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Lu (surname 逯)

Lou-Chinese name. Shes also written for the onion Cantonese pronunciation. Lou 逯 specified 404th in the song dynasty classic text hundred family surnames. Relatively rare, Lou 逯 not among the top 300 surnames in China.


Lu (surname 陸)

Lou Pinyin and Wade–Giles romanization of the Chinese surname written 陆 in simplified character and traditional character 陸. It is also spelled bow or loc to the Cantonese pronunciation. 陆 Lou is the most common 61st name in China, shared by 4 ...


Lu (surname 魯)

Lǔ is the Pinyin romanization of the Chinese surname written in simplified 鲁 character and 魯 in traditional. It is also spelled Lo in Cantonese pronunciation. Lu 鲁 listed 49th in the song dynasty classic text hundred family surnames. As of 200 ...


Lu (surname 鹿)

Lou-Chinese name. Shes also written for the onion Cantonese pronunciation. Lu 鹿 is a relatively rare name, which does not appear in the song dynasty classic text hundred family surnames.


Lu (surname)

Lou Pinyin and Wade–Giles romanization of several different Chinese surnames written with different characters in Chinese. Depending on the character, it can be written Lu, Lǔ, or Lù when using Pinyin tone diacritics are. Lu 陆 卢 and Lou are the ...



IOC is a surname in various cultures. It could be a transcription of several Chinese surnames in their Cantonese pronunciation or Teochew, Dutch surname, Hungarian last name or Korean name.


Nan (surname)

Nan 南-Chinese surname. Henan-based Nan 南霽雲 Jiyan was a General during the Tang dynasty. of different origin, During the Xia dynasty family si 姒 you name 南. Henan 河南 based Nan 南 based family patronymic Nan 南. During the Zhou dynasty, the ...


Ngai (surname)

Ngai is the transliteration of the three Chinese names in Hong Kong, based on Cantonese: 危, Pinyin: Wēi. (危, пиньинь: Wēi) 倪, Pinyin: N. (倪, пиньинь: Н) 魏, also common in Northern China as Wei Pinyin: Wei. All three characters are written th ...


Ning (surname)

Ning is a romanization of the Chinese surnames 寧 Ning and its variant 甯 Nìng. After the introduction of simplified characters, both names were written as 宁 in mainland China before 2000, when 甯 character was reinstated as a viable option for ...


Qiān (surname)

In the Ming dynasty, some people got the name from the Ming government.



Qu poetry, Chinese Type of song poetry. Member of the history monks in Terry Pratchetts Discworld novels. Qu album of the American band Sherwood. Alien species In the S. M. a science fiction novel Kosemens all Tomorows. A race of gourmands from t ...


Shēn (surname)

Shen is not in the list of the 100 most common surname in China in 2007 or in the list of 100 most common surnames on Taiwan in 2005. In addition, although the Chinese make up a large part of the Americas, Asia and Pacific Islands none of transli ...


Taishi (surname)

Taishi is a Chinese compound surname. Taishi literally means "great" historian, high official in Ancient Imperial China. For example, SIMA Qian, the great historian of the Han dynasty. Taishi is not included in the hundred family book of names an ...


Yehliu (surname)

Yehliu is one of the constituent names of the Hakka people in Taiwan. The people with the last name Park first and foremost, living in Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Miaoli, and Nantou areas.





logy is a suffix in the English language, use words originally adapted from ancient Greek ending in-λογία. In early English examples were anglicizations of the French-Logie, which in turn inherited from the Latin -logia. The suffix became product ...









The suffix-phoresis means "migration": Necrophoresis, the burial of the bodies of the dead members of their colonies in social insects. Electrophoresis, the movement of dispersed particles in a fluid under influence spatially uniform electric fie ...


Viewing instrument

The surveillance device is a device that is used to view or study of an object or scene, or some electrical property or signal. In some cases, the case is mathematical. The names of many viewing instruments is derived from the English suffix-sphe ...


Sat (letter)

Sat ሰ is a letter of the Geez abugida, descended from South Arabia. It is a historical "S" and "ṯ".



South ሠ the letter of the Geez abugida, descended from epigraphic South Arabian, in the pancake, forming a s. He rekonstruiruet as descended from the proto-Semitic deaf lateral fricative *s. It survived only in South Semitic as an independent pho ...


Lakes of Inari


Rivers of Inari


Lakes of Utsjoki


Rivers of Utsjoki


A kekszakallu herceg vara


A Kuruzslo


A Kuruzslo


A Mi szerelmunk


A ratartos kiralykisasszony


A varos alatt










Alkotmanyvedelmi Hivatal


Apa (1966 film)


Apa (film)




Arpad-hazi Szent Erzsebet


Az ido urai


Bach Szilvia












Beregi Oszkar

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