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Un Zoo la nuit


Birdcatching sedge

Uncinia is a genus of flowering plants of the family Cyperaceae, known as hook-Sedges in Australia and as hook grasses or bastard grasses in New Zealand. The genus is characterized by the presence of a long hook formed by a continuation of the ra ...


Brian Asher Alhadeff

Brian Asher Alhadeff is a world renowned American conductor of Opera, ballet, Symphony and musical theatre. He is the artistic Director and conductor of Opera San Luis Obispo. He is also principal conductor of the civic Ballet of San Luis Obispo ...


Dave Hakkens

Dave Hakkens a Dutch industrial designer. He gained fame with his two graduation projects: Phonebloks, a modular phone concept and the precious plastic, a movement to develop and promote machines and organizations for recycling plastic. Hakkens i ...


Estonian silent film actors


Ulm School of Design

The Ulm school of design is a College of design based in Ulm, Germany. It was founded in 1953 by Inge Aicher-Scholl, OTL the Austrian border and Max bill, who was the first rector of the school and a former student of the Bauhaus. He quickly gain ...


Baltic parsley

Cenolophium denudatum is a species of flowering plant in the carrot family Umbelliferae, native to Europe and Asia. It is the only member of his family. It is a herbaceous perennial plant, it grows to 1.5 m tall and a width of 0.5 m, with dark gr ...


Hungarian silent film actors


Azulejos in buildings in Andalusia


Azucar huayo

Hymenaea L. is a genus in the family of flowering legumes. Of fourteen living species in the genus, all but one native to the tropics of North and South America, with one additional species on the East coast of Africa. Some authors African specie ...


Azulejos in buildings in Castile and Leon


Romanian Orthodox cathedrals in Romania


Cathedral of the Entry of the Virgin Mary into the Temple, Gherla

Cathedral of the entry of the Theotokos into the temple Romanian Orthodox Church in Gherla. The construction of the Cathedral was completed in 1906. The Church was the Cathedral of the diocese of Gherla until 1930, when the headquarters moved to ...


Saint Georges Church, Brașov

The Church of Saint-Georges Church in Brasov. It was originally a residential building, and he was sanctified as an Orthodox Church in 1934. It acquired its present form in the 1980-ies.


Romanian Orthodox church buildings in Romania


St Giles Church, Cambridge

The Church of St Giles is a grade II*listed Church in Cambridge, England. This is the Church of England parish Church in the parish of the ascension of the diocese of Ely, located at the intersection of castle street and Chesterton road. It was c ...


City Art Centre

City arts Center is part of the museums and galleries of Edinburgh, which sits under the Department of culture of the city of Edinburgh Council. City art Centre has a collection that includes historic and contemporary Scottish painting and photog ...


Rhubaba gallery and studios

Rhubaba gallery and studios-artist-run gallery and studios in Edinburgh, Scotland, one of the founders of the Edinburgh College of art graduates Frances Stacy, Rachel Adams, Tom Nolan, Catherine Payton and Claire Davis. They provide Studio space ...



Avielochan is a hamlet in the historical County of Inverness-Shire in the highland Council area of Scotland. It is located to the North of Aviemore, on the A9 highway. The area is noted for its prehistoric Cairn.


Alexander Taming Bucephalus


Soviet silent film actors


Art museums and galleries in Alcala de Henares


Panaderos Flamencos

Panaderos Flamencos, also known as Panaderos, part flamenco Esteban de Sanlucar. Clear bright sound, it is played in the key of C major, normally with a Capo on the third fret. It was performed by Paco de Lucia



The tarantas and Taranto are two related styles of flamenco music, which originated in the Andalusian province of Almeria. Each of them is characterized by a combined modality and harmonic progression, but significantly differ with respect to rhy ...


St. Albans Anglican Church (Ottawa)

St Albans Anglican Church Anglican Church in the heart of sandy hill in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. This is one of the Indians, Ottawa oldest surviving Church building and one of the oldest.


St. Andrews Presbyterian Church (Ottawa)

With the demographic change in Ottawa, there were other changes in the area adjacent to the Church. In the 1970-ies it was decided to lease the land to the rear of the Church. The building of the Sunday school, which was built in 1874 was torn do ...


