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Triumph of the Name of Jesus

Triumph of the name of Jesus a 17th-century fresco by Giovanni Battista Gaulli. The mural occupies the nave of the gesù, as fresco painting and stucco.



In the Oranjezaal refers to the painted ballroom in the Royal Palace Hayes Huis Ten Bosch in the Hague. It was once, together with the adjacent Chinese room, part one national Museum of the Netherlands, founded in 1800 under the name of National ...


Balkan Spurge

Euphorbia brain is a species of milkweed known common names Balkan spurge, Euphorbia eggleaf and oblong spurge. It is native to Eurasia but can be found elsewhere as a weed species. It is a hairy perennial herb growing to maximum heights of just ...


Hong Kong female professional wrestlers


Austin Wai

Austin Wai tin-Chi was a Hong Kong actor and choreographer. He was the older brother of actress Kara Wai. He was known for his roles in movies about martial arts 36th chamber of Shaolin, 5 Superfighters, the avenging eagle and a flash.


Norman Chui

Norman Chu SIU-Keung is a Hong Kong actor. He was best known for portraying the heroic heroes of many films about martial arts since the 1970-ies to 1980-ies and later portraying villainous roles in the 1990-ies. Currently, he works mainly in China.


Outdoor sculptures in Victoria, British Columbia


Australian animated fantasy films


Joseph Schneider

Joseph Schneider was an Australian architect active during the 1850s to the 1870-ies. Among his works-stevedore street uniting Church in Williamstown, Victoria. This Gothic Sandstone Church Revival style, built CA. 1870. The proportions of the la ...


Belgian animated fantasy films


Blyth Festival

The Blyth festival, a theatre festival, located in the village of Blyth, Ontario, Canada, which specializiruetsya in the production and promotion of canadian plays. In addition, the festival acts as a resource for local groups and makes its facil ...


Ontario Drama Festival

The drama festival Ontario is widely known as festival drama Sears, founded in 1946, Ken watts, the festival of drama in which thousands of students compete. The winners are awarded scholarships for theatre arts school in Canada. Keanu Reeves, Ra ...


Chinese animated fantasy films


Rene Le Pays

René Le pays, of the Sieur de Plessis-Villeneuve, sometimes credited as L. M. S. D. P., was a French poet and farmer in the Dauphine and Provence. He was one of the founders of the Academy in Arles, in 1668 and the Duke of Savoy conferred on him ...


Denning (Munich)

Denning is located in the Eastern part of the city district Bogenhausen between Englschalking in the North and Zamdorf in the South. The historic city center is located at the intersection of the axis East-West, educated and with Daglfinger StraS ...


German animated fantasy films


Indian animated fantasy films


Statue of Ulgulan

The statue Ulgulan the proposed 150-foot tall statue of Birsa Munda, freedom fighter tribes from the Eastern Indian state of Jharkhand. The statue will be constructed on NH 33 Ranchi-Jamshedpur national highway near the Bund. Ad statues Ulgulan w ...


Alternative rock albums by Iranian artists


Art rock albums by Iranian artists


Blues rock albums by Iranian artists


Electronic rock albums by Iranian artists


Experimental rock albums by Iranian artists


Folk rock albums by Iranian artists


Pop rock albums by Iranian artists


Progressive rock albums by Iranian artists


Theatres in Northern Ireland by county


Theatres in Northern Ireland by type


Irish animated fantasy films


Anatomical machines

Anatomic machine has more than one anatomical models reproducing the human circulatory system, exhibited in the Chapel Sansevero in Naples. Understand that in the second half of the 18th century, they built on top of a couple of human skeletons, ...


Italian animated horror films


Italian animated fantasy films


Films based on Così fan tutte


Theatres in Abruzzo


Theatres in Apulia


Theatres in Emilia-Romagna


Theatres in Lazio


Theatres in Liguria


Theatres in Lombardy


Theatres in le Marche


Theatres in Piedmont


Theatres in Tuscany


Theatres in Umbria


Theatres in Veneto


Five Men of the Pear Chamber

Five men of the pear chamber is a group of Heian period Japanese poets and scholars who cooperated in the compilation of the Gosen Wakashū. They also compiled kundoku readings for the texts of the Manyōshū. The group consisted of the following pe ...


Abe no Kooji

Of birth and date of death of the courtier and poet, known as Abe Kooji unknown. His kabane of ASON was. He was an Imperial attendant 大舎人 ōtoneri in the service of Prince Toneri. Kamochi Manyōshū Masazumis Kogi 万葉集古義 thinking that he was ...


Kadobe no Iwatari

Little is known about the life Kadobe not Iwatari. His kabane was Mormaii. In Tenpyō 1 729 he worked as an official In can. The following year he participated in a blossom-viewing plum party at the residence of the Ōtomo no Tabito, then Governor ...



Date of birth Aimiya, a nobleman and Waka poet of the mid Heian period, is unknown. She was the daughter of Fujiwara no Morosuke but the Princess Gashi. She married Minamoto-but Takaakira, becoming his second wife. According to Kagerō Nikki, she ...


Kenreimon-in Ukyō no Daibu

She was the daughter of Fujiwara-but Koreyuki and Yūgiri 夕霧, daughter Ōga not Motomasa and famous koto-player. It has been postulated that she was born in watchdog 5 1157. In 1173, she entered the service of Taira no Tokuko, then the Empress of ...


Nakatomi no Iratsume

Nakatomi not Iratsumes date of birth and death are unknown, as her true name. Iratsume means "young woman" or "daughter." She was one of many women around Ōtomo no Yakamochi.

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