W / change 1 16 November 2012 superseding Mil-std-130N dated 17 December 2007.

Mil-std-130N, which consists of many other government and non-government specifications, standards, publications and handbooks intended for use as a guide to determine and enter the minimum needs of the government in the development of a specific contract. If there are any conflicts between the Mil-std-130N, and one of the documents referenced in MIL-std-130N, this standard always takes precedence. A complete list of these documents, please refer to section 2 of MIL-std-130N.

However, there are many items that are not included in this list because they are either in other documentation, not subject to IUID item unique identification marking, or they already carry IUID equivalent marking, such as identification number of the vehicle for a car or an electronic serial number cell phone. See 1.3 of MIL-std-130N full list of these items.


4. Marking Specifications. (Маркировка Спецификации)

For items that are under the control of the Ministry of defence and subject to marking, there are many specifications that must be met for a proper sign. These requirements state that all marking should be on a metal or stiff plastic identification plate, band, tag identification, or identification label securely fastened to the element. In addition, the marking may even be applied directly to the surface of the material itself – provided, of course, he can still meet the requirements described below.

If possible, the marking must be placed in a place where it is visible and easily read during normal operation and use of the goods, and thus, the sign is constant throughout the lifespan of said item. You must also make sure that the marking can withstand normal environmental conditions, including purification and recovery processes.

If this is not feasible with MRI machine-readable information marking, the marking should be used that will last as long as the item is expected to be restored, if applicable. In the case where there is enough open space on the item to ensure a proper IUID, only the most important information should be marked. This includes corporate ID the identifier that is used to distinguish between various organisations and activities of the supplier or the manufacturer, as well as the contact portion or the identification number or batch number of the product. Finally, if there is insufficient space to place the appropriate IUID mark on the item, the marking may be placed on the package until the mark adheres to the guidelines listed in the previous paragraph.

For human-readable information, the recommended minimum text size is 0.2 cm, 0.08 inch this also leads to 5.76 points. All letters must be sans serif font, such as Arial, Futura, Trebuchet, or another sans serif font, and numbers should be Arabic. The exception to this is when Roman numerals are used to refer to the object, in this case, you should refer to the documentation and standards element to determine which font to use. Marking" United States” or us” should only be used when specified in another place.

When possible, labeling MRI is the preferred method for IUID marking of the Ministry of defence, although some equipment and free text marking can be determined. To exceed 50 characters in accordance with ISO / IEC 15459-4, all dfars mandatory signs must meet the minimum data matrix ECC 200 symbols using the syntax of ISO / IEC 15434 with the semantics of ISO / IEC 15418 or ATA CSDD. For goods which are not subject to the provisions of the document dfars mandated marking, symbol, data matrix ECC 200 With the syntax ISO / IEC 15434 and semantics of ISO / IEC 15418 or ATA CSDD is preferred.

If not listed below, mh10.8.7 is the designation of an MRI Protocol that should be used to note all the details.


5. Industry Specific Protocols. (Отраслевые Протоколы)

Air transport Association ATA must mark all items in accordance with SPEC2000 for linear bar code symbols. For the matrix of data symbols ATA CSDD and ISO / IEC 15434 syntax with format indicator" 12” should be used.

AIAG automotive industry action group should mark all items in accordance with AIAG B-4 and AIAG B-17 standards depending on the circumstances.

Manufacturers using the standards of the PPO Association consumer electronics, note all items in accordance with the mh10.8.7 and CEA-706 standards as applicable. Although the Protocol allows for other manufacturer codes, cage, commercial and government organizations code accompanied by the appropriate data identifier is the recommended manufacturer ID.

Manufacturers using the GS1 standards should mark all items in accordance with GS1 standards as applicable.

The DoD, who directly support NASA National Aeronautics and space administration of the United States, marking NASA standards must be implemented. These standards can be found in NASA-STD-6002, detailed guidance on the implementation of these standards can be found in NASA-easy-6003.

MRI protocols other than those listed above must be approved by USTRANSCOM TCJ5 / 4-I division of control over the assets. Requests that the Protocol can be sent to the DOD organization AIT office TCJ5 / 4-I, Suite 100, 5971 Kingstowne village Parkway, Alexandria, VA 22315.


