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Lanesville Christadelphian Church

Church of lanesville Christadelphian hotel is located at 7442 mount olive Cohoke road king William County, Virginia, was included in the national register of historic places on 14 January 2019.


Loudoun Heights, Virginia

Loudoun heights is an unincorporated village in the County of Loudon, Virginia, near harpers ferry, West Virginia. It is located in the region between the hills of the County along harpers ferry road and bounded on the North-West and North-East h ...


Malvern Gardens


Morningside, Roanoke, Virginia

Morningside is Roanoke, VA district, located in East, Central Roanoke, along the North shore of the river Roanoke. It borders the neighborhoods of South Jefferson and Riverland / walnut hills on the West, Kenwood and Riverdale on the East, Belmon ...


Pughsville, Virginia

Pughsville is a community in Virginia. He was part of the County of Nansemond, Virginia, which ceased to exist when it was merged in Suffolk, Virginia, in 1970-ies. Now Pughsville community in Northern Suffolk, Virginia along the border with Ches ...


Rocketts Landing

Rocketts landing is a new neighborhood in the Southeast urban Richmond, Virginia, on the border of the County of Henrico, Virginia, and on the North shore of the James river. He was named after Robert Rockett, 18th century Ferryman. The area was ...


Sauers Gardens

Sauers gardens is a district in the Western part of Richmond, Virginia. In the area began to develop in the 1920s, and currently contains about 300 houses.


Shed Town

The origin of the name "shed city" is unknown. It has been suggested that the name comes from an early home built in the neighborhood, who were busy shad-fishermen, alluding to the name of the town Barn. Others have suggested that the region rece ...


VCU Greek Row

APU on Greek row is a strip of fraternity and Sorority houses that are located along Cary street in the West end of Richmond, Virginia. It is located along the border of Randolph and the fan.


Virginia Cave Board

Tasks of the Council: To protect the integrity of caves that have unique characteristics and are exemplary natural community types. Protect rare, unique and irreplaceable minerals and archaeological resources in caves. To protect and maintain cav ...


Waterfall, Virginia

Falls, Virginia, an unincorporated community located in Western Prince William County, Virginia. The waterfall is located at the foot of bull mountain, the Eastern front of the Blue ridge mountains.


Windsor Farms

Windsor farms is a 20th-century neighborhood in Richmond, Virginia, primarily the colonial Revival style. Designed in 1926, Windsor farms is one of Richmonds first planned neighborhoods. It was designed to look like an English village, with windi ...


Albemarle County, Virginia stubs



KZFW-LP is a low-power television station licensed to Dallas, Texas, broadcasting in analog NTSC on VHF channel 6. The station transmits a directional signal in the direction of Dallas, so as not to disturb the neighborhood KBFW-LP, which covers ...


Alafia River

The Alafia river is 25 miles long with a watershed of 335 square miles in Hillsborough County, Florida, United States, flowing into Tampa Bay. The watershed contains ten named lakes and ponds, and 29 named rivers, streams and canals. During rainy ...


Alapahoochee River

The Alapahoochee river is a 14.4-km-long tributary of the Alapaha river in Georgia and Florida in the United States. Through the Alapaha and Suwannee rivers, its waters flow into the Gulf of Mexico. The river originates on the boundary between Lo ...


Billys Creek

Billys Creek is a Creek in Fort Myers, Florida. It is a tributary of the Caloosahatchee river and contains mangrove vegetation. The Creek was named in honor of the chief of an Indian tribe Seminole Indian Billy Bowlegs, who was forced to give up ...


Blackwater Creek (Hillsborough County, Florida)

Blackwater Creek runs through part of the County of Hillsborough, Florida. It is a tributary of the Hillsborough river. Blackwater Creek storage 1.200 acres of conservation area that protects part of it in this area. The reserve includes trails.


Blackwater Creek (Lake County, Florida)

Blackwater Creek is approximately 19 mile riverine feature in Florida. The Creek flows from lake Norris and has a confluence with the river Wekiva near where he, in turn, empties into the river St. Johns. Upper sections of Black Creek passed on k ...


Blue Springs (Marion County, Florida)

Blue spring is a spring in Marion County, in the state of Florida. It is the third largest spring along the southern part of the Ocklawaha river, but is currently submerged by the Rodman reservoir. Blue springs-an English translation of the forme ...


Bowlegs Creek


Braden River

The Braden river is a 21-kilometer-long waterway, which flows down to 83 square km, the catchment area in West-Central Florida and is the largest tributary of the Manatee river.


Carrabelle River

The city of carrabelle river is located in carrabelle, Florida and flows into St. George sound to Apalachicola Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. The area was a base for commercial fishermen. It is home to river festival. It crosses the river bridge cit ...


Charlie Creek (Florida)

Charlie Creek is a stream in hardy County and Polk County, Florida, in the United States. Charlie Creek was named in honor of Charlie Apopka, the Seminole chief.


Charlotte River (Florida)

River Charlotte-the former name for what is considered a continuous river draining lake Okeechobee to Charlotte Harbor. Although the 1842 map indicates that Charlotte was the same as that of the Caloosahatchee river, other sources distinguish the ...


