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XHMLS-FM is a Spanish contemporary Hit radio station that serves the valley of the Rio Grande, Texas / Matamoros-Reynosa, Tamaulipas border area.



History of concession XHRVs starts in San Fernando, Tamaulipas. On November 23, 1994, Libertas has received a concession for XHSAF-FM 100.9. XHSAF became XHRV-FM on April 27, 1998 after XHSAF-FM on the same frequency, in the same city was awarded ...



XEABCA AM radio station in Mexicali, Baja California, broadcasting at 820 kHz. It belongs Organizacion editorial Mexicana and is affiliated with its ABC radio, known as Radio Frontera 820.



XEAO received the first concession in 1932. She worked with 7.5 watts on 560 kHz. It was sold to Mr. Chavez Castro in 1938, and in 1944 it was bought by Juan S. Chaves. After his death, Josephine Carvajal VDA. de Chavez and Clara Chavez de Martin ...



XEHG-AM radio station at 1370 m. In Mexicali, Baja California. It is owned by Grupo Audiorama and carries a Spanish contemporary format, known as species.



XEYW-I received the first concession on November 16, 1964. It belonged to Mario Maya Marcos, founder of Cadena Baja California and broadcast in 250-watt daytimer. By the end of the decade, the Callsign was changed to XEMBC AM.



XEZF-AM radio station 850 hours in Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico. It is owned by Grupo Audiorama called Buenisiima with the format of grupera.


XHSU-FM (Mexicali)

XHSU-FM / XESU AM combined radio station in Mexicali. Broadcasting on 105.9 FM and AM 790, XHSU / XESU belongs Radioramas and is known as La Dinamica.



XEWF-AM-radio-station located in Talamanca in the state of Mexico. Broadcasting on 540 kHz, XEWF is the property of Grupo Radioramas and is currently broadcast XHDL-FM.



XHDL-FM Is a radio station at 98.5 FM in Mexico city. XHDL owns the El Heraldo de Mexico, and works as a News / story, known as Radio Heraldo.



January 31, 2020, saw sharply and unexpectedly for xfm, which is played in several stages. That morning, the Group of seven stated that because of "failure to comply with contractual obligations," the Central FM news provided by the Central FM Eq ...



XENV received a concession on 15 Dec 1959. He belonged to Gonzalo Estrada-Cruz until 2004, when he was transferred to the members of the Estrada family.





XHMG-FM is a radio station in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. Broadcasting on 102.9 FM XHMG is owned by Grupo Radio Alegria and carries pop format known as digital 102.9.



XHMSN-FM is a radio station in Cadereyta, Nuevo Leon, where Monterrey. Broadcasting on 96.5 FM XHMSN belongs to Jorge Alvaro Gonzalez Gamez and bears a format of news, talk, known as Radio Dominio.



XHRK-FM is a radio station in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. Broadcasting on 95.7 FM XHRK is owned by Grupo Radio Alegria and carries the grupera format known as La Sabrosita.



XHMW-FM is a Spanish contemporary music format FM station that serves the Laredo, Texas, USA and Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, Mexico border area.



XHNOE-FM is in the Spanish language in the format of a talk radio station that serves the Laredo, Texas, USA and Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, Mexico border area.



XHCE-FM Is a radio station at 95.7 FM in Oaxaca, Oaxaca. Its part of the media, a media company owned by the family lópez Lena, and carries it in the format of Encuentro news / talk.



XEOA-570 AM has received a concession on 28 June 1956. It was broadcast with 5.000 watts day and 250 night. It was sold from radio Oaxaca, S. A., the incumbent concessionaire in 2000. XEOA received permission to move to FM in 2010.



XHNR-FM is a Spanish & English top 40 language radio station, which is Oaxaca de Juarez and towns in the Central valley. It belongs Organizacion Radiofonica de Oaxaca, S. A. de C. V. and AIX uses the name of the FM in partnership with MVS Radio.





XEYN-820 AM has received a concession on 15 June 1992. He was cleared to go to the FM in 2010. August 5, 2019 station for Los 40 franchise and became stereo Hoven, keeping the pop format. On 20 August, the station is again renamed as retro 102.9.





XEBA got the concession on 14 may 1943. He belonged to Concepcion Romo and broadcast as a daytimer with 1.000 watts. Radio suitable tapatia became a concessionaire in 1965, and in 1990-e years, XEBA raised the power up to 10.000 watts and began b ...



XEBBB AM radio to 1040 Am in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. It belongs Promomedios and carries Catholic Programming Radio ESNE.



XEDK-I came to the air in Guadalajara on March 15, 1938. Came to the station to be the property of the family of ROE, and radio Programas de Mexico. In 1980, the owners XEDK, which were also associated with Televisa bought XEHL-TV channel 6 and r ...



