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Covered bridges in Georgia (U.S. state)


Disc golf courses in Georgia


Shopping malls in Georgia (U.S. state)


Corridor A


Georgia Electronic Insurance Compliance System

Georgia electronic insurance compliance system or GEICS is a database of all vehicles and the current liability insurance carried by their drivers in the U.S. state of Georgia. It was created by the General Assembly of Georgia Legislative Assembl ...


LaFayette Road


Transportation on the National Register of Historic Places in Georgia (U.S. state)


Transportation buildings and structures in Georgia (U.S. state)


Rail transportation in Georgia (U.S. state)


Tunnels in Georgia (U.S. state)


Water transportation in Georgia (U.S. state)


Georgia (U.S. state) transportation stubs


African Americans in Georgia (U.S. state)

African-American Georgians are residents of the U.S. state of Georgia who are of African American origin. According to the U.S. census 2010, African-Americans were 31.2% of the population of the state. Slaves came from Angola, Sierra Leone and th ...


Black Island, Georgia

Black island is a tidal island located to the East of Darien, GA. Currently she has a private gated complex that is surrounded by forests and swamps.


Cambridge Grove

Cambridge Grove is a district created in 1996. It is located in the Northern part of Cobb County, Georgia, from North Booth road. This is a small unit with 156 single family homes. This swim and tennis community with no HOA. Cambridge Grove is a ...


Green Island Hills (Columbus, Georgia)

Green island Hills is a residential district in Columbus, Georgia, USA. At home in Green island hills range from Georgian, Tudor and Spanish Revival craftsman, with new modern homes popping up every month. With its Central location, developers ar ...


Hird Island

The heard island is a private island located in McIntosh County, Georgia. It was used historically used for timber harvesting for lumber boom of Georgia in 1800-ies. Today the owners of private houses, with the grass airstrip at the North end.


Mechanicsville, Gwinnett County, Georgia

Mechanicsville is an unincorporated community in GWINNETT County, Georgia, United States of America, South of Buford highway around the button GWINNETT. It is located about 3.5 km from interstate 285. In Mechanicsville school, built in 1911, loca ...


Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District

The Metropolitan North Georgia planning district water is water district, which covers all of metro Atlanta, and surrounding parts of its origins in North Georgia. Installed the 146th General Assembly of Georgia in 2001, and includes 15 counties: ...


Seminole State Park

State Park Seminole is a 604 acre state Park located on lake Seminole in the extreme South-Western part of Georgia. The Park offers excellent opportunities for fishing on the lake and a peaceful stay in one of the parks, cabins and campsites. The ...


Sparta Ishmaelite

Sparta ismaelite newspaper in Sparta, in Hancock County, Georgia. This legal authority Hancock County. The ismaelite was published from January 1883. The archives are stored in the University libraries of Georgia.


State Road and Tollway Authority

State road and Tollway authority is the Executive body of state power of the American state of Georgia. He is responsible for financing transportation initiatives and operating state of the toll roads. Was presented at the 150th General Assembly ...


Sudie, Georgia

Sudie is an unincorporated community in Paulding County, Georgia, United States of America, located at the intersection of Hiram Sudie road and highway Villa Rica.


Wahoo Island

The area of the island was known as Wawhooo Islands local indigenous population. In 1760 John Barber asked General Oglethorpe, who was the Governor of the colony of Georgia to provide hammocks on the South side of the South new river port, in the ...


Columbus, Georgia stubs


Apalachee Bay

Apalachee Bay is a Bay in the North-Eastern part of the Gulf of Mexico occupying an indentation of the coast of Florida West of the Florida Peninsula, where it joins the United States mainland. It is bordered by Taylor, Jefferson, Wakulla and Fra ...


Boca Ciega Bay

Siege the Boka Bay is a body of water bordering Gulfport, FL, Saint Petersburg and other municipalities in the County of Pinellas. Clam Bayou estuary channels in the Bay. The Boka Bay is Ciega aquatic preserve designated in 1968 to stop the dredg ...


Charlotte Harbor (southwest Florida bay)


Choctawhatchee Bay

Bay Choctawhatchee Bay in the emerald coast of the Florida Panhandle. The Bay, located in Okaloosa and Walton County, with an area of 129 Mi-2. It is at the entrance to the Gulf of Mexico, connected to it through East pass. It also connects to Sa ...


East Bay (Santa Rosa County, Florida)

East Bay is a Bay located in the far West area of Florida. Milton, which is the County seat of the County of Santa Rosa located on the Northern tip of the Gulf. Unusually, East Bay is connected to open waters via Pensacola Bay to its southwest. T ...


Escambia Bay

Escambia Bay is a Bay located in Escambia and the County of Santa Rosa, in the extreme West of the district of Florida. Pensacola is on the Western side, and the city of Milton is located in the North-Eastern tip of the Gulf of bilateral. Both pl ...


