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National Bighorn Sheep Interpretive Center

National bighorn sheep information centre is 2.775-square-foot interpretation center dedicated to educating the public about the biology and habitat Rocky mountain Bighorn sheep with emphasis on present time a large herd of Rocky mountain Bighorn ...


Draper Museum of Natural History


Massachusetts National Guard Museum and Archives


Fort Wilkins


International Wildlife Museum

The international wildlife Museum is a non-profit natural history Museum in Tucson, Arizona. It was created in 1988 by J. C. McElroy as educational programs international Foundation Safari club.


The Wildlife Experience


Pember Library and Museum

The Pember library and Museum, public library and natural history Museum located on 33 in the town of Granville, new York, USA. The library and Museum was established in 1909, by Franklin Tanner Pember and his wife Ellen wood Pember in a building ...


Dormans cattleya

The dormaniana is a bifoliate Cattleya species of Cattleya orchids. The diploid number of chromosomes of S. dormaniana was defined as 2 N = 40.


Osage Nation Museum

Museum of the Osage nation in Pawhuska, Oklahoma on the Osage history, art and culture. Highlights include an extensive collection of photographs, historical artifacts, and traditional and contemporary art. Founded in 1938, the Academy is the old ...


Nightclubs in Baltimore


Jazz clubs in Chicago


Granada Theater (Dallas)

Granada theatre-theater, located in lower Greenville in Dallas, TX. The theater was built in 1946 as a movie theater. In 1977 it was converted into a concert hall, only to soon return to cinema after. In 2004 it was re-opened as a concert hall.


Longhorn Ballroom

The Longhorn ballroom music and country Western dance hall in Dallas, Texas. It was known in the early 1950-ies, as the Bob wills ranch, where a large hall was built and operated by O. L. Nelms, the eccentric Dallas millionaire, for his close fri ...


Trees Dallas

Trees-American concert hall opened in 1990 in a deep district provides a library and an outdoor swimming pool in downtown Dallas, Texas. The meeting place was held the international tourist music acts such as Nirvana, Snoop Dogg, the flaming lips ...


Concert halls in Dallas


Liberty Hall (Houston, Texas)

Liberty Hall was the venue located in downtown Houston, Texas, from 1971 to 1978. It was located where the Parking lot two blocks from Toyota Center. Liberty hall was owned and operated by Mike Condray, lynda Herrera and Ryan Trimble, Ken Fonteno ...



Walters is a music venue in the district of Northside village in Houston. Originally opening in 2000, 4215 Washington Avenue, the place of permanent residence outside Naylor 1120 on 25 December 2011. The club hosts both local and touring musical ...


White Oak Music Hall


Best Of – Volume I (Van Halen album)

Better – Volume I-the first compilation album by American hard rock band van Halen, released in 1996. The album contains no songs from the album 1982-diver. Best of Volume I also features "Human", the groups contribution to the Twister soundtrack ...


Greatest Hits (James Taylor album)

Greatest hits is the first album by American singer songwriter James Taylor. Released in November 1976. To this day, he is the best-selling album of his career. Of the album took place in the context of the Taylors the end of his contract with Wa ...


Conga Room

The conga room in Los Angeles Nightclubs and venue for private events. Founded in 1998, the conga room in the first place was on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles, California. The conga room is now located in downtown Los Angeles L. A. Live, loca ...


Historical monument One Fifty-Seven (HM157)

Historical monument # 157, HM157, aka, is set in a Victorian building, 1886 in Lincoln heights, Los Angeles. Also referred to as the Horace P Dibble house, HM157 on the California list of historic landmarks. Historical monument #157 became the ce ...


Scream (music club)

The Creek was an underground music club in Los Angeles, California since the mid-80s and in the 90s, focusing on glam rock, death rock and industrial rock. Based on Dales "Gloria", "Queen of the sunset Strip," and Michael Stewart, scream, hosted ...


Silverlake Lounge

Silverlake Lounge is located in silver lake, Los Angeles. Located in the heart of Los Angeles Silver lake corner of sunset Boulevard and Silver lake Silverlake lounge is one of the most storied places in the district. The bar, originally noted fo ...