6. Information Contained Within An MRI. (Информация, содержащаяся в МРТ)

In addition to the specifications of how to mark an item with MRI, there are also requirements regarding the minimum amount of information to be contained in MRI mark. This encoded information includes:


7. IUID Items. (IUID элементов)

  • Current PIN, lot, or batch number of the item. If this changes, the new PIN, lot, or batch number may be encoded in a single Data Matrix symbol along with the UII data.
  • When using Construct #1, the Original Part Number may be used if both the current PIN and original PIN are the same.
  • EID of the activity that has assigned the serial number for UII Constructs #1 or #2.
  • The original PIN, batch, or lot number is used for IUID items that are serialized within a PIN.
  • When using Construct #2, the original PIN, lot, or batch number must remain clearly identified and encoded in the MRI. If this number is changed by anyone other than the original manufacturer or supplier, the new PIN, lot, or batch number must also remain clearly identified.
  • Serial number for UII Constructs #1 or #2.

In addition to the standard information contained in an MRI, duplicate, sometimes is assigned a UII unique item identifier. In UII is a numbered prefix given to items in the case of duplicate part number assignments on behalf of the company so that each individual part can be easily identified.

Of course, there are exceptions to the MRI marking operation. Cots commercial items, the shelves are clearly marked with some sort of commercial identification, and are not subject to IUID marking may be exempt from additional marking requirements, as long as the item is not a difficulty of identification. In addition, parts in an Assembly or subassembly that should not be removed, restored or replaced are exempt from the MRI marking, unless otherwise specified in the contract.

Legacy items sometimes need to be marked as well. If it is determined that the legacy machine must be marked, the ID to use to create the UII must be organization, and ensuring its uniqueness than all previous marks.


8. Marking Quality. (Маркировка Качества)

Finally, there are also requirements regarding the quality of an MRI marking.

Linear barcodes: unless otherwise specified in the contract or order, ISO / IEC 15416 is a Protocol for measuring print quality of linear barcodes.

Character data matrix: there are a number of protocols that can be used to assess the print quality of the symbol data matrix, at the discretion of the supplier. This includes ISO / IEC 15415, aim DPM-1-2006, or SAE AS9132. If the character matrix of data, or erroneous, illegible or otherwise unacceptable, should be two diagonal be used to cross out the symbol in addition to the other two lines, one horizontal, one vertical through the two interrupted frame lines.


9. Marking arrangements. (Маркировка механизмов)

In the case when the manufacturer is also ODA original design activity, the marking shall be arranged as follows:

ODA - cage or NCAGE NATO commercial and government Agency - 1234567-101.

When a manufacturer CDA current design activity but is not an ode, the next token must be included in addition to the above:

CDA – cage or NCAGE.

Parts purchased from a manufacturer other than project activities should have the labeling is organized as follows:

  • MFR – CAGE or NCAGE.
  • ODA – 1234567-101. (ОДА – 1234567-101)

When the design activity is not the original activities, the markup should be as follows:

  • ODA – 1234567-101. (ОДА – 1234567-101)
  • CDA – CAGE or NCAGE.
  • MFR – CAGE or NCAGE.

Assemblies and subassemblies that do not require identification plates shall be marked as indicated above, although the acronym" Assembly” should be included instead of a dash as follows:


10. CAGE or NCAGE, ASSY, 7654321-101. (Клетка или NCAGE, в сборе, 7654321-101)

In addition, controls source, use the abbreviation" SOCN” in place" assy” above.

A text designation for units, groups and sets should be organized in the following manner: nomenclature, manufacturer ID or a vendor ID for IUID if necessary, consequential or other monitored quantity, the current PIN code, the original pin, lot or batch number for IUID if necessary, acquisition of the document identification number.

Any maintenance actions that are performed on any product shall be marked as follows: EID of the repair facility, date of repair, warranty extensions, contract, purchase, or repair order number

VLBI electrostatic discharge sensitive elements and electronic parts which can be damaged by electrostatic discharge shall be marked with VLBI.


11. Non-exhaustive list of documents. (Неисчерпывающий перечень документов)

  • MIL-STD-498, on software development and documentation.
  • MIL-STD-105, Sampling Procedures and Tables for Inspection by Attributes withdrawn.
  • MIL-STD-130, a standard that is mandated by the DoD for any item to be UID Compliance.
  • CAGE, a standardized method of identifying a given facility at a specific location.
  • MIL-STD-129, a standard is used for maintaining uniformity while marking.

12. Specifications. (Спецификации)

There are certain technical terms of the documentation of military products, which can not go in accordance with the American identification languages. Section 3 standard clearly defines the terms and helps the developers of the product in offering a clear definition about the items created for military.

