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Moderus Alfa

Alpha Moderus drive motors use alternating current or traditional rozrusznikowy chopperowy 220 of LTA-type DC power 41 kW or AC 220 SDTa L4-1 to 50 kW. Was created several versions of the tram. HF04 AC buses are made to boot the system MPK Poznan ...



Nevelo in three sections, articulated, 100% low-floor tram. It has space for 60 seated passengers and 175 standing. In Nevelo has several features designed to reduce operating costs, such as regeneration of supercapacitors for energy storage. Whe ...


Pesa 120N

Pesa Tramicus 120 N is a tram produced by a Polish company Pesa in Bydgoszcz. The tram has a modern, fully low-floor design. They are currently used by Warsaw tramway in Warsaw and work on the Line 9. Currently, 15 trams 120 in the service in War ...


Pesa 121N

Tramicus Pesa 121N tram produced by the Polish company Pesa in Bydgoszcz. It has a modern, fully low-floor design. Currently, 121N trams are used only in Elblag and operated by ZKM Elblag. Currently 6 machines of this type are in service.


Pesa 122N

Pesa 122N Tramicus is a tram produced by the Polish company Pesa in Bydgoszcz. Includes a modern, fully low-floor design. Currently, the trams of this type are used in Lodz and Bydgoszcz. The vehicles are also equipped with batteries that allow, ...


Electroputere V54

In Electroputere v54 in the bus series produced by Electroputere Craiova, in the peoples Republic of Romania in the 1950-ies, with a total of 265 built without regard to 37 units previously V951 "festival" trams. Inspired by the PCC streetcar, th ...


Timiș 2

Timiș 2 series of trams built in Timisoara, Romania, was originally a transport company of Timisoara, and then Electrometal timişoara.


Bombardier Cobra

Bombardier Cobra articulated, low-floor trams operated by transport administration Zurich and the production of Bombardier transportation. Cobra was originally developed by a consortium consisting of a group of companies ABB, Pininfarina, Schindl ...


United Kingdom tramcar stock

Over the years of trams and tramways, there were many examples of tramcars for use on the tramways, ranging from historical locomotives pulling wagons, to some of the preserved cars such as the pantograph, coronation, balloon or standard cars at ...




Dick Kerr Type Tram

Dick Kerr type tram was the classic British design by tram. It was the most common tram seen on the tramways of the UK up to 1950-ies. The trams were built by dick, Kerr and Co. Preston and Kilmarnock. They were the flagship design of the company ...


Feltham Tram

In 1929, the Metropolitan electric tramways, in operation, a pilot streetcar, No. 320, manufactured by the Union construction company, which is located in Feltham. This tram was much more complex than the other pilot cars that you had already tes ...


List of tramcars of the National Tramway Museum

The national tramway Museum in crich, Derbyshire, has a large and varied heritage Park the car, and aims to illustrate the full development of a traditional British tramway. Where it is not possible to show the tram from places as far away as Ber ...


Manchester Carriage and Tramways Company L53

Manchester carriage and tramways company L53 is the only surviving complete Eades horse tram. It was built in 1877 for the Manchester carriage and tramways company.


Manchester Corporation Tramways 765

Manchester Corporation tramways 765 is the only remaining electric tram from Manchester Corporation tramways in regular operation. It is in Heaton Park, Manchester, UK.


Boeing LRV


Victorian Railways narrow gauge passenger carriages and guards vans

This article focuses on the history and types of passenger rolling stock and protects cars on narrow-gauge lines of the Victorian Railways in Australia. The types were built along with a very similar design. All passenger cars, operating under th ...


Victorian Railways narrow-gauge freight vehicles

Unlike the broad gauge Victorian Railways 2 ft 6 in narrow gauge Network never had four-wheel trucks. Instead, a single design 249 subframes were built with an identical structure, bogies, couplers and brake equipment. There were different bodies ...


Victorian Railways goods wagons


Nuttalls wirelettuce

Stephanomeria Elata is a species of flowering plant in the Aster family known to the common names Santa Barbara wirelettuce and Nuttalls. It is native to Oregon and California, where it grows in coastal and inland mountain ranges, including the S ...


Rail rolling stock in New South Wales

The Waratah sets are also called sets are two-storey, air-conditioned train based on the Millennium train, the order for 78 sets of eight cars per train. The body shells were built in China and completed at Newcastle, New South Wales, a joint ven ...


