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Kitty in a Casket

The kitten in the box with female vocals Austrian punk rock / rock n roll band from Vienna, formed in 2008. The group consists of vocalist kitty casket, guitarist Billy bat and Todd Flash and bassist mark maniac and drummer Max van Angst. Their s ...


Mourning Noise

Mourning noise was an American horror - and hardcore punk band from Lodi, new Jersey, the famous drummer Steve Zing. Active during the misfits, mourning noise strongly depends on misfits as drummer Steve Zing lived very close to Jerry only and th ...


Schoolyard Heroes

School of heroes was a horror punk / alternative rock band from Seattle, Washington, consisting of four members: Ryann Donnelly, Jonah Bergman, Steve Bonnell, and Brian Turner.


Screaming Dead

The cries of the dead punk rock band from Cheltenham formed in 1980, which is often characterized as "horror punk". They released several singles and an EP with the success of the indie charts, before they split up in 1985. They reformed again in ...


Horror punk group discographies


Psychobilly compilation albums



Although the group" woes” appeared in Barcelona in the early nineties playing speeded-up covers of rockabilly classics, this project disappeared leaving no recorded material. It was the guitarist from the first of these" calamities” that resurrec ...


Mad Sin

Mad sin is a German psychobilly group that began in 1987. Their style is not ".constrained by the psychobilly tag but veer into punk, country and metal too."



Nitkie is a psychobilly band from Republic of Belarus, currently based in St. Petersburg, Russia. The group is the first and only psychobilly group in the Republic of Belarus, and this is one of the most famous bands psychobilly post-Soviet space.



The Pitmen were founded in the spring of 95, when the drummer peers Timmer and double bass player Dordelmann Grischa, where are looking for the right musicians to play. They were attentive on Christian Waleschkowski voice / acoustic guitar, which ...



Founded in the mid 1990-ies Kubi, rakow and about a thousand. They were classmates, but there was no deep relationship except sitting in the same class. Somehow, in psychobilly caught them, and their surprise that they met again and again at diff ...


Rabbit Junk

Rabbit junk from the Seattle-style industrial rock, electropunk, digital hardcore band founded in 2004 by former Shizit frontman JP Anderson and his wife, Jennifer "sum Grrl" Bernert. Taking influences from such diverse music genres such as hip h ...


Random Movement

Random movement is the stage name of DJ and drum and bass musician Michael Richards. As a recording artist, he has many releases on Innerground records, Fokuz recordings, in the recording, and his own label, flight pattern.



Commixs the sound was influenced by many different genres of music. Their sound features elements of liquid funk, techno, soul and even at home. Levings previously played saxophone, flute and piano, before venturing into the hip-hop and electroni ...



Konflict, also known under their separate artist names Kemal and Rob data, a musical Duo that composed drum and bass music, consisting of Kemal Okan and Robert Rodgers. Their music had a strong techno influence and it was influential in shaping t ...


The Prototypes

Prototypes is a British drum and bass Duo consisting of Chris Garvey and Nick White. Based in Brighton, England at the end of 2000-ies, in 2010 they released their first singles on labels such as formation records and Viper Recordings, and from 2 ...


Total Science

Total science is the stage name of drum and bass producers Jason Greenhalgh and Paul Smith. The pair first met in 1987, both living on Blackbird property of Leys, in Oxford, England and brought together through a mutual love of hip-hop. Distracte ...


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