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Bundesautobahn 92

The Bundesautobahn 92 connects Munich with Deggendorf, and is 134 kilometres long. Between the interchange Neufahrn and the interchange Munich Airport it has three lanes, otherwise two with a shoulder. There is a traffic control system in the dir ...


Bundesautobahn 93

Bundesautobahn 93 is an autobahn in Bavaria with a length of 276 km. It consists of two parts: one is a short track, from the A 8, near the Austrian border, to the Inntal Autobahn in Tyrol, Austria, the other from Hof A 72 in the north of Bavaria ...


Bundesautobahn 94

Bundesautobahn 94 is an autobahn in southern Germany. When completed, it will connect Munich with Passau. Currently, only the parts Munich-Burghausen, and a small section in Malching have been built. Between Burghausen and Simbach am Inn, there i ...


Bundesautobahn 96

Bundesautobahn 96 is a motorway in southern Germany, leading from the Austrian border near Lindau through Memmingen, Landsberg am Lech to Munich. Two European routes lead through the autobahn: E 43 and E 54. It was first planned to build a direct ...


Bundesautobahn 98

Bundesautobahn 98 is a 29 kilometres long motorway in southern Germany, originally intended to connect Weil am Rhein with the A 8 near Irschenberg. Currently, only three relatively short unconnected sections have been constructed: east of Waldshu ...


Bundesautobahn 103

Bundesautobahn 103 is a short urban Autobahn in western Berlin, Germany connecting to the A 100. Before reunification, it was called the A 13.


Bundesautobahn 111

Bundesautobahn 111 is an autobahn in Germany. It connects the Berliner Stadtring with the Berliner Ring. Before reunification, it was called the A 11. The A 111 was used from 31 December 1987 to German reunification in 1990 for transit traffic th ...


Bundesautobahn 113

Bundesautobahn 113 is a motorway in Germany. The motorway, located within Berlin, connects Neukolln to Schonefeld. Its last segment opened on 23 May 2008. The route of the motorway follows, in parts, the former Berlin Wall. The motorway was propo ...


Bundesautobahn 114

Bundesautobahn 114 is a motorway in the north of the German capital Berlin. It connects the A 10 starting at the Autobahndreieck Pankow over a seven kilometers distance to the main center of Berlin. The motorway was released for traffic between 1 ...


Bundesautobahn 115

Bundesautobahn 115 is an autobahn in Berlin, Germany. It connects the Berliner Stadtring with the Berliner Ring, using parts of the old AVUS race track. AVUS was opened in 1921 as Germanys first limited access road. After World War II, the A 115 ...


Bundesautobahn 210

Bundesautobahn 210 is a route that connects the federal state capital of Kiel to Rendsburg. This route serves to further ease the ground transportation route from Kiel to Schleswig and into Scandinavia.


Bundesautobahn 226

Bundesautobahn 226 is an autobahn in Germany. It is a short branch of the A 1 north of Lubeck, sometimes called "Nordtangente Lubeck". It connects the A 1 with the BundesstraSe 75, which goes to the Lubeck borough of Travemunde.


Bundesautobahn 252

Bundesautobahn 252 is a planned short motorway in Hamburg in northern Germany. The A 252 is called Hafenquerspange port link road and planned to connect the A 1 and A 7. It is planned to be finished in 2013.


Bundesautobahn 253

Bundesautobahn 253 is a short motorway in Hamburg, in north Germany. It connects the A 252 with the B 75.


Bundesautobahn 255

Bundesautobahn 255 is a short motorway in Hamburg, in north Germany. It connects the A 1 with the B 75 and B 4 at the Neue Elbbrucken.


Bundesautobahn 261

Bundesautobahn 261 is an autobahn located between Hamburg and Buchholz in der Nordheide. It connects the A 7 with the A 1.


Bundesautobahn 280

Bundesautobahn 280 is an autobahn located in the extreme north-west of Lower Saxony. It connects the A 31 with the Dutch border. Behind the border it continues as the Autosnelweg 7.


