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Alpine County Unified School District

Alpine County Unified School district is the public school district serving Alpine County, the least populated county in California, in the Sierra Nevada. It has a total enrollment of under 100 pupils. It acts diamond Valley elementary in Markleeville, which is the largest educational institution, with 77 students in the 2018-2019 school year, and bear Valley elementary Bear valley that had four students in the same year, Alpine County opportunity school in Woodfords, which was not the students trained traditionally, but it works online learning, and Alpine counties community school day, a ...


Amador County Unified School District

Amador County Unified School District is a public school district based in Amador County, California, United States. It includes Ione Elementary, Jackson Elementary, Pine Grove Elementary, Pioneer Elementary, Sutter Creek Elementary, Sutter Creek Primary, Plymouth Elementary, Ione Elementary, Jackson Junior High, Ione Junior High, Amador High School, Argonaut High School, Shenandoah Valley Charter School, and North Star Independence Community School.


Bonsall Unified School District

Bonsall Unified School District is a school district located in the town of Bonsall, California. There are currently five schools: Sullivan Middle School, Bonsall Elementary, Bonsall West Elementary, Bonsall High School, and Vivian Banks Charter School. Sulivan and Bonsall are right next to each other Bonsall High School opened to 9th grade students August 2014, and added a grade level every year for the next three years.


Butte–Glenn Community College District

Butte–Glenn Community College District is a public school district based in Butte County, California. On May 1, 2014, Butte-Glenn Community College District was named one of fifty five higher education institutions under investigation by the Office of Civil Rights "for possible violations of federal law over the handling of sexual violence and harassment complaints" by President Barack Obamas White House Task Force To Protect Students from Sexual Assault.


Corning Union Elementary School District

On November 14, 2017, a shooting occurred near Rancho Tehama Elementary School. Five people were killed while multiple others were wounded. The shooter attempted to enter the school but was unable to do so as staff members had placed the school on lockdown after hearing gunshots. He shot at the school for approximately six minutes, injuring one student. The gunman was later shot and killed by local authorities.


Del Norte Unified School District

Del Norte Unified School District is a public school district serving Del Norte County, California, United States. It has an enrollment of 3.679 students across eleven schools: eight elementary schools, a middle school, and two high schools. The superintendent is Jeff Harris.

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