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St. Francis DeSales High School (Columbus, Ohio)

Saint Francis school PA is located in Columbus, Ohio, and is part of the Catholic diocese of Columbus. The school has more than 875 students in four classes.


Churches in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Columbus


Churches in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Davenport


St. Katherines Historic District

Saint-Katherines historical district is located on the East side of Davenport, Iowa, United States and listed on the national register of historic places. This is the location of two mansions built by two lumber boyars, until it became the campus ...


Roman Catholic churches in Des Moines, Iowa


Churches in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Des Moines


Roman Catholic churches in Dubuque, Iowa


Islam in Houston

Houston, Texas, where there are significant numbers of Muslims. As of 2012 it has the largest Muslim population in Texas and the largest Muslim population in the southern part of the United States. That year, Kate Shellnut "Houston Chronicle" wro ...


Al-Hadi School of Accelerative Learning

Al-Hadi school of the inertial learning is an Islamic primary and secondary schools in South West Houston, Texas. The school is located in the premises of the Islamic education centre of greater Houston in Houston, which also is one of the larges ...


Iman Academy

Academy Iman Islamic K-12 private school system in Houston with two campuses serving grades through grade twelve. Academy Iman was founded in 1995 by a group of community members and families. Iman Academy offers Arabic K-12 along with Quran and ...


Islamic Education Institute of Texas

Islamic education Institute of Texas, also known as Darul arqam Islamic school district and school Darul arqam is a network of Islamic schools in greater Houston, Texas, USA. The organization is a subsidiary of the Islamic society of greater Hous ...


Islamic Society of Greater Houston

Islamic society of greater Houston is a system of mosques in greater Houston. The headquarters is located in the Eastside Main Center in upper Kirby in Houston. Since 1990 the ISGH served as the main Sunni mosque system in Houston, since 2000, mo ...


Beth Yeshurun Day School


Shlenker School


Roman Catholic churches in Kansas City, Missouri


St. Louis Street Missionary Baptist Church

St. Louis street missionary Baptist Church is a historic African American Church in mobile, Alabama. He was added to the national register of historic places on October 8, 1976, because of its architectural and historical significance.


Roman Catholic churches in Mobile, Alabama


List of places of worship in Seattle

Plymouth Church Seattle. (Плимут Церковь Сиэтл) Immanuel Lutheran Church In Seattle, Washington. Blessed Sacrament Church Seattle. Grace Evangelical Church. (Благодать Евангельская Церковь) University Presbyterian Church Seattle, Washington. Scum ...


Churches in Seattle


Grand Theatre, Blackpool

Grand theatre Blackpool, theatre Blackpool, Lancashire, England. Since 2006 he has also been known as the national theatre of variety. It is a grade II* listed building.


Brighton Open Air Theatre

Brighton open air theatre, also known as B a T A - the British theatre, which was built in dyke road Park, Brighton, which opened in may 2015. He was paid no corporate funding or government subsidies and private donations. Theatre-a legacy of the ...


Belgrade Theatre

The Belgrade theatre, live concerts Seating 858 and situated in Coventry, England, architect Donald Gibson. It was the first city theater to be built after the Second world war in the UK, and it was more than places of entertainment. He joined th ...


Lamb Theatre

The lamb theatre fringe theatre, situated above the Lamb is in the centre of Eastbourne. The first pub theatre in Eastbourne, it goes through a series of events, speech at Eastbournes oldest pub. The theatre was founded in August 2009, although l ...


Sue Townsend Theatre

Sue Townsend Theatre in Leicester, England. The center organized concerts and films of the Arthouse and world cinema genres. Would have been flattened years ago, if not for the work of Julian Wright in the 1980s, and again, on his return from abr ...



The building, which now houses the theatre, dance house, Oxford road, Manchester, was originally designed by Pendleton and Dickson for property developer Emmanuel new, a Ukrainian who came to town in the late 19th century. The building was constr ...


Hulme Hippodrome

At Hulme Hippodrome, originally known as the theater Grand junction and floral hall, opened in Preston street, Hulme, Manchester, on 7 October 1901. It and another Theatre street Warwick, built at the same time was part of the theatrical Empire o ...


