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Flora Turnbull


People from York, Upper Canada


Planters of the British West Indies


British West Indies recipients of the Victoria Cross


West India Regiment officers


William Pedder

William Pedder was a lieutenant in the British Navy who was the fourth person appointed, under the first two Chief Superintendents, for the administration of the Government of Hong Kong and its second legal officer. He was Hong Kongs first Harbou ...


Paralympic boccia players of Great Britain


Paralympic dartchers of Great Britain


Paralympic 5-a-side footballers of Great Britain


Paralympic 7-a-side footballers of Great Britain


Paralympic ice sledge speed racers of Great Britain


Paralympic judoka of Great Britain


Paralympic wheelchair basketball players of Great Britain


Paralympic wheelchair rugby players of Great Britain


Paralympic wheelchair tennis players of Great Britain


British womens wheelchair basketball players


British mens wheelchair basketball players


Olympic wheelchair racers of Great Britain


Lancelot Addison (Archdeacon of Dorset)

The Ven. Lancelot Farquharson Addison was an Anglican priest: Archdeacon of Dorset from 1948 to 1955. He was educated at Leeds grammar school. After a year of study at University College, Durham, Addison continued his education at Lichfield theol ...


Richard Aldtyngton


Allured (Archdeacon of Barnstaple)


Anthony Wayte


Robert Barforth


Gilbert Basset (priest)


Thomas de Berghstede


Richard Blund (Archdeacon of Barnstaple)


Richard Bowchier


John de Bradleigh


Robert Breton

The Ven. Robert Breton, MA was an eighteenth-century Anglican priest. He was educated at Oriel College, Oxford. He was archdeacon of Ludlow from 1738 to 1741, and archdeacon of Hereford from 1741 to 1769.


Malcolm Parr

Malcolm Parr was Archdeacon of Warwick from 1945 until 1958. Parr was educated at the University of London and Ridley Hall, Cambridge, and ordained in 1915. After the arrival in great Yarmouth he was the vicar of the Bishop Memorial Church, Latim ...


Richard Brisley


James Browne (priest)

James Francis Browne was an Anglican Archdeacon in India in the late 19th century. Brown was educated at the London College of divinity and was ordained in 1867. After curacies in Middleton Tyas and the bath he went as a chaplain in Madras. He se ...


Richard Buckenham


Walter Bunyan

Walter Frederick Bunyan was a 20th-century Anglican priest. Bunyan was born in 1917 and educated at kings College, London. He was ordained deacon in 1941 and priest in 1942. After Curacies at Gillingham and Felixstowe he was rector of Komga from ...


Roger de Charlton


Samuel James Christelow

Samuel James Christelow was Archdeacon of Mashonaland from 1932 to 1945. Upcher was educated at ST. Boniface missionary College, Warminster, and ordained deacon and in 1909 a priest in 1911. After curacies in Bulawayo and Rusape he was the priest ...


Liscombe Clarke

The Ven. Liscombe Clarke was an Anglican priest: the Archdeacon of Sarum from 1827 until 1836. Clark was educated at Winchester College and new College, Oxford. He was acting in Downton and Biddestone, in Wiltshire.


Edward Clerke

Edward Clerke was an Anglican priest in Ireland in the first half of the 17th century. Clerk was educated at Trinity College, Dublin. He was ordained a priest on 24 June 1601. He was Prebendary of Killanully then Dean of Cloyne from 1615 to 1640.


Simon Climping


Thomas de Codelowe


Lewis Coychurch


Thomas DOyly (priest)


John de Derby


Edmund Bateman


Jonathan Fisher (priest)


George Fleetwood (priest)


Walter Forey


Ralph Germeyn


John de Godele


Godfrey de Peckham

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