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Hopflower oregano

Origanum libanoticum-kind of herbaceous flowering plants in the family Lamiaceae, native to the mountains of Lebanon and Syria. Libanoticum oregano is valued for its attractive foliage, but especially for its pink bracts and flowers, blossoms fro ...


UST Growling Tigers mens basketball team seasons


NCAA Basketball Championship (Philippines)

The national Collegiate Athletic Association basketball tournament is held every first semester of the academic year. Each year, eight schools vie to win the two Championships: the juniors and seniors. If a school wins both Championships in one s ...


NCAA General Championship

National Collegiate championship sports General Association awarded the school with the highest number of points scored in an academic year in the NCAA. This division is for juniors and seniors division. The school champion in this sport, gets 30 ...


NCAA Soft Tennis Championship (Philippines)


NCAA Basketball Championship (Philippines)


List of NCAA Philippines seasons


Loughborough University athletes


American Eagles baseball


American Eagles cross country


American Eagles field hockey


American Eagles swimming and diving


American Eagles womens volleyball


American Eagles navigational boxes


Catholic University Cardinals

At the Catholic University of Americas Intercollegiate sports teams are called the cardinals and they compete in the NCAAs division III. They are members of the landmark conference New England womens and mens athletic conference and the mid-Atlan ...


Catholic University Cardinals baseball


Catholic University Cardinals basketball


Catholic University Cardinals football


Catholic University Cardinals navigational boxes


Berg Track


Gallaudet Bison baseball


Gallaudet Bison football


George Washington Colonials softball

George Washington Colonials are the athletic teams of George Washington University in Washington, D.C. the colony compete in division I of the National collegiate athletic Association as members of the Atlantic 10 conference for most sports.


George Washington Colonials softball


George Washington Colonials baseball


George Washington Colonials navigational boxes


Georgetown Hoyas

Georgetown Hoyas are the Intercollegiate athletics teams that officially represent Georgetown University, located in Washington, DC Georgetowns athletics Department fields 23 mens and womens varsity level teams and competes in the National colleg ...


Georgetown Hoyas football


Georgetown Hoyas lacrosse


Georgetown Hoyas softball


Georgetown Hoyas tennis


Georgetown Hoyas track and field


Howard Lady Bison softball

The Howard bison are the Intercollegiate athletic teams representing Howard University in Washington, D.C. the bison compete in the NCAAs division I subdivision football championship and members of the middle Eastern athletic conference for most ...


Howard Lady Bison softball


Howard Bison baseball


Howard Bison football


Howard Bison navigational boxes


Trinity Washington Tigers


District of Columbia Firebirds

District of Columbia firebirds are sports teams that represent the University of the district of Columbia located in Washington, D.C. in NCAA division II Intercollegiate sports. The firebirds compete as members of the East coast conference for al ...


NCAA Division I field hockey conference competitions


NAIA Mens Indoor Track and Field Championship

In the NAIA mens indoor track and field Championships is an annual track meet to determine the national Champions in the NAIA mens indoor track and field in the United States and Canada. It is held annually since 1966. The most successful program ...


NAIA Mens Outdoor Track and Field Championship

In the NAIA mens outdoor track and field Championships is an annual track meet to determine the national Champions NAIA mens outdoor track and field in the United States and Canada. It has been held annually since 1952. The most successful progra ...


Alderson System


Berryman QPRS

The Berryman QPRS, also known as the Berryman point-rating system of quality is a mathematical rating system developed by Clyde P. Berryman to rate sports teams and competitors. System Berryman QPRS believes the strength of schedule, wins and los ...


College Football Researchers Association

Football Association of researchers was founded in 1982 by Anthony Cusher of Reeder, North Dakota, and Robert Kirlin of Spokane, Washington. In CFRA took a vote of its members, from 1982 to 1992 select annual College football National champion. M ...


Congrove Computer Rankings


DeVold System


Eck Ratings System


Football News


List of independent south atlantic football champions

This is the list annually approved by the independent championship of the South Atlantic football. 1924 - Washington Lee. 1910 - Georgetown or NC&amp,m. 1911 - Georgetown. (1911 - Джорджтаун) 1907 - NC&amp,m. (1907 - НК&амп м)

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