Bundesautobahn 281

Bundesautobahn 281 is an autobahn in Bremen in northwestern Germany. The first part was opened in 1995, parts near the Bremen Airport are currently under construction. A second Weser tunnel will be part of the project, presumably being financed a ...


Bundesautobahn 293

Bundesautobahn 293 is an autobahn in Oldenburg in northwestern Germany. It connects the A 29 with the A 28.


Bundesautobahn 352

Bundesautobahn 352 is an autobahn spur north of Hanover in northwestern Germany. It is an important bypass for traffic from the A 7 to the A 2, avoiding the Hannover-Ost interchange between the two autobahns. Hannover Airport is also situated nea ...


Bundesautobahn 388

Bundesautobahn 388 was an autobahn spur in Gottingen. It has now been downgraded and made part of the BundesstraSe 27, as the A 38 has recently been finished. The A 388 was supposed to be the first part of the A 38, branching off the A 7 in the N ...


Bundesautobahn 391

Bundesautobahn 391 is an autobahn in Braunschweig, also known as the Braunschweiger Westtangente. Its purpose is to connect the A 2 with the A 39, passing the city of Braunschweig on the western side.


Bundesautobahn 392

Bundesautobahn 392 is an autobahn spur in Braunschweig. A proposed extension to the A 2 was deemed not feasible and will likely not be built.


Bundesautobahn 445

Bundesautobahn 445 is an Autobahn in Germany. It begins in Werl and ends to the Bundesautobahn 46 near Arnsberg. The government of Germany is planning to expand it from Werl to Hamm, where it is supposed to end up in the Bundesautobahn 2. Some en ...


Bundesautobahn 480

Bundesautobahn 480 is an Autobahn in Germany connecting GieSen and Wetzlar. It is part of the abandoned A 48 planning.


Bundesautobahn 540

Bundesautobahn 540 is an autobahn in western Germany, connecting Juchen and Grevenbroich, partly replacing the BundesstraSe 59. It is two lanes in each direction. There is no speed limit and very little traffic on this autobahn. From 1999 to 2005 ...


Bundesautobahn 553

Bundesautobahn 553 is a motorway in western Germany, connecting Bruhl to the A 1, partially replacing the BundesstraSe 51.


Bundesautobahn 562

Bundesautobahn 562 connects the right with the left side of the Rhine River south of Bonn. The motorway has two or three lanes. The autobahn crosses the Rhine using the Konrad Adenauer Bridge. Along both sides of this bridge are cycle tracks and ...


Bundesautobahn 573

Bundesautobahn 573 is an autobahn in Germany. It leads from the A 61 through Bad Neuenahr and ends behind Bad Neuenahr at a provisional connection. The extension to Linz am Rhein with a bridge is planned, but will be realized as the BundesstraSe ...


Bundesautobahn 602

Bundesautobahn 602 is an autobahn in southwestern Germany. It connects the city of Trier to the autobahn A 1.


Bundesautobahn 620

Bundesautobahn 620 is an autobahn in Germany, connecting Saarlouis with Saarbrucken. Together with the BAB8, it serves as part of the connection between Luxembourg and Germany. As the major part of the BAB 620 is alongside the river Saar, one sec ...


Bundesautobahn 643

Bundesautobahn 643 is a 8.4-kilometer short autobahn in Germany. The motorway crosses the Rhine River, connecting the cities of Wiesbaden and Mainz, the capital cities of the German states of Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate, respectively. It is on ...


Bundesautobahn 648

Bundesautobahn 648 is a very short Autobahn and connects the western part of Frankfurt am Main with the Alleenring. The A 648 is the most important way to the city and to the Frankfurt Trade Fair.


Bundesautobahn 671

Bundesautobahn 671 is an autobahn in the federal state of Hesse, Germany. It begins as a continuation of Mainzer StraSe in Wiesbaden from its junction with A 66 and connects the center of the Hessian capital city with A 60.