It is mandatory for designers to design their products with the criteria set by Mil-std-130N standard. Merely setting the definition of product in accordance with the standard is not enough. Product designers must take care to satisfy all criteria. Identification marking of product the free text often includes more information. A good designer saves all the old parts marking when an existing part or a typical marking details for new parts and then assigns a rectangular space for liquid, which is an additional label or a small metal plate approximately where it is shown that contains the data matrix plus 3 HRI, which are included in the data matrix.

Requirement 3 HRI to be around and unambiguous to the data matrix to MIL-std-130 requirement. There is no requirement it meets the other part marking, for example, if product was transferred or off-the-shelf, in which case the person in possession of the State. the contract can assign its own number and / or serial, in addition, that exists for the product, and because they are labeling it will appoint its cage code. A good example of this is the laptop to use as a hardware controller, while he has a valid ID on it, the company may wish to stick to cage-part-serial for ease of reporting and use their internal number to report it, because thats how they keep revision control for service purposes.

The most common designation for CHRIST are neighboring MVS, PNO or p / n and ser. Mil-std-130N is down to choice significantly, so the figures up to 2008 can now show legend is not large. Some companies simply use designations 17V, 1P and S, which is surprisingly easy to adapt.

  • survivability MIL - HDBK - 304C - Package Cushioning Design MIL - P - 116 - Preservation methods MIL - STD - 130 - Marking or printing identification data MIL - STD - 648D
  • Standardization Agreement STANAG 5516. MIL - STD - 6016 is the related United States Department of Defense Link 16 MIL - STD Link 16 is a TDMA - based secure, jam - resistant
  • others. JOVIAL was standardized during 1973 with MIL - STD - 1589 and was revised during 1984 with MIL - STD - 1589C. It is still used much to update and maintain
  • required to supply parts with UID Data Matrix Symbols conforming to MIL - STD 130 M standard. By using a Data Matrix Symbol laser etching system to engrave
  • designated as FMU - 151 B to meet the MIL - STD - 1316. The FMU - 151 has an improved arming delay with multisensitive range. The AC - 130 gunship first arrived in South
  • the particular asset uniquely if required. Global Returnable Asset Identifier at GS1 website Military Standard Practice MIL STD 130 N as of 01 27 13
  • the late 1950s that intended to create a single standard as defined in MIL - STD - 188A B C for collecting and distributing battlefield information. In this
  • Bradford Drive NW, Suite A, Huntsville, Alabama 35805, Oct. 11, 2005. MIL - STD 130 M DOD Marking Standard, p.24, Table II NASA HDBK - 6003 NASA Marking Handbook
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  • 012 and thicker MIL - DTL - 19834C 003 foil A - A - 50271 superseding Mil - P - 514D Composition A, Class 2 and Composition C MIL - STD - 130 N Over the years
  • AMR, eAAC MIDI, Mobile XMF, MP3, MP4, WAV and WMA LED Torch IP Code MIL - STD - 810 Rugged computer Nokia 3720 classic rugged phone video montage and
  • gasoline, 87 Octane or higher, diesel, or JP - 8. The SRTV is constructed of MIL - STD aircraft tubing, minimizing weight, maximizing strength, and providing
  • susceptibility EMI tests for vehicles and equipment per MIL - STD - 461 and able to achieve MIL - STD - 461F limits above approximately 80 MHz. In the spring of
  • digital launchers, with seven and 19 tubes, to take advantage of the Cirit s MIL - STD - 1760 databus capabilities. It has been in production since 2010 and 5000
  • orbital debris. It features a thermal control system, audio, video and MIL - STD - 1553 bus interfaces, as well as the connections needed for installing one
  • with four different interfaces to communicate with the host platform: MIL - STD - 1553B STANAG 3910 Ethernet X.25 Data rate can vary between 108 and 238
  • belt asteroid NGC 188 is an open cluster in the constellation Cepheus MIL - STD - 188 series of U.S. military standards relating to telecommunications United
  • similar to the Steyr SPP, but its differential feature is an underbarrel MIL - STD - 1913 Picatinny Rail, which is installed in front of the trigger guard
  • weapon is built to Chinese GJV289A standard, the Chinese equivalent of MIL - STD - 1553B. The adaptation of such military standard means that the weapon can
  • Maintenance MRO Definition RF System Lab. Federal Standard 1037C and from MIL - STD - 188 and from the Department of Defense Dictionary of Military and Associated
  • Russia CPGA720 package includes SpaceWire, SpaceFibre, ARINC 429, AFDX, MIL - STD - 1553, and CAN interfaces Russian: 1892ВМ236 manufactured in Zelenograd
  • replaced with a MIL - STD - 1913 rail. It was introduced in December 1997. The Steyr AUG A3 is similar to the AUG A2 but features a MIL - STD - 1913 rail on top
  • Services Administration document Federal Standard 1037C in support of MIL - STD - 188 Line Coding Lecture No. 9 Line Coding in Digital Communication
  • revisions of major part marking standards such as the U.S. military s MIL - STD - 130 take pains to codify the most advantageous combinations of machine - readable
  • Winchester Magnum ammunition. Replacement of existing weaver rails with a MIL - STD - 1913 rail capable of accommodating both a day optic and in - line forward
  • development of the P90 led to the creation of the P90 TR model, which has a MIL - STD - 1913 triple rail interface for mounting accessories. This model was introduced
  • weapon are built to Chinese GJV289A standard, the Chinese equivalent of MIL - STD - 1553B. The adaptation of such military standard means that the weapon can
  • Elbit is supplying the aircraft s advanced avionics suite installed on a MIL - STD - 1553B data bus. The advanced avionics suite, including communications
  • ST Kinetics Extended Range 5.56mm ammunition, and come standard with MIL - STD - 1913 Picatinny Rails at the three, six, nine and 12 o clock positions.
  • front sight post M203s can also come with quadrant sights, mounting to a MIL - STD 1913 Rail, or to the carrying handle of an M16 rifle. There are numerous

