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GAA people from County Kildare


GAA people from County Kilkenny


GAA people from County Laois


GAA people from County Longford


GAA people from County Louth


GAA people from County Meath


GAA people from County Offaly


GAA people from County Westmeath


GAA people from County Wexford


GAA people from County Wicklow


Leinster camogie players


Leinster Gaelic footballers


Leinster hurlers


GAA people from County Clare


GAA people from County Cork


GAA people from County Kerry


GAA people from County Limerick


GAA people from County Tipperary


GAA people from County Waterford


Munster camogie players


Munster Gaelic footballers


Munster hurlers


Sir Ross Mahon, 1st Baronet

Sir Ross Mahon, 1st baronet, of Castlegar, Co. Galway, was an Irish Member of Parliament for Ennis in 1820. Ross Mahon redirects here. For Sir Ross Mahon, 2nd Baronet 1811-1842, of the Mahon Baronets


George Baker (bishop)


John Devereux (bishop)

John DEvereux was a 16th-century religious leader in Ireland. to 1555 He was Dean of ferns from 1559 to 1569 last three years in commendam, and Bishop of ferns from 1566 until his death in 1578.


Richard Dixon (bishop)


Robert Draper (bishop)

The Rt. Rev. Robert Draper was an Anglican bishop in Ireland. Draper was rector of Trim in County Meath. He was Bishop of Kilmore and ardagh from 1604 to 1612.


James Dundas (bishop)

James Dundas, D.D. was an Anglican bishop in the early seventeenth century. The Scotsman, described as a Professor of theology, he was appointed Bishop of down and Connor in 1612, and in this see till he was deprived a year later. His successor, ...


Thomas Hacket

Thomas Hacket, D.D. was an Anglican bishop in the second half of the seventeenth century. An Englishman, he was educated at Trinity College, Dublin. He was vicar of Cheshunt before his appointment as Dean of the tube 31 may 1661. He was appointed ...


John Todd (bishop)

John Todd, D.D. was an Anglican bishop in the early seventeenth century. A former Jesuit, he was appointed Dean of Cashel in the beginning of 1606. He was appointed Bishop of down and Connor in 1607, and held this see till he was deprived in 1612.


Thomas Chester (bishop)

Thomas Chester was an Irish Anglican bishop in the penultimate decade of the sixteenth century. The son of William Chester, Lord mayor of London, he was the Bishop of Elfin from 1580 to 1583. His older brother was the first baronet of Chester.


Dermot OMeara

Dermot O’Meara was Dean of Cashel from 1605 until 1606: a former Roman Catholic, he returned to that faith when Chapter and Crown both nominated alternative candidates to succeed him.


Roger Skiddy


Dominic Tirrey



A text is deemed Joycean when it is reminiscent of the writings of James Joyce, particularly Ulysses or Finnegans Wake. Joycean fiction exhibits a high degree of verbal play, usually within the framework of stream of consciousness. Works that are ...


Football players from Beersheba


Football players from Haifa


Football players from Magshimim


Football players from Tel Aviv


Michael Daniel

Michael Daniel is an Israeli former professional tennis player. Daniel, who was born in tel Aviv, presented in the main singles draw in three editions in tel Aviv is open. He reached the ranking of world number 231 in the world in the beginning o ...


Beit Berl Academic College alumni


College of Management Academic Studies alumni


HaMidrasha – Faculty of the Arts alumni


Lander Institute alumni


Yeshivat Mercaz HaRav alumni


Israeli-American history


Paralympic goalball players of Israel


Israeli football defender stubs


Accademia Ligustica di Belle Arti alumni


Accademia Musicale Chigiana alumni

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