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In Norse mythology, Jarnvidr forest located East of Midgard, inhabited the Troll women who bore the sense of space and light, and giant wolves. Jarnvidr is found in the "Elder Edda", compiled in the 13th century from earlier traditional sources, ...



In Norse cosmology, Jotunheimr this place is associated with the Jotuns, creatures in Norse mythology.



In Norse mythology, Okolnir is a plain where the hall is Brimir and is mentioned only in stanza 37 of the Voluspa poem of the "Elder Edda". The location of this plain is not mentioned in the poem.



In Norse cosmology, Vanaheimr is a location associated with the Vanir group of gods associated with fertility, wisdom and ability to see the future. Vanaheimr is found in the "Elder Edda", compiled in the 13th century from earlier traditional sou ...



In Norse mythology, Ydalir location containing a dwelling owned by the God Ullr. Ydalir exclusively certified in "Elder Edda", compiled in the 13th century from earlier traditional sources. Scientific theories have been proposed about the consequ ...


Norse goddesses


Norse gods



For the former pirate radio station in Montreal, Quebec, see CFTL pirate radio. CFTL-FM is the first radio station of the United Nations community, which operates on the 100.3 MHz FM in big trout lake, on, Canada. Station belongs Ayamowin communi ...



CFGR-FM is the first radio station of the United Nations, which operates at 92.1 MHz to Ksenglom, Quebec, Canada. September 19, 1994, Jim Stewart received the approval of the canadian radio-television and telecommunications Commission to operate ...



CHMK-FM is the first radio station community United Nations that operates at 93.1 FM in Manawan, Quebec, Canada. The station originally began broadcasting at 95.1 FM radio until it received CRTC to move to the current frequency in 1991. Its uncer ...



CHUK-FM is the first radio station community United Nations which works on 107.3 FM Mashteuiatsh, QC, Canada. Belongs to the Corporation Mediatique Teuehikan, the station received CRTC approval in 1995.





CITK-FM is the first radio station of the United Nations community, which operates on 89.9 MHz in Obedjiwan, Quebec, Canada. Belongs to the Corporation Kitotakan Tepatcimo, the station received CRTC approval in 1994.



CKAG-FM is a French language First Nations community radio station that operates at 100.1 FM in Pikogan, QC, Canada. Owned by the société de communication Ikito of Pikogan, the station received CRTC approval in 1992.



CKKE-FM is a First Nations community radio First Nations community radio station that operates at 89.9 FM in Mingan, QC, Canada. The station originally began broadcasting at 90.1 FM, until it received CRTC approval to move to the current frequenc ...




Aymara goddesses


Aymara gods


Inca gods



Akbaalia native American mythological figure of the plains Indians of the nation of people. Its a healer that can cure a wide range of physical and psychological ailments.


Cedar Point Village

Village cedar point is the archaeological site located in Elbert County, Colorado, near Limon. This residential complex of prehistoric artifacts of the dismal river culture, and probably was inhabited by early Apachean people. The village of ceda ...


Chance Gulch Site

On the website the chance Gulch archaeological site is in the County of Gunnison, Colorado, located approximately 2.5 km South-East of the city. He was listed on the national register of historic places in 2016. It has been studied by Western stu ...


Indian Mountain Site ID: 5BL876)

The website 5Bl876 is a multicomponent plains forest camp, consisting of several stone ring. Ten stone circles were found. So far, has been completely excavated, only four rings. Were selected two rings. The value This site contains the earliest ...


Sacred Ridge

Sacred ridge was several archaeological excavations of housing about 8 miles southwest of Durango, Colorado. It covers approximately 11.6 acres and is the remains of 22 pit structures, which have since been covered by lake Nighthorse. The site wa ...


Shavano Valley Rock Art Site

In Shavano valley rock art site, in the County of montrose, Colorado, near the town of montrose, is a historic site that was listed on the national register of historic places in 2001. It is on private land and is working to organize tours Ute Mu ...