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Permanent, Durable IUID Labels for MIL STD 130 Compliance.

Experts in meeting the requirements of MIL STD 130. Cedar Box Companys team of experts have been certified in Practical Applications for Packaging,. MIL STD 130N Horizons ISG. MIL STD 130N & MIL STD 129R are the latest Department of Defense DOD labeling requirements for all shipments to the military. If you plan on shipping to the. 80 MIL STD 130 Labels ideas in 2020 labels, std, systems integrator. MIL STD 130 is a highly specified set of guidelines for identification of military assets. It outlines the use of item unique identification. MIL STD 130 Identification Marking of U.S. Military Property. Scope. This standard provides the item marking criteria for development of specific marking requirements and methods for identification of items of military.

DoDI 8320.04 Executive Services Directorate.

ID Integration provides standard and custom integrated solutions for a wide range of MIL STD 130 applications including IUID labels. Specification of part marking requirements L3 Technologies. The DoDs UID MIL STD 130 mandate calls for suppliers to apply a permanent, machine readable 2 D Data Matrix barcode on all parts and components. Mil Std 130 Construct 2 UID2GO by Jet City Laser. Продолжительность: 6:51.

MIL STD 130 Labels ImageTek Labels.

Our knowledge to meet military specification, MIL STD 130 UID, Unique Identification Number, label and tag requirements includes custom pre printed. MIL STD 130 Versions Barcode Verifiers Cognex Formerly. MIL STD 130 Label Design Software AIM 20399 Route 19, Suite 203, Cranberry Township, PA, 16066 info@. Military Compliance Labels Military Labeling Requirements ID. Опубликовано: 25 апр. 2017 г.

Item Unique Identification IUID Marking DoD Procurement Toolbox.

Per MIL STD 130 is not sufficient. They must clearly state that item identification marking is required and that development of specific item. MIL STD 130 Clarion Safety Systems. Overview of MIL STD 130 Marking Technologies & MethodsToday, there are many MIL STD 130 marking technologies that suit the production. A Government Contractors Guide to Complying With MIL STD 130. Military Standard 130 MIL STD 130 governs identification marking of U.S. military property, and is commonly used for providing directions on how to mark​.

MIL STD 130 N Labeling News.

Scope. This standard provides the item marking criteria for development of specific marking requirements and methods for identification of items of military Следующая Войти Настройки. Whats Included in the MIL STD 130N Change 1 Update? Camcode. Since 1975, UMMCO near Los Angeles, California marks to 1000 Marking Specifications including: Spec AS478, Spec MIL STD 130, BAC5307, BPS4106,​. Marking Specifications, AS 478, BAC 5307, MIL STD 130, BPS 4106. MIL STD 130 is a mandate that requires suppliers of goods to the Department of Defense DoD to identify items for tracking & efficiency purposes. An added.

