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Ungvari jaras








Asomiya Khobor

Asomiya Khobor is an Assamese daily newspaper published in both Guwahati and Jorhat. Weekly app named Deoboriya Khobor published from him every Sunday.


Al Ameen (newspaper)

Al-Amin was the first Malayalam language newspaper published from Kozhikode, Kerala, India during 1924. Mohammed Abdur of Rahiman was the founder and chief editor of the newspaper.


Varthamanam (newspaper)

Varthamanam is a Malayalam newspaper printed and published from Calicut, Kerala, India since 2003. Sukumar Azhikode was the chief editor of the newspaper.


Mahanagar (newspaper)

Mahanagar is Marathi and Hindi newspaper is published from Mumbai, India. Marathi version Aapla Mahanagar was founded by Nikhil Wagle in January 1990, in the Hindi version of the Hamara Mahanagar was established in 1982. Sawant Sanjay Bhaskar is ...



Navshakti - नवशक्ति) Marathi newspaper based in Mumbai, India. The newspaper has a circulation of 83.910 in Maharashtra. This paper was started by S. Sadananda. P. R. Beer was its first editor. Indian literature mentions Prabhakar of Padhi, edito ...


Tarun Bharat

Tarun Bharat is a Marathi newspaper based in Belgaum, India. It is the seventh-largest-selling Marathi daily newspaper in the country. The paper has eight editions of places in North Karnataka, South Konkan Maharashtra, Mumbai and Goa. Baburao Th ...



In Prameya newspaper published in the language of Oriya, the third-the most read newspaper in Oriya. In 2015 she launched her own TV channel Prameya news7 available via satellite television.


Articles with Iban-language external links


Articles containing Iban-language text


Campidanese dialect

You will find a Sardinia is one of two written standards of Sardinia, which is often considered the most conservative of the romance languages. Spelling based on the Central dialects of the South of Sardinia, set some properties that are not foun ...



Bertholds may refer to: People Berthold-Bezelin, 10th-century German princes who ruled the territory of Trechirgau and Maifeldgau also known as Bertholds. Surnames Bertholds is Latvian surnames, Latvian-spelling version of Berthold. The female fo ...



Osis or variant may refer to: OSIS Information System Open Source. Open Scripture Information Standard. -osis The suffix-Osis is used for forming a number of medical terms. The suffix indicates only a General functional disorder, but the words ar ...


Zapotec writing


Piore River languages

With the institutions of a river or lagoon languages form a branch of skou languages. Historically they were United as a language Warapu. They say in the area of Sissano lagoon, West Aitape rural LLG in the province of Sandaun, Papua New Guinea. ...


Tonda languages

The Tonda languages are: Tonda / West Morehead River Mblafe–Ranmo. VARTA Thuntai. (Варта Thuntai) Ngarna–Rema. (Ngarna–Рема) Rema. (Рема) The Upper Bensbach River. The Bensbach River. (Реки Bensbach) Nggarna Honeycomb. (Nggarna Сота) Arammba. Cen ...


Mansakan languages


Sanming dialect

The Harbin dialect is the Central dialect of min Chinese spoken in the city of Sanming, which is a Prefecture-level city in Western Fujian province of China.


Shaxian dialect

Shaxian dialect is the Central dialect of min Chinese spoken in Sha County, Sanming in Western Fujian province of China.


Yongan dialect

Yongan dialect has extremely extensive tone Sandhi rules: in an utterance, only the last syllable pronounced is not affected by the rules. In disyllabic tone Sandhi rules are shown in the table below:


Fuan dialect

To fuan dialect is a dialect of Eastern Min, which is a branch of min Chinese spoken mainly in the Eastern part of Fujian province. To fuan dialect covers two cities and three districts: Ningde, Fuan, Shouning, Zherong and Zhouning County.


Gutian dialect

In disyllabic tone Sandhi rules are shown in the table below the line give the first syllables of the original citation tone, while in Columns given citation tone of the second syllable:


Ningde dialect

Xuzhou dialect is a dialect of Eastern min Chinese spoken in the Urban area, Ningde, which is a Prefecture-level city in the North-Eastern coast of Fujian province.


Xiapu dialect

Xiapu dialect-a dialect of Eastern min Chinese spoken in Xiapu, Ningde in the northeast of Chinas Fujian province.


Min Dong Chinese support templates


Jianou dialect

Jianou dialect, also known as the Kienow dialect, the local dialect of Northern min Chinese spoken in the North of Jianou in Fujian province. It is regarded as the standard common language in Jianou.


Xianyou dialect

Xianyou dialect-is a dialect of PU-Xian min Chinese spoken in Xianyou, Putian, on the Southeast coast of Fujian province.


Conceyu Bable

Conceyu Bable was Asturian Association legalized in 1976, whose purpose was the recovery and dignification of the Asturian language.


Movement for the officiality of the Asturian language

The motion of the official Asturian language, also known as the movement for formal-a social movement is present in Asturias, which demands that the law of autonomy of the Principality of Asturias Principality of Asturias to give the same role as ...


Foreign-language radio stations in Alabama


Foreign-language radio stations in Arizona


Foreign-language radio stations in Arkansas


Foreign-language radio stations in Colorado


Foreign-language radio stations in Connecticut


Foreign-language radio stations in Delaware


Foreign-language radio stations in Florida


Foreign-language radio stations in Georgia (U.S. state)


Foreign-language radio stations in Hawaii


Foreign-language radio stations in Illinois


Foreign-language radio stations in Indiana


Foreign-language radio stations in Kansas


Foreign-language radio stations in Kentucky


Foreign-language radio stations in Louisiana


Foreign-language radio stations in Massachusetts


Foreign-language radio stations in Mississippi

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