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Pan American Games bronze medalists for Saint Lucia


Pan American Games bronze medalists for Saint Vincent and the Grenadines


Iglesia El Carmen

The Iglesia de Carmen, our lady of the rosary Catholic parish Church in the city of Santa Tecla, Department of La Libertad, El Salvador. It was completed in 1914 in neo-Gothic style.


Roman Catholic cathedrals in El Salvador


Evangelical megachurches in El Salvador


Central American and Caribbean Games silver medalists for El Salvador


Central American and Caribbean Games bronze medalists for El Salvador


Olympic footballers of El Salvador


Pan American Games silver medalists for El Salvador


Pan American Games bronze medalists for El Salvador


Congregationalist missionaries in Samoa


Seventh-day Adventist missionaries in Samoa


History of rugby union matches between Australia and Samoa

Australia and Samoa have played each other five times at the Rugby Union with Australia winning four times and Samoa. These four test matches have been played on Australian soil playing with a friend on neutral territory, in the framework of the ...


History of rugby union matches between England and Samoa

England and Samoa have played each other 8 times, 3 of which were during the Rugby world Cup. Currently England has an unbeaten record against Samoa, winning all 8 meetings, the most significant of which 40-3 win in 2005. They still play in Samoa.


History of rugby union matches between Fiji and Samoa

Samoa national team Rugby Union and Fiji national team Rugby Union played with each other in 53 cases, with the victory of Fiji to 30 wins in Samoa 20. They regularly play each other in IRB Pacific Nations Cup, with both teams having won 4 times ...


History of rugby union matches between Georgia and Samoa

Georgia and Samoa played 5 times, of which Georgia won 3 games, Samoa 1 and 1 match ended in a draw. They played the first match in the 2003 Rugby world Cup group stage, where Samoa won the game 46-9.


History of rugby union matches between Ireland and Samoa

Ireland-Samoa have played each other five times in Ireland, winning four and Samoa winning. They will face each other in group stage match of the Rugby world Cup, but met several times at the end of year Rugby tests in October and November.


History of rugby union matches between Samoa and Scotland

Scotland and Samoa have played each other in Rugby on twelve occasions, with Scotland winning once in ten times, and Samoa. There was one draw between the two teams.


History of rugby union matches between Samoa and South Africa

Samoa and South Africa played each other nine times with South Africa, winning all meetings. All matches were played in South Africa or on neutral territory. They have faced each other five times at the Rugby world Cup, 1995, 2003, 2007, 2011 and ...


History of rugby union matches between Samoa and Wales

The first Rugby match between Wales and Samoa was in June 1986, which Wales won 32-14. They played each other only 3 times during the Rugby world Cup in Wales to win and Samoa won.


Womens Pacific Tri-Nations

Womens Pacific tri Nations tournament was held for the first time, and this is not only in Teufaiva Park, Nukualofa, Tonga, in April 2006. Samoa played international Rugby since 2000, and participated in the last two world Championships and two o ...


Danny Tusitala

Danny Tusitala New Zealand-born Samoan professional Rugby Union player who plays for Samoa, the national team of Rugby Union. He also plays as a scrum-half for old glory DC in the main Rugby. Tusitala has previously played for Auckland in the mit ...


Samoa national rugby sevens team

Samoa Rugby team called the Samoa sevens or Manu Samoa 7S, competes in the annual World series of Rugby. Introducing the tiny Polynesian country of Samoa with a population of about 180.000 Samoa opposed to some of the richest countries in the wor ...


Samoa under-20 international footballers


King Road Tower

King road tower is a 34-storey office building, located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The tower contains the world largest advertisement led screen making it a valuable landmark for the city. The screen measures almost 10.000 sq m and was designed, bu ...


Olaya Towers


Asian Games silver medalists for Saudi Arabia


Asian Games bronze medalists for Saudi Arabia


Saint Sava House

"The Holy" house of Sava in Belgrade, on 13th street Tara Dusan Kara, it was built in 1890. In its size and architectural features of the building is a recognized cultural heritage and monument of culture. The name "St. Sava" printed house in the ...


1 Turgenjev Street

Building 1, street Turgenjev in Belgrade was built in 1935, and it is important for the organization and functioning of the Communist party of Yugoslavia. It now stands as a monument of culture.


Agrarian Bank Building

The building of the agrarian Bank, located on the corner of the square, Nikole Pasica and Vlajkoviceva street, on the territory of the municipality of Stari Grad, Belgrade has the status of a monument of culture. It was built for the project by t ...