MIL STD 130 Compliance A2B Tracking Solutions.

The requirement is Military Standard MIL STD 130 currently at version 130N. regarding DoD UID compliant labels, see this article: DoD UID MIL STD 130. What You Need to Know About MIL STD 129R and MIL STD 130N. Historically Mil Std 130 has been the definitive authority for permanent part marking. It covers part markings for both Human Readable Information HRI and​. Guidelines for DOD UID Markings using the GS1 System GS1 US. This standard is approved for use by all Departments and Agencies of the Department of. Defense DoD. 2. This issue of MIL STD 130 continues. MIL STD 130 Camcode Global. We follow MIL STD 130 marking standards Letter case: Capitalized Font: Sans ​serif, such as Futura, Arial, or Trebuchet MS Letter or font size: of. 08 inches. 2​.

Zebra technologies provides durable uid labeling solution for jc.

Cleaning and Drying item prep Cushioning and Dunnage Intermediate Containers Item Identification Markings MIL STD 130 IUID Level of Protection Military. Flowdowns for MKV Contract W9113M 04 D 0001 Lockheed Martin. Uses the current copy or revision of Military Standard MIL STD 130 Reference ​l as the default requirement for IUID marking if more specific. MIL STD 130 Materials and Marking Methods YouTube. Number, Title. MIL STD 129R, Military Standard Marking for Shipment and Storage. MIL STD 130, Identification Marking of U.S. Military Property. MIL STD ​2073.

MIL STD 130 Military Packaging MAC Packaging.

What is the MIL STD 130? Also known as the Identification Marking of U.S. Military Property, MIL STD 130 provides directions as to how to mark. MIL STD 130 pedia. If MIL STD 130L is in the contract, does this mean that UID is automatically required? No. It is the DFARS Clause which mandates UID markings. Print and Read MIL STD 129R & MIL STD 130N Bar Code Labels. The latest version of MIL STD 130, Version N, was released on December 17th, 2007. Since many contractors, and their subcontractors, have.

Government Plain Text SOW AppC Finish.

This standard is approved for use by all Departments and Agencies of the Department of. Defense DoD. 2. This issue of MIL STD 130. What is MIL STD 130? Metal Marker Mfg. ECC200 Data Matrix Symbol. MIL STD 130 has technical details. The Department of Defenses DoD IUID requirements dictate an items mark. DoD UID Direct Part Marking DPM & Identification Solutions MIL. MIL STD 130, Identification Marking of U.S. Military Property, is a specification commonly used for giving directions on how to mark items sold to the.

Mil Spec Engravings Military Spec Technology Mil Spec.

Logistical readiness across DoD such as Serialized Item Management SIM and Joint Total Asset Visibility JTAV. Tags. UID labels UID tags MIL STD 130. Mil Spec Label Guidelines MIL STD 129 Mil Spec Packaging. Camcode is here to help you understand MIL STD 130 and Item Unique Identification IUID requirements. As the former Senior Program Analyst. MIL STD 130 Overview Why Industrial Nameplate?. MIL STD 130 Compliance is a critical consideration for any organization that works with the Defense Department today. IUID Compliance for. Guide to MIL STD 130: From Labels to Proper Marking, Specs MPC. Items which are excluded in accordance with paragraph 1.1 of MIL STD 130, Revision M, shall be marked in accordance with the appropriate. DoD UID Information Department of Defense Unique Identification. In order to do so, you must shift your attention toward the concepts of validation of these MIL‑STD‑130 labels, and of the 2D barcode itself.

MIL STD 129, MIL STD 130 Learn DoD Compliance Label Service.

The MIL STD 130 is used by the US Department of Defense DoD in the implementation of Machine. Readable Information for item identification marking and. Mil Std 130. What You Need to Know About MIL STD 129R and MIL STD 130N. Posted by James Lusk on December 18, 2019 @ AM. If youre new to doing business​.

MIL STD 130 Label Design Software AIM.

If I understand MIL STD 130 correctly this is what I need though it will not fit. ODA​ PIN. CDA CAGE MFR CAGE. Question 2 Stenciling I have. MIL STD 130 Compliant UID Labels and Tags for U.S. Defense. Nomenclature is defined in MIL STD 130. see 3.13. 4.2.1 Government names and type numbers. Joint Electronics Type Designation Systems. DoD.

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