Surround the world was a alternative rock / indie rock nightclub in the district of silver lake in Los Angeles, California, which existed between 1995 and 2011. The club was formerly a gay disco dreams of Los Angeles. Owner Spacelands announced t ...


Jazz clubs in Los Angeles


City Bank Auditorium


Lubbock Memorial Civic Center

Memorial civic center lubbock is located in the conference center located in Lubbock, Texas. It was built in 1977 and is dedicated to the memory of local residents who died in the Lubbock tornado of 1970 that hit the Center. Concluding in Novembe ...



Dracaena. He also previously was divided into the family Dracaenaceae or placed in the Agavaceae. The name "dracaena" comes from the Latinized form of the Greek δράκαινα – drakaina, "female dragon". Most species are native to Africa, southern Asi ...


Basic Miles: The Classic Performances of Miles Davis

Basic miles: the classic performances of miles Davis is an album by American jazz musician miles Davis, released in 1973 on Columbia Records and recorded from 1955 to 1962.


Johnnys Greatest Hits

Johnnys greatest hits album a collection of singer johnny Mathis that was released on Columbia Records on March 17, 1958, and was described as "the original hits package". The LP has collected all but one of the songs from the first six singles t ...


Miles Davis Greatest Hits

All Blues Richard Rodgers Lorens HART 5:10 available on my funny Valentine. "Seven steps to heaven" Victor Feldman, miles Davis 6:26 available on seven steps to heaven. "S. E. P." Wayne shorter – 5:32 available on E. S. P. "Around midnight" – 5:5 ...


Rappers from New York City


Concertmasters of the New York Philharmonic


Music directors of the New York Philharmonic


Slowdown (venue)

The slowdown of the entertainment center is located in the nodo district of Omaha, Nebraska. The combination of live music, shops, restaurants and apartments, the hotel was developed by saddle Creek records as a direct competitor to Sokol auditor ...


Hillman Center for Performing Arts

The Hillman center for performing arts is a multi-stage points of the arts on the campus of shady side language high school in Fox chapel, a Northern suburb of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. With music and vocal practice spaces, the Richard E. Rauh th ...


Revolution Hall

Revolution hall is a musical venue in the Buckman district of Portland, Oregon. It is located in the former Washington high school and was originally constructed in the schools auditorium. The auditorium was in use from the schools opening in 192 ...


World Famous Kenton Club

The world famous Kenton club, or simply the Kenton club, a bar and music venue in North Portland, Oregon, USA. The hotel was created as a club of Kenton in 1947, and became a biker bar. The "world famous" slogan was purchased after the appearance ...


Defunct music venues in Portland, Oregon


Merola Opera Program

The Opera program Merola is an internationally renowned Opera training and implementation programs for promising young artists. Named San Francisco Operas first Deputy General Director, Gaetano Merola Opera program Merola began during the 1954-55 ...


John Santos


Rappers from the San Francisco Bay Area


Bing Concert Hall

Bing concert hall hosts the center for the arts at Stanford University, which opened in January 2013. In the center of the building is the oval concert hall which 842 seats arranged in the style of the vineyard, surrounding the scene in the terra ...


Jazz clubs in the San Francisco Bay Area


170 Russell


Central Hall, Melbourne

The Central hall is a building that stands at the end of Brunswick street in Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia. This structure today serves as the center of the campus of the Australian Catholic University St. Patricks day. He once occupied a similar ...


Max Watts House of Music (Melbourne)

Max W House of music-concert hall on Swanston street in Melbourne, Australia. The 850-capacity hotel in the buildings basement century by the architect Marcus Barlow.


Quarry Amphitheatre

The quarry amphitheatre is an outdoor area located next to the ocean in floreat, Western Australia. It has a 19 by 13.5 m of elastic wooden stairs and dressing rooms of about 80 artists. It was officially opened on 9 November 1986 and is owned an ...


Musicians from Bath, Somerset

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