Estero Bay (Florida)

Estero Bay, Florida, located at the mouth of the river is located on the West coast of the state Southeast of Fort Myers beach. Bay, at the entrance to the Gulf of Mexico, is long and very shallow, and covers about 15 square kilometers. Estero Ba ...


Pensacola Bay

Pensacola Bay is a Bay located in the northwestern part of Florida known as the Florida Panhandle. Bay, at the entrance to the Gulf of Mexico, is located in the district of Escambia and Santa Rosa, near Pensacola, Florida, about 13 miles 21 km lo ...


St. Andrews Bay (Florida)

St. Andrew Bay, colloquially called "the Bay of St. Andrews", is a Bay located in Bay County in the Panhandle of Florida. It 69.000-acre estuary located in Northwest Florida. It is relatively deep, and relatively high salinity due to low freshwat ...


San Carlos Bay

San Carlos Bay is a Bay located southwest of Fort Myers, Florida, at the mouth of the Caloosahatchee river. It connects to pine island on the West and Matlacha pass to the North. United States Navy seaplane tender USS San Carlos in Commission fro ...


Sarasota Bay

Sarasota Bay is a lagoon located on the West coast of Florida in the United States. Although significant single stream of freshwater enters the Bay, with a drainage basin limited to 150 square miles in Manatee and Sarasota County, most of the est ...


St. Joseph Bay

St. Joseph Bay is a Bay on the Gulf coast in the U.S. state of Florida. The Bay is located in the County of Gulf between Apalachicola and Panama city. Port St. Joe is located on St. Joseph Bay. St. Joseph Bay is bordered to the East by the mainla ...


Alazan Bay

Alazan Bay is a Bay in the County of Kleberg, Texas, in the United States. It is a branch of Baffin Bay. Alazani is the name comes from the Spanish means "sandy".


Aransas Bay

Aransas Bay is a Bay on the Texas Gulf coast, about 30 miles northeast of Corpus Christi, and 173 miles South of San Antonio. It is separated from Mexico to the Islands of the Bay of San Jose. Aransas pass is the most direct navigable outlet into ...


Baffin Bay (Texas)

Bahtinov Bay is a Bay in the southern part of Texas, at the entrance of the larger Laguna Madre. Located near the Gulf of Mexico, buffinol Bay forms part of the border between County of Kennedy and County of Kleberg.


Carancahua Bay

Carancahua Bay North extension of Matagorda Bay, located in Jackson and Matagorda County in Texas, USA. It is oriented from the Southeast to the Northwest but meanders as it reaches the North to the confluence with Carancahua Creek. Generally sle ...


Copano Bay

COP Bay in the North-Western extension of Aransas Bay, West Rockport, Texas in Refugio and Aransas County. It is supplied with water from the Gulf of Mexico via Aransas Bay, and fed freshwater from the Aransas river, mission river and COP a screa ...


Corpus Christi Bay

Corpus Christi Bay is a picturesque sub-tropical Bay on the coast of Texas in San Patricio and nueces another district, close to the most important cities in Corpus Christi. It is separated from Mexico by Mustang island Bay, and feeds a river nue ...


East Bay (Texas)

East Bay also known as East Galveston Bay, is the Eastern continuation of Galveston Bay in chambers County, Texas. The Bay is oriented from North-East to South-West and has a width of approximately five kilometers and twenty miles in length. It c ...


East Matagorda Bay

East Matagorda Bay is the Bay of Matagorda in Texas Gulf coast, surrounded by the Matagorda Peninsula and the tidal shallows at the mouth of the Colorado river. This is a shallow estuary, one of a series of estuaries along the Gulf coast of Texas ...


Espiritu Santo Bay

The Bay of espíritu Santo in the North-Eastern extension of the Bay of San Antonio in Calhoun County, Texas. It is separated from Matagorda Bay by a line of barrier Islands, South of Port oconnor to Matagorda island.


List of bays of the Houston area


Lavaca Bay

Lavaca Bay) in the North-Western extension of Matagorda Bay is mostly found in Calhoun County, Texas, USA. The ports of port Lavaca and point comfort have been established on the Bay, and the main spheres of human life. Linnville was located on t ...


Oso Bay

OSO Bay is a Bay bordered by Corpus Christi, Texas. The Bay is fed freshwater OSO Creek and saline water from Corpus Christi Bay. Hans and Pat Suter shelter is located on the Western shore of the Bay near the Pharaoh Valley subdivision, Naval air ...


Redfish Bay

Redfish Bay is a southwestern extension of aransas Bay in Texas, North of Corpus Christi Bay. It separates the city of Aransas Pass and Ingleside from Port Aransas on Mustang island.

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