Maddermarket Theatre

The theatre was originally built as the Roman Catholic Church in 1794. In the XIX century it was used as a baking soda factory, a grocery warehouse, as a hall for the Salvation Army. It was small, the main body of the building size of forty to fo ...


Norwich Playhouse

Norwich Theatre in St Georges street, Norwich, Norfolk, England. It was opened in 1995 in a nineteenth century building, which once was offers, and is a venue for theatre, Comedy, music, cabaret and other performing arts. It seats 300. Broadcaste ...


Lace Market Theatre

Lace Market theatre is a small, independent Amateur theatre in Nottingham, England. It is owned and operated by the lace market theatre Ltd, which is a registered charity.


Nottingham Arts Theatre

Nottingham arts theatre is a theatre on George street in Nottingham, England. Formerly known as co-op theatre arts, it is located in the former George street particular Baptist Church building. It has a capacity of 321 in the hall and a new 50-se ...


Studio theatres in Sheffield


Swan Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon

The Swan theatre is a theatre belonging to the Royal Shakespeare company in Stratford-upon-Avon, England. It is built on the side of the larger Royal Shakespeare theatre, occupying the Victorian Gothic structure that formerly housed the Shakespea ...


His Majestys Theatre, Aberdeen

His Majestys theatre in Aberdeen is the largest theatre in North-East Scotland, with a capacity of more than 1.400. The theater is located on Rosemount viaduct, opposite the citys Union terrace gardens. It was designed by Frank Matcham and opened ...


Glasgow Repertory Theatre

Repertory theatre Glasgow was short-lived Scottish professional theatre founded in Glasgow in 1909 Arthur Wareing. Its purpose directly inspired by theatre, Dublin the Abbey, was a breakthrough piece of theatrical dependence on London. Over the p ...


TAG Theatre Company

Tag theatre is a theatre company founded in 1967 in Glasgow, Scotland as a peripheral mechanism, the citizens theatre in Glasgow, and was known as the citizens theatre for youth.


Kings Theatre, Kilmarnock

Kings theatre-a theatre and finally a cinema in Kilmarnock in East Ayrshire. The kings theatre opened in Titchfield street in October 1904. When the theater opened in the citys Royal theatre had become a cinema, but they also showed live performa ...


Palace Theatre, Kilmarnock

The Palace theatre in Kilmarnock was opened as a corn exchange in 1863 and converted to a theatre in 1903. Italian red Sandstone tower, James Ingram, dominates the cross at London road and Green street. The building is a protected monument of arc ...


Theatres in London by borough


Producing house theatres in London


Pub theatres in London


Studio theatres in London


Arts Theatre

It was opened on 20 April 1927 as a members-only club for the implementation of unlicensed plays, thus avoiding theatre censorship by the Lord chamberlains office. It was one of a small number of committed, independent theatre companies, includin ...


Watergate Theatre, London

The Watergate theatre in London existed in 1949-56, located on Buckingham street, Westminster. In 1949, Elizabeth Denby, along with theater Director and playwright Velona Pilcher, writer Elizabeth Sprigge and Jane drew, the converted area on the ...


Catlow Theater

CATLOW, Wright was a businessman in Barrington, whose father was commissioned in the auditorium in 1914, a gathering place for dances and community meetings. Driven by our ancestral heritage and build the building community CATLOW-to-order theate ...


Lakehurst Cinemas

Lakehurst cinema movie theater multiplex is located in WAUKEGAN, Illinois, United States of America, which operated from 1974 until 2007.


Theatres on the National Register of Historic Places in Manhattan


Billie Holiday Theatre

The Billy holiday theater to the theater 218 the place is located in the district of new York in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. It was opened in may 1972, he was based in the Bedford-Stuyvesant restoration Corporation. Billie holiday theatre is a ...


Brooklyn Theatre


George Gershwin Theatre (Brooklyn)

The theatre of George Gershwin is a 500-seat proscenium theatre, one of four located in the Brooklyn center for the performing arts complex located on the territory of Brooklyn College at 2900 campus road in Brooklyn, new York, USA. Named after t ...


New Brooklyn Theatre

The Brooklyn new theatre is a theatre company based in Brooklyn, new York, which specializiruetsya in the production of socially important work in new York and at the international level. It was founded in 2012 by artistic Director Jonathan Solar ...

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