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Villa Igno, Pistoia

Villa of ignorance or he was digno Villa is a Renaissance aristocratic Palace in the countryside, located outside the city of Pistoia, region Tuscany, Italy. The Villa was built in the countryside to the bishops of Pistoia. To ignore the name rec ...


Villa Pazzi al Parugiano

Villa Pazzi al Parugiano is the Renaissance of the rural aristocratic Palace, located in a rural area or a frazione of Bagnolo, located in the city of montemurlo, province of Prato, region Tuscany, Italy. The word Parugiano seem to be a dialect f ...


Villa Santa Colomba, Monteriggioni

Villa Santa Colomba is in the Renaissance style, the fortress-Palace located in the village of Santa Colomba, a frazione of Monteriggioni, a few miles from Siena, in the Tuscany region, Italy. The Villa was probably originally rural, the castle-l ...


Villa Bordoni

The Villa Bordoni is an Italian Villa outside of Greve in Chianti in Tuscany, close to Montefioralle. It was restored into a country hotel by David and Catherine Gardner. It is a 45-minute drive from Florence.


Villa di Mondeggi

Villa Di Mondeggi is a Villa located to the South of Florence, in the city a Ripoli, Impruneta and Greve in Chianti, bagno. Starting in 2014, arable land, olive groves, and some of the buildings occupied by the group land reclamation be carried o ...


Villa di Murlo

The Villa Di Murlo-is a country Palace or Villa located on the hills surrounding San Casciano in Val di Pesa, on the old road between Florence and Siena that runs along the river Pesa.


Villa di Spoiano

Villa Spoiano Villa in the Renaissance style, located on a hill between Tavarnelle in Val di Pesa and Barberino Val delsa. He was first mentioned in 1689 in San Jacopo in Magliano.


Villas in Lucca


Railway stations in Differdange


Railway stations in Dudelange


Railway stations in Esch-sur-Alzette


Railway stations in Mamer


Railway stations in Petange


Italian Violet

Barleria is a genus of plants of the family of Acanthus. Some types include: Barleria aculeata Balfe.F. (Барлерии aculeata Балф.Ф) B. Clark, S. pretoriensis of barleria. Barleria popovii Verdc. (Барлерии popovii Verdc) Barleria Acanthoides Vahl. ...


Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, Bitola

Co-Cathedral of the sacred Heart is the name given to the religious building of the Catholic Church, which is located in Bitola in the North and Macedonia in the Cathedral of the diocese of Skopje. The creation of the Church dates back to the nin ...


Kumanovo Bus Station

Bus station Kumanovo is the main bus station in Kumanovo, Macedonia. It was run by the pitcher-a tourist company MOW of the company rule tours.


Kumanovo railway station

The station was built during the Ottoman Empire in 1873. Radomir Putnik was at the station during the First Balkan war. The former Yugoslavia, Marshal Josip Broz Tito visited Kumanovo on 7 March 1957 was met from 50.000 people at the station.


Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (Skopje)

Cathedral of the sacred Heart of Jesus in Skopje is the Roman Catholic Cathedral of the diocese of Skopje, located in Skopje, the capital of Northern Macedonia. It was designed by Macedonian architect Blagoja Mickovski Bajo and completed in 1977. ...


Polish-Jewish culture in Maryland


Polish-Jewish culture in New York (state)


Russian Village District

Russian village district comprises 15 folk architecture style houses and was built by konstanty Stys, a Polish immigrant, and others during the great Depression. It is located at the intersection of South mills Avenue and East Cucamonga Avenue in ...


Saint Brother Albert Chmielowski Polish Mission

Saint brother Polish mission albert Chmielowski is a Parish Church in the Polish mission is located in San Jose, California.


Polish-American Roman Catholic parishes in Connecticut


Polish Mountain

Polish mountain is located in Allegany County, Maryland, United States of America. Borders the city of tributary Creek on the East, to the North of the town Creek, and extending to the northeast in Pennsylvania. The highest altitude of 1.800 mete ...


Polish National Home (Chicopee, Massachusetts)

The Polish national home, also known as the Polish national house, a historic club on the 136-144 Cabot street in Chicopee, Massachusetts. It was built in 1914 for.000. It functioned as a community center for the large Polish immigrant community, ...


Prospect Heights Historic District (Milford, Massachusetts)

Prospect heights historic district is a historic district roughly restricted prospect heights, prospect, and water streets in Milford, Massachusetts. It covers the whole area, which was created by the Draper Corporation of hopedale, Massachusetts ...


Krakow Township, Michigan

Krakow township civil township of Presque Isle County, Michigan. A population of 622 in the 2000 census. He was named after the Polish city of Krakow, the historical capital of Poland and residence of Polish monarchs.


Posen Township, Michigan

Posen township is a civil township of Presque Isle County, Michigan. The population of 959, according to the 2000 census, 65.4% of which reported Polish roots.


