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Duke of la Conquista


Duke of Dato

The Dukedom of Dato is a Spanish dukedom created on 21 March 1921. King Alfonso XIII of Spain created the Dukedom for Maria de Barrenechea whose husband, Eduardo Dato e Iradier, Prime Minister of Spain, had been assassinated on 8 March 1921.


Duke of Frias

Duke of Frias is a hereditary title created in 1492 by King Ferdinand II of Aragon and conferred to his son-in-law Don Bernardino Fernandez de Velasco, 2nd Count of Haro, Constable of Castille, and Viceroy of Granada. It is one of the most import ...


Duke of Gandia

Duke of Gandia is a title of Spanish nobility that was first created in 1399 by Martin of Aragon and granted to Alfonso of Aragon and Foix. It has its origin in the lordship of Gandia created in 1323 by James II of Aragon. Later, having no direct ...


Dukes of Gor


Dukes of Liñares


Duke of Mola


Dukes of Montoro


Dukes of Najera


Duke of Peñafiel


Duchy of Plasencia

Duke of Plasencia is a hereditary title in the Spanish nobility. It was granted on 1476 by Queen Isabella I and King Ferdinand V of Castile, The Catholic Monarchs, to Alvaro de Zuñiga y Guzman, 2nd count of Plasencia and also 1st duke of Bejar, 1 ...


Dukes of Rivas


Dukes of San German


Dukes of Saragossa


Dukes of Soria


Dukes of Sotomayor


Duke of la Torre

Duke of la Torre is a hereditary ducal title in the spanish nobility, which holds a grandeeship of Spain 1st Class. It was conferred on November 1862 on General Francisco Serrano y Dominguez, Count consort of San Antonio, by Queen Isabella II of ...


Duke of Uceda

Duke of Uceda was a Spanish noble title created on 16 May 1610, by King Philip III of Spain, in favour of Cristobal Gomez de Sandoval Rojas y de la Cerda. Cristobal Gomez de Sandoval Rojas y de la Cerda was the son of Francisco Gomez de Sandoval, ...


Duke of la Victoria


Lordship del Castillo de Carpio

The Lordship del Castillo del Carpio was a Spanish title of nobility established in 1325 by Garcia Mendez de Sotomayor. The title lends its name to the House of Carpio.


Marquess of Comillas

Marquess of Comillas is a hereditary title in the Peerage of Spain. On 3 July 1878, the title Marquess of Comillas was granted to Antonio Lopez y Lopez by the king Alfonso XII, in recognition of his contribution to the town of Comillas in norther ...


Marquis of Feria

Marquis of Feria (Spanish: Marques de Feria is a Spanish title of nobility created in 1704 by King Philip V of Spain for the Maestre de Campo Francisco Felix de Vega y Cruzat, for the services he rendered while in the military, especially while i ...


Marquess of Villanueva del Fresno

The Marquess of Villanueva del Fresno is a hereditary title in the Spanish nobility. This marquisate was bestowed by Carlos I to Juan Portocarrero, 7th Lord of Villanueva del Fresno, for services rendered to the Crown. The seigniory of Villanueva ...


Marquesses of Priego


Viscount of Almocaden

Viscount of Almocaden is a hereditary title in the Peerage of Spain, granted in 1926 by Alfonso XIII to Manuel Domecq y Nuñez de Villavicencio, main promoter of the sherry wine market. The title makes reference to Pago de Almocaden, an area situa ...


Counts de Salis-Soglio and Comtes de Salis-Seewis


Count-Bishop of Beauvais


Count-Bishop of Chalons


Count-Bishop of Noyon


Count of Paris

Count of Paris was a title for the local magnate of the district around Paris in Carolingian times. After Hugh Capet was elected King of France in 987, the title merged into the crown and fell into disuse. However, it was later revived by the Orl ...


Dukes of Harcourt


List of counts van Bergh

C. 1140-c. 1190: Rabodo I. 1260-1290: Adam I. (1260-1290: Адам Я) 1300-1325: Adam II. (1300-1325: Адам II) 1290-1300: Frederik I. (1290-1300: Фредерик Я) C. 1100-c. 1140: Constantinus de Monte. 1360-1400: Willem I. (1360-1400: Виллем Я) 1325-1340 ...


Marquess of Heusden


Viscount Thetford


Baron Gascoyne-Cecil


Baron Hay of Pedwardine


Marquess of Argyll


Forfeited dukedoms in the Peerage of the United Kingdom


Forfeited marquessates in the peerage of England


Earldoms in the Peerage of the United Kingdom


Robert Clifford, 4th Baron Clifford

Robert Clifford, 4th Baron de Clifford and lord of the honour of Skipton Craven was a member of the Clifford family in fourteenth-century England. He was the son and heir of Robert, the third Baron and was aged somewhere between thirteen and sixt ...


Denzil Holles, 3rd Baron Holles

Denzil Holles, 3rd Baron Holles was an English statesman, son of Francis Holles, 2nd Baron Holles, and grandson of Denzil Holles, 1st Baron Holles. Denzil was the final Baron Holles, and at this time the estate passed to a cousin, John Halls 1662 ...


Alianore Lovel, 7th Baroness Morley


Alice Parker, 9th Baroness Morley


William de Morley, 1st Baron Morley


John de Multon, 2nd Baron Multon of Egremont


Fulke Greville, 4th Baron Willoughby de Broke


Barons Arlington


Barons Arundel


Barons Audley

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