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Southern California Institute of Architecture faculty


William H. Hume

His work included the Hebrew Orphan Asylum of New York 1884 on Amsterdam Avenue used as an Army Hall in 1943 and then by City College, the site is now the Jacob H. Schiff Playground, the Langdon Building at 305 Broadway, Scotch Presbyterian Churc ...


Kushner Studios

Kushner Studios, is a New York City based architecture firm, founded by Adam Kushner, noted primarily for its residential, restaurant, and brewery designs.


Onyx (architectural collective)

Onyx is a multi-member collective that was active in New York City from 1968 through the early 1970s and active intermittently to the present. Its members - Ron Williams, Woody Rainey, Tommy Simpson, Mike Hinge, Bob Buxbaum, Davis Allen, Sheridan ...


Hawk & Parr

Hawk & Parr was an architectural firm in Oklahoma. It designed many buildings that are listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. Its Mission/Spanish Revival style Casa Grande Hotel, for example, was built in 1928 and was listed on ...


Charles E. Carpenter


Rutan & Russell

Rutan & Russell was an American architectural partnership of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The firm is designed with the Pittsburgh office shepley, Rutan & Coolidge, of Boston, heirs of H. H. Richardson. When the firm closed its office in Pittsburgh ...


Claussen and Claussen

Claussen and Claussen was an architecture firm based in Portland, Oregon, that designed several prominent buildings in the first half of the 20th century. Some of the buildings have been added to the National Register of Historic Places, includin ...


James A. Bucklin


Prescott O. Clarke


John Graham & Company

John Graham & Company, or John Graham & Associates was the name of an architectural firm, founded in 1900 in Seattle, Washington, by English-born architect John Graham, and maintained by his son John Graham Jr. The firm was responsible for many S ...


Danish goldsmiths


French goldsmiths


Italian goldsmiths


Australian silversmiths


British silversmiths


Canadian silversmiths


Danish silversmiths


French silversmiths


Nigerian carpenters


Hans von Reutlingen

Hans von Reutlingen was a German goldsmith and seal engraver who was born in, lived, and plied his trade in the city of Aachen. He worked under the patronage of Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor and Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor. The Metropolitan ...


Victor Bedikian

Victor Bedikian is a French guitar maker Bedikian worked with Robert Bush to learn the style of Antonio Torres, a Spanish guitar maker of the 19th century. Bedikian to create his first guitar in 1965 and had a shop in Paris in 1977, where he visi ...



Ucuetis is a Celtic god who, along with his consort Bergusia, was venerated at Alesia in Burgundy. The divine couple are named on inscriptions of the Romano-Celtic period, and an image of a divine couple has been found on the same site, the male ...


Critics employed by The New York Times


Critics employed by Politiken


Peter Krecic

Peter Krecic is a Slovenian historian of art and architecture. He is a specialist on the life and work of architect Joze Plecnik, and has published numerous books on this topic, including Plecnik:The Complete Works and Plecniks Ljubljana. He is t ...


Films whose art director won the Best Art Direction Academy Award


Asmah Laili

Asmah Laili was a radio producer, and television presenter in Singapore, who also became famous for her programs and publications on Malay cuisine.


American radio hosts


Australian radio presenters


Canadian radio hosts


Chinese radio presenters


Danish radio presenters


Dutch radio presenters


German radio presenters


Ghanaian radio presenters


Indian radio presenters


Iranian radio presenters


Irish radio presenters


New Zealand radio presenters


Nigerian radio presenters


Pakistani radio presenters


Polish radio presenters


South African radio presenters


Swiss radio presenters


Turkish radio presenters


American talk radio hosts


Australian talk radio hosts


British talk radio presenters


Canadian talk radio hosts

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