Bundesautobahn 672

The Bundesautobahn 672 is an autobahn in Germany and connects the A 67 and the A 5 with Darmstadt. With a length of a little less than 2km, it is one of the shortest Autobahns.


Bundesautobahn 860

The Bundesautobahn 860, also known as the Stadtautobahn Freiburg, is a planned Autobahn in Germany. It is a planned upgrade of the BundesstraSe 31 in Freiburg, which involves the construction of a new tunnel in the city, the Freiburger Stadttunne ...


Bundesautobahn 864

Bundesautobahn 864 is an autobahn spur in southwestern Germany, connecting Donaueschingen with Bad Durrheim. The A 864 was supposed to be a part of the planned A 86. The current Autobahn still retains its kilometer counter, which counts from 84 t ...


Bundesautobahn 952

Bundesautobahn 952 is an autobahn near Munich in southern Germany, connecting Starnberg with the Autobahndreieck Starnberg exchange. In Starnberg, it merges into BundesstraSe 2, which it replaces between Starnberg and the Dreieck Starnberg junction.


Bundesautobahn 980

Bundesautobahn 980 is an autobahn in southern Germany. It runs through the Allgau and is part of the once-proposed A 98 plans that were never carried out.


Bundesautobahn 995

Bundesautobahn 995 is an autobahn near Munich in southern Germany. It connects the southern parts of Munich to the A 8 and A 99. The road signage shows its entire length as an autobahn, but only the section between Kreuz Munchen-Sud and the junct ...


Bundesautobahn 999

Bundesautobahn 999 was the designated number for the Mittlerer Ring in Munich, Germany, a projected second ring road around the inner city districts to accompany the Munchner Ring. The project to construct the Mittlerer Ring as an autobahn was no ...


BundesstraSe 2 R

The BundesstraSe 2R is a German federal highway in Bavaria. It runs as a ring road within the city of Munich in Bavaria, is 28 km long, and is the most traffic-prone road in Germany. It is called the "Middle Ring" because of its concentric positi ...


BundesstraSe 4

The BundesstraSe 4 is a German federal highway running in a northwesterly to southly direction from the state of Schleswig-Holstein to Bavaria. It provides a direct route for motorists traveling between Hamburg and Nuremberg. The section north of ...


BundesstraSe 8

"Via Publica" redirects here. For the type of Roman road of this name, see via publica. The BundesstraSe 8 is a German federal highway in southwestern Germany of great historical importance. It has existed since the 9th century, known then as Via ...


BundesstraSe 9

The BundesstraSe 9 is a German federal highway. It follows the left side of the Rhine from the Dutch border at Kranenburg upstream to the French border near the city of Lauterbourg, where it connects to the French A35 autoroute. The origins of th ...


BundesstraSe 10

The BundesstraSe 10 is a German federal highway. It leads from Eppelborn, near the city of Lebach in Saarland, eastward to NeusaS near Augsburg in Bavaria. The Bundesautobahn 8 mostly runs in parallel to the BundesstraSe 10. After a very short st ...


BundesstraSe 11

The BundesstraSe 11 is a German federal highway. It is the first regional federal highway in the German federal highway numbering system and leads from the Czech border near Bayerisch Eisenstein past Deggendorf, Landshut and Munich to Krun near G ...


BundesstraSe 85

The BundesstraSe 85 runs southeast through Thuringia and Bavaria, from Kyffhauser to Passau, near the Austrian border. B85 is approximately 500 kilometers long. Cities and towns along B85: Berga Kyffhauser – Bad Frankenhausen – Kolleda – Weimar – ...


BundesstraSe 258

The BundesstraSe 258 is a German federal highway. It starts in Aachen, crosses the Eifel from northwest to southeast and ends in Mayen. From Aachen, the road first runs south along the Belgian border. One curiosity on this part is a 3 km long str ...


BundesstraSe 320

The BundesstraSe 320 is a German federal highway. The original path of this federal highway, enacted in 1938, led from Prenzlau in an easterly direction to the newly built Bundesautobahn 11. During East German reign, this road was downgraded; the ...

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