Tenderfoot site 5GN1835

Located in the upper Gunnison Rookie pools prehistoric and archaic site that was excavated by Mark Stiger, with the assistance of the facility and students at Western state College. The site is located in Gunnison, Colorado on a low ridge that ex ...


Vail Pass Camp

Pass camp vail is a multicomponent prehistoric excavations located on the top of vail pass), just below the distribution limits of a forest in Colorado. The camp was occupied for over 7.000 years, inhabit their various North American indigenous g ...


Archaeological sites on the National Register of Historic Places in Colorado


Calhan Paint Mines Archeological District

Calhan paint mines archaeological district is located on the Eastern plains of Colorado, County of El Paso, one mile South of Calhan. Paint mines interpretive Park "a unique combination of geological, archaeological, historical and ecological res ...


Jones-Miller Bison Kill Site

Jones-Miller bison kill site, located in northeast Colorado, was a Paleo-Indian site where bison antiquus were killed with the game on the system disk and butchered. Hell gap complex bone tools and artifacts at the site of the carbon in About a m ...


Jurgens Site

The Jurgens site is a Paleo-Indian site located near Greeley in weld County, Colorado. While the site was used primarily for hunting and bison antiquus butcher, there is evidence that Paleo-Indians also gathered plants and seeds for food around 7 ...


Lindenmeier Site

The Lindenmeier site is a stratified multi-component archaeological site most famous for its Folsom component. It is located on the former Lindenmeier ranch, now the soapstone natural Steppe area in the North-Eastern Larimer County, Colorado, USA ...


Luwian goddesses


Luwian gods



According to the Illyrian wars of Appian, Illyrius was the son of the Cyclops Polyphemus and his wife Galatea with Celtus-brothers and sisters and galas. The children of Polyphemus all migrated from Sicily and ruled over the peoples named after t ...



In the limitanei or ripenses, meaning respectively "the soldiers in frontier districts" or "soldiers on the banks of the river," was an important part of the late Roman and early Byzantine army after the reorganisation in the late 3rd and the ear ...


Palatini (Roman military)

In the palatini were an elite unit of the late Roman army mostly attached to Comitatus praesentales, or Imperial escort armies. In a complex hierarchy of providing brands, the palatini ranked below scholares, but above the comitatenses and limita ...



Pseudocomitatenses were the class of the regiment in the late Roman army. Although they were attached to Comitatus, they have lower status and pay to the comitatenses, the regular regiments of Comitatus. This is because their regiments were initi ...


Auxilia palatina




Legiones palatinae


Synagogues in Przemysl


Faith Temple

Faith temple also Templul Credința, Credinta synagogue Templul Hevrah post Amons Jewish synagogue, built in 1926, located on 48th street Toneanu Vasile in Bucharest, Romania.


Grand Spanish Temple

The Spanish Church and the synagogue Kahal Grande, also Marele templu Sephardic Kahal Grande / Templul Mare Spaniol was located on 12 street Negru Voda, in Vacarești, Bucharest, Romania. The building is considered "one of the most beautiful Jewis ...


Malbim Synagogue

In Malbim synagogue on Strada 4 Bravilor, in Bucharest, Romania.The building was devastated by the far-right Legionnaires in 1941. The synagogue was demolished in 1987 to make room for the Boulevard of the Union.


Synagogues completed in 1818


Ten Days of Repentance

Ten days of repentance is the first ten days of the Jewish month of Tishrei, usually in September, beginning with the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah and ending with the conclusion of Yom Kippur.



Cercocarpus, commonly known as mountain mahogany, is a small genus, at least nine species of nitrogen-fixing flowering plants of the rose family, Rosaceae. They are native to the Western United States and Northern Mexico, where they grow in Chapa ...


Hawaii Democratic primaries


Daihonzan Chozen-ji

Our plant is chosen-JI temple, Daihonzan is a Rinzai Zen temple, located in the valley of Kalihi. on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. It was established in 1972 by Omori objects and Tenshin Tanouye.

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