St. Bartholomews Anglican Church (Ottawa)

Saint of the Anglican Church of St. Bartholomew is a place of worship in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The building was built in the second half of the 19th century and the adjacent neighborhoods. In addition, St. St. Bartholomews is, due to its locat ...


Centretown United Church

Centretown United Church is a historic Church located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada at 507 Bank street at Argyle in the area Centretown. It was built in 1906 as the stewarton tickets for Presbyterian Church using Gothic Revival architecture in the a ...


First United Church (Ottawa)

First United Church United Church community of Canada in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. One of the Indians Ottawas oldest congregation, the Church formed in 1846.


Knox Presbyterian Church (Ottawa)

Knox was founded as a result of a split in the community of St Andrews, the Indians, Ottawa First Presbyterian Church, between supporters of the Church of Scotland and supporters of the free Church movement, as had occurred in Scotland the year b ...


MacKay United Church

Mackay United Church-United Church of Canada, Church in new Edinburgh, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The Church is at the intersection 39 Dufferin and Mackay in the South-Western corner of the Rideau Hall property. The mackays, the current Minister is ...


Grace Toronto Church

Grace Toronto Church is a Presbyterian Church in America congregation worshiped in the historic Church of St. Andrews in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


Central United Church

Central United Church is a historic congregation of the United Church of Canada located in the community of Weston, now in the Toronto area, Ontario, Canada. Founded in 1821, the Church has occupied the same location on Weston road in Toronto sin ...


Deer Park United Church

Deer Park United Church-the name of the organization Church community of Canada, as well as the name of this community building of the former Church at 129 St. Clair Avenue West in the deer Park area of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It was one of two ...


St. Basils Church, Toronto

Church. Basils Cathedral, built in 1856, is the founder of the Church of the Congregation of St. Basil in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, College Church College St. Michaels, Toronto, and parish Church serving a large local Church.


St. Pauls, Bloor Street

Ul. Paul Bloor is an Anglican Church located at 227 Bloor street East in Toronto, Ontario. It is the largest Church in the diocese of Toronto, Anglican Church of Canada.


Yorkminster Park Baptist Church (Toronto)

Yorkminster Park Baptist Church is the largest Baptist Church in Canada, built 1926-8 by the architectural firm George, moorouse and the King, and named after the 10th century York Minster in York, England. It is located in deer Park Torontos are ...


Architecture of Barcelona

The architecture of Barcelona has been parallel evolution, and that of other Catalan and Spanish architecture, and then in various ways with several trends that have been produced in the context of the history of Western architecture. Throughout ...


Buildings and structures in Barcelona


Architecture of Madrid

The architecture of Madrid retained the appearance and many of its historic neighbourhoods and streets, although Madrid possesses a modern infrastructure. His sights as the Royal Palace of Madrid, Royal theatre with its restored 1850 Opera house, ...


Bastard indigo

Amorpha is a genus of plants of the pea family, Fabaceae. All species are native to North America, from southern Canada, USA and Northern Mexico. They are commonly known as false Indigo. The name amorpha means "deformed" or "without form" in Gree ...



Sesbania vesicaria, commonly known as bagpod or under the bladder, is a legume native to North America. This species is a facultative hydrophyte. Occurring in wetlands and wetlands. It is one of 60 identified species in the genus Sesbania. Sesban ...


Bartles wattle

Bartlei acacia is a shrub of the genus acacia subgenus Plurinerves. It is native to a small area along the southern coast in the Goldfields-Esperance region of Western Australia.


Art Deco architecture in Leeds


Gothic Revival architecture in Leeds


Art Deco architecture in Liverpool


Fremantle Technical School

The building in Fremantle technical College, Fremantle also known as the building of the technical College, a two-storied building of red brick construction, located on the corner of South terrace and Essex street, Fremantle. The building adjoins ...


Kalgoorlie Hotel


Redcourt Estate

Redcourt, Armadale, Victoria, Australia is one of the most significant Queen Anne Revival residences in Australia. Built in 1888, Edward Yencken Esq, a well known local glass, lumberman, Redcourt was designed by Joseph reed of the prominent archi ...


Federation Free Classical architecture in Australia

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