Crooked River (Florida)

Meandering river is a pond in Franklin County, Florida that connects the tidal estuary of the Ochlockonee river to the confluence with the tidal carrabelle city and new river above the town of the city of carrabelle, Florida. The crooked river ch ...


Cross Creek (Florida)

Cross Creek is a natural waterway in Florida connecting Lochloosa lake to orange lake, in the Southeast district. This 1.0 mile long, and carries the outflow from Lochloosa lake into orange lake. It is generally navigable for small vessels, but w ...


Dead River (Lake County, Florida)

The dead river, found in lake County, Florida, USA, is the division between the cities of Tavares and Leesburg. Its name it received because of the lack of current. Studies have shown that a simple John boat can remain in nearly same position if ...


East Bay River

River East Bay in Florida a 15-kilometer-long river located in Santa Rosa County Okaloosa. It flows from East to West, forming near Hurlburt field, and empties into the Eastern part of the Bay East in the towns of Holley and Navarre. The river is ...


East River (Florida)

The East river is a 10-kilometer river entirely within Wakulla County, Florida, the draining of the St. Marks national wildlife refuge in the river St. marks. The dam to the shelter, the trail crosses Florida, 245 creates an area of 99 hectares o ...


Fenholloway River

The Fenholloway river is a small stream in the County of Taylor, Florida. The Fenholloway river is called the most polluted river in Florida. Pulp mill operated by Georgia-Pacific is accused of the problem.


Gamble Creek


Gottfried Creek

Gottfried Creek is a stream in the U.S. state of Florida. Gottfried Creek took the name of the family of Gottfried, the original owners of the land where the stream is.


Hamilton Branch (Florida)


Hontoon Dead River

Hontoon dead river is a tributary of the river Saint John in the County Volusia, Florida. Hontoon island, home island state Park Hontoon surrounded by the Hontoon, the St. Johns, and Snake Creek. "Dead river" is one with virtually no current. The ...


Itchepackesassa Creek

Itchepackesassa Creek is a stream in the County of Hillsborough and Polk County, Florida, in the United States. Itchepackesassa this name comes from the language and means "medicinal plant".


Little Manatee River

The little manatee river flows 51 miles, from East of Fort lonesome, Florida, South of highway 674 and Earl Reynolds RD in Hillsborough County through the South of Hillsborough County, Florida including the cities of sun city, Florida and Gulf ci ...


Little Wekiva River

Little river Wekiva is the flow in the greater Orlando, Florida in the United States. A 15-kilometer-long, North flowing Creek is a tributary of the river Wekiva, which later flows into the river St. Johns, the longest river in Florida. Little We ...


Lochloosa Creek

Lochloosa Creek is the stream that flows from North to South through Eastern Alachua County, Florida. Its watershed consists of 42.7 square miles, is natural and forestry land use. It is the largest tributary of lake Lochloosa. Lochloosa Creek lo ...


McCullough Creek (Florida)

McCullough Creek is a stream in Polk County, Florida, in the United States. McCullough Creek was probably also named a leader in Seminarski of war or to the families of the pioneers who lived there.


Myakka River

Myakka river is a river in southwestern Florida. It occurs at a Hardee-Manatee County line and flows southwest and then Southeast through Manatee, Sarasota and Charlotte counties to Charlotte Harbor, arm of the Gulf of Mexico. The river is 72 km ...


Myakkahatchee Creek


New River (Carrabelle River tributary)

New river in the Florida Panhandle. It originates in the far North of the Apalachicola national forest and connects with the curve of the river above the town of carrabelle, Florida, to become the carrabelle river city, which overlooks St. George ...


New River (Santa Fe River tributary)

New river is a 31 mile tributary of the Santa Fe in North Florida, USA. The river was used as the border to create Union County from Bradford County in 1921. In Palatka-lake Butler trail, a multipurpose recreational route that includes part of th ...


Oleta River

On the Oleta river, situated North of Miami, drains the Northern Everglades into Biscayne Bay, allowing freshwater to reach the Atlantic ocean. Today it is the only natural river in Miami-Dade, which has not been dredged and channelized. Its seve ...


Japanese foam flower

Tanakaea radicans, Japanese foam flower, is a member of the family saxifragaceae native to Japan, and is the only species in the genus Tanakaea. It is named in honor of the Japanese botanist, Yoshio Tanaka. It was originally described by Ludovic ...


Orange River (Florida)


Payne Creek (Florida)

Payne Creek is a stream in hardy County and Polk County, Florida, in the United States. Payne Creek is the name of a family of pioneers who lived there.


Pimple Creek

Pimple Creek-a stream in the County of Taylor, Florida in the USA. Pimple Creek formed the boundary of Perry, Florida when Perry was founded in 1905.


Pithlachascotee River

The Pithlachascotee river, often called the Cotee or "Kuti" the river, the river Blackwater in the County of Pasco, Florida. Originating near crews lake, the river flows for over 23 miles 37 km to the South and West, flowing through the wildernes ...

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