Pulawski Township, Michigan

Pulawski township is a civil township of Presque Isle County, Michigan. The population is 372 according to the census 2000 population, 61.3% of which reported Polish origin, a higher percentage than in any other place in the United States.


Church of the Immaculate Conception (St. Anna, Minnesota)

Church of the Immaculate conception is a historic Roman Catholic Church building in the unincorporated community of St. Anna, Minnesota, USA. It is part of the Roman Catholic diocese of Saint cloud. The Church was built in 1902 in a rural communi ...


Pulaskifield, Missouri

Pulaskifield an unincorporated community located in the town of Capps Creek, Barry County, Missouri, United States of America. The area was originally known as Bricefield was located and in which the post office was established in 1893), archaic ...


St. Stanislaus Church Historic District

St. Stanislaus Church historic district is 11.2 ha of the Polish-American historic district in Warsaw, North Dakota, United States that was listed on the National register of historic places in 1979. The Church of St. Stanislaus was designed by J ...


Polish Garden


St. Adalbert Polish Catholic Church

St. Adalbert Polish Catholic Church is a historic Church on Valley street 1511 in Dayton, Ohio. Sunday, April 30, 1905,St. Adalberts Church was dedicated by Archbishop Henry K. Moeller of Cincinnati. In 1954, parishioners to build a new priest an ...


St. Joseph Parish, Central Falls

Founded in 1905, it is one of the Polish-American Roman Catholic parishes in New England in the diocese of Providence. The current building was designed in 1915 by Providence architect John F. omalley in the Gothic revival style.


Our Lady of Czestochowa Parish, Coventry

Our lady of Czestochowa parish - designated for Polish immigrants in Coventry, state of Rhode island, USA. Founded in 1905, it is one of the Polish-American Roman Catholic parishes in New England in the diocese of Providence.


St. Stanislaus Kostka Parish, Woonsocket

Parish of St. Stanislaus Kostka is a Roman Catholic parish located in Woonsocket, Rhode island, USA. It is known for its vibrant Polish-American community, various social events, and a young parishioner base. St. Stanislaus is and always was a gr ...


Lincoln Village, Milwaukee

Using modern street names, the neighborhood of the town of Lincoln, adjacent to street W Becher North to the Kinnickinnic river on the South 5th street on the East to South 20th street on the West.


Polonia, Wisconsin

Polonia is an unincorporated census-designated place in the town of Sharon, Portage County, Wisconsin, United States of America. It is located on Route 66 in Wisconsin two miles East of Ellis and about 8 miles southwest of Rosholt. According to t ...


St. Hedwigs (Milwaukee)

Saint Hedwigs Roman Catholic Church, Roman Catholic Church, located on str. 1702 Humboldt. at Milwaukee, Wisconsins East Side in the center of the East Brady street historic district, in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Milwaukee.


Roseville-Fleetridge, San Diego

Roseville-Fleetridge is a district in point Loma, San Diego, California. It is washed by the waters of the Bay of San Diego and Rosecrans Street on the East, cañon Street on the South, Catalina Boulevard on the West and Chatsworth and Nimitz boul ...


Santo Christo Church (Fall River, Massachusetts)

Santo Christo Church is a historic Church located at 240 Columbia street in fall river, Massachusetts, dedicated to the Lord Holy Christ of miracles. The parish was formally established in 1889 to serve the local Portuguese community, after two d ...


Arts in Andalusia


La dama del alba

for the 1950 Mexican film see La dama del alba 1950 film La Dama del Alba is a Spanish play, very popular in the country, was written by a playwright Alejandro Casona in 1944. It is a fantasy-drama in which personifizierte the death of the protag ...


Arts in Extremadura


Church of Santa Engracia de Zaragoza

Church of Santa Engracia de Zaragoza is a Basilica in Zaragoza, Spain. It was built on the spot where Saint Engratia and her companions were martyred in the year 303. Basilica of Santa Engracia is located on Plaza Santa Engracia.


Aragonese dialects

The Aragonese language has many local varieties, which are grouped in valley varieties or Comarca varieties. The term dialect is ambiguous and can be used to denote a well-known valley varieties such as cheso or ansotano. The most famous classifi ...


Aragues Aragonese

The aragues Aragonese variety spoken in the aragues and Jasa. It is very similar to Cheso Aragonese, and he survived better than ays of Aragon.


Benasquese dialect

Benasquese, often called patues by its speakers, is the native romance language diversity in the Benasque valley, in Huesca. Generally considered the Aragonese dialect, he was also considered the extreme North-Western Catalan dialect in the past ...


Hecho Aragonese

Hecho Aragonese is one of the Western Aragoneses best-preserved varieties, and we can say that Cheso Aragonese, along with the aragues Aragonese, is just one of several varieties of the language.

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