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Double Dealer

Double dealer was a Japanese hard rock / power metal band formed by Takenori Shimoyama of and Norifumi SIM in 2000. They toured France in the same year, the opening act of Symphony X. Their activity had been suspended intermittently, and indefini ...


Full Diesel

The complete Diesel was hard rock / metal band from Finland. They were formed in 2003 from the remnants of another band called the thing-in-itself. Their song "no Mans land" and "king of defeat" on the soundtrack of the 2004 video game FlatOut.


Moahni Moahna

Moahni Moahna is a Swedish band that was created in the early 1990 s by guitarist Henrik Flyman and guitarist Tommy Rehn. They wrote and performed their own brand of hard rock / heavy metal, which has been described as "fantasy metal". The group ...


N.I.L. (band)

N. I. L. is an American ambient black / doom metal band formed in 2004, N. Imperial. Original N. Imperial is conceived B. L. I. as a one-off solo project after his departure from the black metal band Krieg. When the group United in a duet, with t ...


Raven Lord

Raven Lord is a multinational heavy metal band founded by Csaba Zvekan. The band recorded their debut album descent to the underworld, in 2012. It was mixed by Fredrik Nordstrom and mastered by Maor Appelbaum. Their musical genre-heavy metal, but ...


Reborn (band)

Reborn is a death metal band from Morocco. The group was founded in 2002, and after some initial success became known more for political than musical reasons, when in April 2003 a Moroccan judge sentenced nine heavy metal musicians from Reborn an ...


Vegas Martyrs

Vegas martyrs is black metal noise music featuring Dominick Fernow better known as prurient on guitar, Richard Dunn on vocals and electronics and Joe Potts on drums. They released records and tapes on hospital productions, kitty play records, and ...


Scottish punk rock guitarists


Neck (band)

Neck is a six-piece London-Irish Celtic punk band from North London district of Holloway. After their front man a laxative duty as a member of the original lineup of Shane McGowan and the popes, neck were born in the bottle during a night drinkin ...


British hardcore punk groups


British pop punk groups


British post-hardcore musical groups


Scottish punk rock groups


Underground punk scene in the United Kingdom


Welsh punk rock groups


Basque Dub Foundation

The Basque dub Foundation, more often known as B D f, started in the early 1990-ies as a Studio project iñaki Yarritu, a London reggae musician originally from the Basque Country. Iñaki moved into music production in the late 1980-ies, were previ ...


The Blackstones

On Blackstones are a United Kingdom reggae vocal trio formed in 1974 in the tradition of the Jamaican harmony-trio. In Blackstones comprised the brothers Leon, Byron, and Neville Leiffer. One of the groups first singles, "we nah go suffer", was r ...


The Brothers (band)

The brothers were a British group that scored a top ten hit on the British chart with the song "Sing with me".The sprightly, reggae-inflected song reached number 8 in the UK singles chart in the spring of 1977. The group consisted of 5 real broth ...


The Bush Chemists

culture Freeman Paul Dougie Wardrop Davey formed the Bush Chemists in 1993 as a side project to his other centers of the group. He ran the record stall on Camden market since 1988. He began creating his own dub tracks using a 4 track tape machine ...


The Skints

In Skints band from London, described by clash music" the torchbearers for modern British reggae music”.In Skints mix reggae, SKA, dub, punk rock soul, and hip-hop, actively touring throughout the UK, Europe and the United States. Their FM album ...


Zion Train

Zion train are a British dub ensemble, which formed in Oxford in 1988. They have consistently released music and toured since 1992 to the present day. Their mix of reggae and dance music was an important innovation in the early 1990-ies.


Big Town Playboys

Big town playboys are a six piece acoustic British rhythm and Blues revival group. Founded by Ricky cool and Andy Silvester in 1984 and known as Ricky cool and the big town playboys, they covered American music from the 1940s and 1950s, such as A ...


Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames

Feym Georgie and the blue flames were in the 1960-ies, the famous British rhythm and Blues / soul, jazz, SKA, pop group. They were also a support group for Billy fury. At the end of 1961, their pianist Georgie feym took over as vocalist and they ...


Jools Hollands Rhythm and Blues Orchestra

Jules Holland rhythm and Blues orchestra the rhythm and Blues band Boogie-woogie pianist Jools Holland.



Roogalator was a pub rock band formed in London in 1972 by USA-born guitarist, Danny Adler. Earlier that year, Adler recorded demos with 10ccs Graham Gouldman at strawberry studios. Prior to Roogalator, Adler had also played with smooth loser, a ...


Stone Broken

Stone broken are a British rock band, formed in 2013. They are from Walsall, West Midlands in the UK. Formed in late 2013 out of the remnants of two local bands, the broken stone includes rich moss, vocal and guitar, Chris Davis, solo guitar, Rob ...



Beatbullyz was a musical group from the Swindon area in England. The group was influenced by hip hop, SKA, funk, soul, and big beat. The group sang Daniel Dubose and Andrew Bullimore, both of which the music is created. The group was included in ...


Blue Zone (band)

Blue zone-British band of the 1980-ies. The group consisted of Lisa Stansfield, Ian William Montmorency devaney and Andy Morris.


New Street Adventure

New street adventure were an English band led by Nick Corbin with many classic soul influences. Corbin founded the group as a venture of the College in the beginning of 2007, with maturity during the professional block. In January 2013, the group ...


The Quantic Soul Orchestra

Orchestra Studio Soul is a project of Live band and DJ, will Holland. Holland recorded under several names, especially the Studio. The composition of the group changed from album to album, with sometime members including a Dutch sister, saxophoni ...


Bulgarian pop-folk singers


Albums recorded at the El Mocambo


Albums recorded at the Horseshoe Tavern


Albums recorded at Maple Leaf Gardens


Albums recorded at Massey Hall


Albums recorded at the Montreal Forum


Albums recorded at the Spectrum (Montreal)



Braided is a musical group consisting of Casey LeBlanc, Ashley Leitão, and amber Fleury, who all competed on the third season of canadian idol in 2005. They are the third music group from idol shows in the world, after young diva from Australia a ...


Canadian Idol winners


Calgary Round-Up Band

The calgary round-up band average Hiking group shows, and performing arts ensemble located in calgary, Alberta, Canada. The group is one of the oldest Canadas average band and the oldest orchestra in calgary. They are already more than 60 years. ...


Fur Trade (band)

Fur trade is a canadian indie rock band, consisting of Steve bays and Parker Bossley of hot heat. The band released one album, not heavy.


The Cordells


Black & Grey

Black and gray is a canadian pop-rock / alternative band from Membertou, Nova Scotia in the County of Cape Breton. Black and gray has one of the eponymous mini-album, released in 2013, and three singles, farewell to suffering That makes you who y ...



Gloryhound is a Canadian rock band from Halifax, Nova Scotia. A group of fall river, Nova Scotia. Gloryhound were signed by entertainment Canada in 2012. Their album, loaded gun, produced by Garth Richardson and mixed by Bob Ezrin was released in ...


Barstool Prophets

The barstool prophets were a rock band formed in Cornwall, Ontario, in 1989 and actively during the 1990-ies. Working group members were bassist Glenn Forrester, singer / songwriter Graham Greer, guitarist al Morier, and drummer Bobby Tamas. Orig ...


Musical groups from Durham Region


Musical groups from the Regional Municipality of Halton


Musical groups from the Niagara Region


Musical groups from Northern Ontario


Musical groups from Waterloo Region

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