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American duranguense musicians


Duranguense music groups


American mariachi musicians


Mariachi groups


American norteño musicians


Norteño music groups


Regional Mexican music group navigational boxes


Flying Norwegians

Flying Norwegians the Norwegian country rock band formed in 1974, which became very successful and popular in the 1970-ies.


Norwegian country singers



LoMsk is a Norwegian folk rock band from Sogndal in Jotunheimen national Park, established in 1982. Their sound is inspired by folk traditions of the area which they mix with rock influences. Lars Bakke writes most of the material for the group, ...


Postgirobygget (band)

Postgirobygget is a Norwegian rock band from Trondheim. Singer and songwriter Arne Hurlen, bass player and backing vocals Nicolai Hauan, guitarist and backing vocals Nils Petter time, keyboardist and harmonica by the municipality øyvind kolset, a ...


Father Davids rose

Rose David, also known as father Davids rose, is a species of the rose family Rosaceae, native to Western Central China and southeastern Tibet, at altitudes of from 1600 to 3000 m above sea level.


The Source (band)

The source established in 1993 in Trondheim, Norway, Norwegian jazz band known for its numerous recordings and collaboration in music synthesis. Their Christmas concerts are a tradition in Norway. The band, the Quartet consists of Trygve Seim sax ...


Tord Gustavsen Ensemble


MDO (band)

MDO is a Latin American pop / rock band, spun off in 1997 from the Puerto Rican boy band once known as Menudo. The groups first line was reunited for an international tour in 2015.


Cojoba (band)

Cojoba was formed in August 1995 in Carolina, Puerto Rico. The original lineup was Taina - vocals Javier - bass, and Gilbert - guitar. At that time, the band had no drummer, had a drum machine instead, which Javier programmed. Cojoba released its ...



Ricanstruction is a new York Puerto Rican punk / hip hop / salsa / jazz / reggae fusion musical group and artist collective. Ricanstruction when first started, the group consisted of lead vocalist Not4Prophet, bassist Arturo "system r2o" Rodrigue ...


Puerto Rican alternative rock groups


Florida star orchid

Epidendrum floridense Hagsater is endangered species of orchids native to South Florida, in the marshes and in the region around lake Okeechobee. He was long listed as E. difforme One that previously was considered a very variable species, but it ...


Scottish dance music groups


Scottish electronic music groups


Scottish house music groups


Scottish new wave musical groups


Scottish pop music groups


Post-grunge albums by Serbian artists


Noise rock albums by Serbian artists


Post-rock albums by Serbian artists


Flagstaff ragwort

Senecio actinella or Flagstaff Ragwort is a perennial herb native to Arizona, new Mexico and part of Northern Mexico is an arid land plant, sending up flowering heads solitary on long stalks above the basal perennial Mat in the pine forests.


Alternative metal albums by Serbian artists


Black metal albums by Serbian artists


Doom metal albums by Serbian artists


Power metal albums by Serbian artists


Symphonic metal albums by Serbian artists


Thrash metal albums by Serbian artists


Indietronica albums by Serbian artists


Pop punk albums by Serbian artists


Hardcore punk albums by Serbian artists


Post-punk albums by Serbian artists


Serbian dark wave musical groups


Serbian garage rock groups


Serbian new wave musical groups


Serbian noise rock groups


Serbian pop rock music groups


Serbian post-punk music groups


Serbian post-rock groups


Serbian power pop groups


Serbian synthpop groups


Serbian rock drummers


Serbian rock keyboardists


Serbian rock singers

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