Artisans Club Building in Belgrade

"Workmens club" the house is located in Belgrade, 2, Hilandarska street. It was built for the needs of the Association of artisans. It is a real cultural value as a monument of culture.


Balkan Cinema building, Belgrade

Cinema "Balkan" is located in Belgrade, 16 brace street Jugovica. As the object on which significant events in the history and culture of Belgrade and Serbia have taken place in the composition of the complex of buildings that were created in the ...


Belgrade Town Hall Building

Belgrade city Hall building located at 1 Mirkova street Uzun, in Belgrade, and has the status of a cultural monument. It was built in 1846, during the reign of Prince Alexander Karadordevic, and is located on the site of the former Grand Bazaar. ...


Building of Merchant Stamenkovic

The house of the merchant Stamenković is in Belgrade, 41, kralja Petra street, and it has the status of a monument of culture. The shopping Stamenkovich was built in 1907 by architects andra Stevanovic and Nikola Nestorovic. The building is a com ...


Customs Office building, Zemun

The customs building in Zemun is located at the address: 26, Zmaj Jovina street in Zemun, Belgrade, Serbia, and he has the status of a cultural monument.


Faculty of Law Building in Belgrade

The faculty of construction law in Belgrade is 67 Boulevard of kralj Aleksandar. The work of architectural and urban value, as well as corner house, built according to modernist concepts that significantly expands expresses a wider space, as the ...


Ilija M. Kolarac Endowment

Elijah M. kolarac Foundation, also known as the building of the University of kolarac peoples, which is 5 students square in the heart of Belgrade. The building is a monument of great cultural and historical significance and as such was declared ...


Mercator Center Belgrade

Mercator center Belgrade was opened in December 2002. Mercator center Belgrade 52.400 square meters with 74 stores and hypermarket Mercator 8.600 square meters. Construction will cost 38 million euros. In 2012 the facility was upgraded, his value ...


Nikola Spasic Endowment Building in Belgrade

Nikola Spasic 1838 - 1916 was a Serbian wholesaler, benefactor and a great giver. He was President of the Belgrade stock exchange, the President of the Bank movement and member of the Board of the National Bank of the Kingdom of Serbia. He was aw ...


Old Post Office (Belgrade)

The old post office building in Belgrade, Serbia. Near Belgrade railway station, he was considered one of the most beautiful buildings-symbols of the city. Built in Serbian-Byzantine revival, the post was mostly destroyed by the allied bombing of ...


Palace of Serbia

Palace Serbia building located in Novi Beograd municipality of Belgrade, Serbia. The building is used by the government of Serbia and currently houses several offices of ministries and agencies level.


Sava City

The city of Sava or Savograd is a commercial and residential complex in Belgrade, capital of Serbia. With nearby architectural landmarks, it forms the first of the elite business area of the city.


Seismological Institute Building

The seismological Institute of building (Serbian: Zgrada Seismological plant, Zgrada Seizmoloskog plant is located in the Tasmajdan Park in Belgrade, the Serbian capital. Built and adapted from 1908 to 1939, he was the first public building in th ...


Skarka’s Villa

Richard Skarka commissioned the architect Dragisa Brasovan for the construction of his house on the street Deligradska. Until Brasovan has already completed his independent work on the building of the former Eskontna Bank in Nusiceva street. In c ...


Transport in Novi Sad

Novi Sad is connected to the motorway to Belgrade in the South-East and Subotica in the North. The city is 369 km of roads in 2004. Main artery of the city 3 km Boulevard Oslobodenja.


Religious architecture in Novi Sad

Religious architecture in Novi Sad is very diverse. Most of the believers in Novi Sad are from Serbian Orthodox Church, while others from the Roman Catholic Church, the Protestant churches and the Jewish community. Stari Grad is place with majori ...


Church of St. Petka in Stanicenje

Church. Petka in Stanicenje-the oldest Church in Pirot district, Serbia. In the Middle ages it was known as the Church of St. Nikola, a Bulgarian monument from the beginning of the reign of Tsar Ivan Alexander. In 1967, the temple was declared a ...


Church of the Nativity of Christ, Pirot

The Church of the Nativity, also known as the old Church, is a Serbian Orthodox Church building, located in Pirot in the district of the same name in the Southeast of Serbia. It is listed as a protected cultural monuments.


Cathedral Basilica of St. Demetrius, Sremska Mitrovica

Cathedral-Basilica of St. Demetrius, also called the Cathedral of Sremska Mitrovica is the name of this religious building is associated with the Catholic Church, which is located in the city of Sremska Mitrovica in the Northern part of the Europ ...

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