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Metalcore albums by Scottish artists


Power metal albums by Scottish artists


Symphonic metal albums by Scottish artists


Thrash metal albums by Scottish artists


Alternative metal albums by Welsh artists


Black metal albums by Welsh artists


Death metal albums by Welsh artists


Doom metal albums by Welsh artists


Gothic metal albums by Welsh artists


Metalcore albums by Welsh artists


Nu metal albums by British artists


The Arusha Accord

The Arusha accord are a mathcore-technical metal band from reading, Berkshire who took their name from an agreement aimed at stopping the genocide in Rwanda.



Atomgods was heavy UK rock band of the late 1980-ies. The band was formed by former inner city Department of the guitarist judge Trev Thoms, the first record consisting of Hiro Sakai and Kofi Baker. They were signed to GWR records 1988 album wow! ...


Black Rose (British band)

Black rose-English heavy metal band from Teesside in the North East of England. They formed in 1976 under the name Ice but changed it to Black Rose in 1980 and was one of many British bands is part of the new wave of British heavy metal movement. ...



Bronze-English hard rock band, formed in bath in the mid 1970-ies. The band played mainly around the UK and at the free festivals of the time. They include at Stonehenge in 1977 and 1978, after appearing at Glastonbury in 1976.


Deep Machine

Deep machine heavy metal band from East London which first came to light in 1979. Founded by guitarist Bob hooker, the bands music is influenced by other NWOBHM bands such as Iron Maiden and especially Judas priest.


Fury UK

Fury UK-the British heavy metal band founded in Manchester, England. Between 2007 and 2012 the band played several important festivals, toured with some of the biggest names in rock / metal genres and has released three albums, one EP and one DVD ...


The Handsome Beasts

The handsome beasts are a British heavy metal band who surfaced during the New wave of British Heavy Metal. Currently enjoys great popularity, their bestiality album despise for being placed on several "worst album cover of all time" lists.


Huron (English band)

Huron-English thrash metal band formed in Plymouth in late 2007. They released their first Studio album, Cheyne stoking, in June 2009 on rising records. The group received positive reviews from critics with their live performances. They release t ...


Karybdis (band)

Karybdis is a British heavy metal band from London, formed in 2009. Described by metal hammer as an eclectic mixture of melodic death metal of the 21st century, metalcore and prog with a touch of formality’, Karybdis have been bringing their brut ...


Nerve Engine

Nervous engine alternative metal band from Leeds, UK. The band formed in 1999 in Barnsley, UK before moving to Leeds in 2001. Once in Leeds nerve engine self-released 2 albums, the second of which for construction have attracted the attention of ...



Rekuiem, formerly recorded "Requiem", was founded in the beginning of the new wave of British heavy metal movement in the UK Steve Slater, Danny Gordon, Mike Reid, Carl Wilcox. The group were pioneers of a new genre of rock, such as witchfinder G ...


Screams of Cold Winter (UK)

Screams of cold winter alternative metal band formed in late 2007 in Preston, Lancashire, England. They have proven themselves in the alternative metal scene, they supported the Fund Sophie Lancaster playing at the reception Mansfields club, and ...


Superimposed (band)

Superimposed is an indie metal band based in Manchester, England. The exact composition of the group is the subject of speculation, as the number of members appearing at the concerts is changing and their identity is heavily disguised. Through th ...


This Is Colour

It is the color of progressive Power groove band from Suffolk, UK. They are currently not signed, but the previous release of a no brainer, thirty days of night records.


Treason (band)

The light through the gloom came with the arrival of drummer Toby Wyss. Toby, a student of the British drum teacher / virtuoso Pete Riley, brought fresh impetus to the group, and, quite younger, they decided to re-do the drums and guitars at the ...


Urchin (band)

The band was formed in 1972 by childhood friends Dave Murray and Adrian Smith. Along with bassist John Hoye and various drummers, they entered a few local talent competitions and played their first gigs in the school Hoyes. Early in 1974 Murray d ...


VEGA (UK rock band)

VEGA-rock band from the United Kingdom. They were formed in 2009 and has released five albums, with the latest came out in may of 2018. Sixth album had to be recorded in 2019, although by the beginning of 2020 no formal announcement other than th ...


English black metal musical groups


English death metal musical groups


English doom metal musical groups


English deathcore musical groups


English folk metal musical groups


English glam metal musical groups


English gothic metal musical groups


English grindcore musical groups


English metalcore musical groups


English power metal musical groups


English progressive metal musical groups


English thrash metal musical groups



Stormzone is a heavy metal band from Northern Ireland formed in 2004. The current band consists of vocalist John "Harv" Harbinson, bassist Graham McNulty, guitarists Steve Moore and Afrifa JR, and drummer Jonathan Millar. Group, today the group h ...


La Paz (band)

La Paz is a Scottish rock band that was originally formed in 1984, arc white, Elegant Mac-sherry and Alex Carmichael. The band toured in Scotland in the early 80-ies and released two albums. The band broke up in 1988, when arc white left the band ...



Snowblood were four experimental sludge / post-rock / doom metal band from Glasgow, formed in 2002. Their third and final self-titled album was released in 2009 through Superfi records. Snowblood composed lengthy guitar pieces, usually focused ar ...


Scottish death metal musical groups


Scottish folk metal musical groups


Scottish metalcore musical groups


Scottish power metal musical groups


Continents (band)

The continents were Welsh metalcore band. They were signed to Victory records in 2012, and performed on one stage with such the Ghost inside, groups, comeback kid, the winner and all will be lost.


Welsh metalcore musical groups


Welsh death metal musical groups

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