Petrol railcars of Western Australia


Steam railcars of Western Australia



In 1933 in gernrode-city harzgerodeж railway company bought two four-axle, narrow gauge railbus from Waggonfabrik Dessau and classified it as a GE T 1 in their fleet. The car remained a one-off, the buses were more important for GE. After the Sec ...


NWE T 1 to 3

Four four-axle, driving cars of NWE T 1 to 3 were intended to provide a more economical railway transportation in Nordhausen-Wernigeroder eisenbahn-Gesellschaft in during times of low traffic demand. Only a T 1 space, the other two only in the Lu ...



In the RegioSprinter is a German diesel railcar built by Siemens-duewag of two-section cars for regional fast rail transport. Originally the RegioSprinter was designated as a regional combustion engine Railbus two-piece for cars duewag AG. Design ...


WEG T 23 and 24

Class T 23 and 24, diesel railbuses, which were purchased at the expense of the railway company of württemberg, and then by rail Westerwald, prior to 2009, Daade Valley Railway and now belong to Germany IGEBA engineer of the railway companies. Th ...


RENFE high-speed trains


RENFE Operadora multiple units


Boston and Maine Railroad Talgo Train

Boston and railroad train Talgo Me consisted of articulated passenger cars and powered by two Fairbanks Morse P-12-42 engines at both ends and was called "turbo train" from the B&amp staff M. It provided railway service along the new Hampshire, P ...


Marks station

Marks railway passenger train station in marks, Mississippi. The station is on Amtraks city of new Orleans line. The station opened on 4 may 2018.


Conditions of Fitness

The Metropolitan conditions of fitness for taxis set out requirements for vehicles that can be used as a licensed Hackney carriage taxis in London. They do London taxi unique in the world and regulated by transport for London taxis and rental per ...


Daimler India Commercial Vehicles

Daimler India Commercial Vehicles PVT. Ltd. is a subsidiary of the German company "Daimler AG". The company designs, manufactures and sells commercial vehicles that cater to the needs of Indian buyers and developed States of the area in mind. The ...


Iran Compress Industrial Group

Iran compress) is one of the leading manufacturers of heavy industrial equipment in Iran, working with companies such as Iran Khodro industrial group and the group of Saipa, the two largest industrial producers in the middle East. Compressi means ...



"GINAT" is a Dutch truck manufacturer, owned by Chinese conglomerate CHTC, which produces trucks mainly for heavy duty off-highway transport, construction and agricultural work. About 250 trucks are produced annually at the companys factory in Ve ...



Zedel, a Swiss automobile manufacturer established in 1901 by Ernest zürcher and Herman lüthi. The company name was created by combining the first letters of the names of the founders, "Z" And "L". During the first years of the twentieth century ...


Non-passenger and optional vehicle registration plates of Georgia (U.S. state)

In the state of Georgia offers many specialty or optional license plates, most at an additional cost for motorists. Plates are issued for passenger vehicles, such as trucks, school buses, and governmental vehicles.


Vehicle registration plates of Idaho


Palawan cherry

Cassia is a genus of flowering plants in the legume family, Fabaceae and subfamily Caesalpinioideae. Species, commonly known as cassias. Cassia is also the English common name of some species of cinnamon, Cinnamomum of the Lauraceae family. Speci ...


HeliWhale Afalina

In HeliWhale bottlenose Dolphin is an ultra-lightweight, coaxial two-seater multi-purpose helicopter. The name "bottlenose Dolphin" comes from the Russian word "Afalina", named after the helicopter similarities with marine mammals.


Davidson Automobile Battery armored car

Davidson automobile battery armored car was a further development of the Davidson-duryea gun carriage, but with steam power. It was built by Royal page Davidson and the cadets of the northwestern military and naval Academy in highland Park, Illin ...


World War I armoured cars


World War I self-propelled artillery


Interwar tanks of Germany


Armoured cars of the interwar period


Half-tracks of the interwar period


Tankettes of the interwar period


Tanks of the interwar period


Otter Light Reconnaissance Car

Otter light reconnaissance car was a light armoured car produced by Canada during the Second world war for Britain and the Commonwealth Nations.


World War II scout cars

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