XEZAJ-AM 1220, located in Zapopan, has received concession on 5 Aug 1988. He belonged to the Radioramas through the concessionaire Mensajes musicales, S. A. Radioramas sold his formula radio in 2002 after a change of Callsign for XEDKN am, and in ...



After testing starts in 1938, XELW-I received a concession on 28 December 1942. He belonged to Salvador Galindo de La Torre. When Radio Programas de Mexico bought XELW in 1964, he became XEDKT-I, part of his series of radio stations Grupo DK. Of ...



XEHK-AM radio station at 960 hours in Guadalajara, Jalisco. It belongs to the Radioramas known as HK, La Voz de Guadalajara, "La Estacion con Vida", performing romantic format.



XEHL received a concession on 17 June 1941, and signed for next year. It belonged to a Radio Anunciadora cysts, S. de R. L. and operated on 1370 kHz, later moving to 1010. XEHL was associated with Radio Programas de Mexico until 1949, when the ow ...



XEPJ AM radio station at 1370 Am in San Pedro Tlaquepaque, Jalisco. He controlled Radioramas known as Radio Ranchito with a regional Mexican format.



XEJE-I got the concession on March 9, 1945. He belonged to Guillermo Johnston and broadcast with 250 watts of power. XEJE became XETIA-Am in the 1960s and was sold twice, once in Radiodifusoras de Occidente in 1960, and again on the radio Sinfoni ...



XEZJ received a concession on 20 June 1962. He belonged to the Julio Valdivia Romo and is based in Zapopan, with 250 watts of power. Carlos Mendoza Fregoso bought XEZJ in 1966, and the capacity increased to 500 and up to 1.000 watts. XEZJ was kno ...



XHAV-FM Is a radio station on 100.3 MHz in Guadalajara. The station is owned and operated by Grupo Imagen the newspaper El Heraldo de Mexico Radio Heraldo, station news / talk.



XHMBM-FM radio is a nonprofit radio station in Guadalajara. It broadcasts on 105.1 FM and is known as the Milenio Bella Musica, carrying a classical music format. XHMBM belongs to Mi Gran Esperanza A. C., a civil Association dedicated to serving ...




XHLZ-FM (Coahuila)

XHLZ-FM is a radio station in torreón, Coahuila. Broadcasting on 103.5 FM, XHLZ owned by Capital media and carries a romantic format, known as La-romance.



XHTC began XETC-AM-1240 owned by Alonso gómez Aguirre and signing in 1961. The station was sold to a group of Mayran in 1972, and in 1991 he moved from 1240 to 880. In 2011 XETC migrated to FM as XHTC-FM 91.1.



XHYD-FM Is a radio station at 105.1 FM in Francisco I. Madero, Coahuila. Station is controlled by means of GPS, and carries it to the format Capullo FM romantic.



XEFD received a concession on 11 may 1953. It belonged to Jose Maria Villarreal Montemayor. The station was sold in the current of the concessionaire in 1981, and doubled his night power in 1990.



Hotels chert, so its on Spanish language AM radio station that serves the McAllen, Texas / Reynosa, Tamaulipas border area. Hotels chert is the only station in the daytime, because 1170 am is a United States clear-channel frequency.





XEJT-AM 1460 has received concession on 20 August 1960. It belonged to Carlos Zarate Urbina and broadcast with 1.000 watts. By 1966, Musica Radiofonica, S. A., bought the station. The Callsign was changed to XEOLA-Am in 1970-ies. In the 1990-ies, ...



XETO-AM 1400 has received concession on 3 Jan 1948. 1.000-watt station, owned by the family Sanabria moved to 950 kHz in the 1990-ies and increased power to 5000 W in 2000-ies. XETO deserves attention as one of the first branches of Radioramas si ...



XHETU-FM is a Mexican Spanish-language radio station serving Tampico, Tamaulipas, and Tuxpan and Poza Rica, Veracruz.



XHMU received a concession on 18 April 1986. It began broadcasting on 31 kW ERP and has twice reduced its force in its history when, in 1991, and again in 2013.



Raul Wertt received a concession for XHRW-FM in 1974, writing operation on 99.3 MHz was used XHETU-FM with a ERP of three watts. Later the station switched to 97.7 and doubled capacity in its history.



RES-am received its concession in 1932, and originally broadcast on 1055 kHz. Originally belonged to Fernando gardens, fixes were sold Difusora Portena, S. de R. L., In 1938, and radio-TV-de-Tampico, the current concessionaire, in 1951. He also m ...



XETOT-AM 1190 has received concession on 7 Nov 1986. He belonged to Poderosa Radio de Tamaulipas, S. A. de C. V., and from Tampico to broadcast with 5.000 watts day and 500 night. In 1999 and 2000, XETOT to reduce its daytime power up to 2000 wat ...

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